Wednesday, September 3, 2014

"AHOY" What I Wore at ProBlogger Nautical Theme Night.....

Early last week Ben and I were having a chuckle at  my chosen outfit for the ProBlogger Networking night. The theme was "Ahoy" so a nautical edge was required, but me being me and different, I of course had to go with an abstract interpretation on the theme. My frock of course was vintage and I even got all thrifty with some op shopping and did some upcycling to have the perfect bag to accompany my ensemble.

Ben will happily tell you that he thought that my interpretation of the theme was tenuous at best. But thank goodness for fellow bloggers whether they be vintage loving or not, for appreciating a different take on things. 

Dress: 1970's Diamond Head Sportswear Maxi altered into a Mini made in Hawaii
Fishnets: Retail
Shoes/Boots: Retail on sale from Kmart $9
Clutch - vintage & revamped by me with an op shopped rope and leather belt

This dress was originally a maxi dress and had no hope of being worn in my wardrobe in it's original state, so I opted to have in altered into a mini dress. Much thanks has to go my lovely friend Amy, who took care of all the necessary alterations and had me looking fab on such a fun night out with fellow bloggers from near and far.

It was a fun and fabulous night as was the whole conference and as time was limited to faff about with outfit pics each day, I had Ben snap pics of me at home. Fortunately though on the Friday night event there was an Olympus photo booth which was a load of fun for us bloggers, as you can see above. Check out the Olympus link if you're interested to see what other bloggers were dressed in for the theme night.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What I Wore inside the Annie Sloan Cocktail Event at ProBlogger.....

If you caught yesterday's post you'll know I'm riding high on happiness from attending my first ever ProBlogger conference where I met some amazing people and had some super fun opportunities.

One of those super fun opportunities was to be invited to attend the Annie Sloan Unfolded Cocktail Event, which was held for thirty bloggers where we were able to get up close and personal with the popular and versatile Chalk Paint. 

Even though it was a cocktail and workshop event where we could get hands on with the Annie Sloan products, I took the opportunity to dress up in cocktail attire of course.

Thanks to Celia from Kittys Vintage Kitsch for dressing me for the event I was super comfortable and confident and free to get hands on at the event.

I'm wearing: 1970's Domani Creations Pantsuit/Jumpsuit
All accessories supplied by: Kitty's Vintage Kitsch
Boots: are mine bought retail from Kmart on sale $9

We saw the Chalk Paint in action and finished on furniture pieces and had fun using the products ourselves in a craft application on wooden beads and bangles. We were gifted goodie bags of test pots of paint, wax and brushes for attending. I'm excited to get more hands on experimenting with these products for a display idea and other projects I have for an upcoming vintage fair we will be selling at in just a few short weeks.

Expect to hear and see more about how my upcoming display and projects go, using these fun paints and products, as well as details for our upcoming fair and where you can catch us.

Monday, September 1, 2014

All about the moments: My first ProBlogger experience......

Oh WOW, what can I say. The past three days have been amazing, attending my first ever ProBlogger conference. Leading in I was looking forward to the conference and I was calmly and serenely excited if there can be such a thing. But with the conference over I'm reflecting about what has made it so special and unlike any other type of conference or personal development experience I've had in my adult life.

What's "made" the weekend so wonderful for me has been the conversations, friendships and connections I've made. I truly believe that no encounter is by chance but a destined crossing of paths and moments. Every session I attended over the weekend I left with reams of notes and insights, things I'm inspired to do in my personal life as well as my on line life with my blog and business.

A question that is asked by seasoned attendees to first timers like me is what has been your "takeaway" from a session, what has clicked and inspired you? My "takeaway" moments have actually come through one on one moments with amazing souls like Bron from Maxabella Loves (it's been a long wait) and many others.

I've made new friends and have new blogs to follow written by people who I've spent a weekend talking to, and finding that we have personal beliefs, philosophies, goals and life paths that intertwine.

Ultimately my experience at ProBlogger has been about the conversations and the moments with so many people, too many to name and link to right now. But in coming days and weeks I will be endeavoring to connect those people again on a private and personal note to thank you for the "moments".

Squishing "the moments" together with the amazing line up of speakers arranged by Darren Rowse and the ProBlogger team, has left me with an incredible memory. Not only a memory but one that is surely set to have a life changing affect, as I continue to seek out bliss and happiness in all that I do on and off line.

Finally one can not come away from a weekend like this and not expect some change. I'll be spending some time working on showing and delivering myself and you some of those changes. As for this coming week on the blog expect some further round up posts, what I wore (all vintage, all the way baby)and practical and actionable insights from what I learnt.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

{Sneak Peek} Outfit & Upcycled Clutch for Friday Night ProBlogger Networking Event.....

Come this Friday I will be attending my first ever ProBlogger conference as well as a niche cocktail event with Annie Sloan Unplugged on Thursday night. I know there will be lots of fun and I'm already looking forward sharing the fun and highlights with you all. Along with fun there are fabulous outfits lined up, which are destined to be blogged about. But overall there will also be a wealth of blogging and business insights I'll be sharing with you all as well.

On Friday night of the ProBlogger conference there is a themed networking social event. The theme this year is nautical inspired and is "Ahoy". I don't want to completely let the cat out of the bag regarding what I'm wearing. But let's say it's vintage (of course) and it's an abstract interpretation of the theme. Ben (my husband if you're new here and wondering) thinks my theme interpretation is tenuous, and feels if there's an award for the most tenuous interpretation of theme I should get it.

But anyway, I tried my full ensemble on last night and he had to admit its fabulousness even if he thinks I'm grasping at straws. So while we're talking about grasping and straw let's talk about this upcycled straw clutch I've designed for Friday night that I'll be grasping onto. 
This is the sneak peek bit. Yes that is the dress pattern and colour behind the clutch. Yes there are fishnet stockings (hubby calls that the grasping at straws bit) and then there is this bag, straw, rope, leather all things you'd find on a boat or nautical holiday don't you think?

When I was working at bringing my outfit together over the last few weeks it occurred to me I didn't have a perfect bag to complete the ensemble. So I did some poking around in a few op shops hoping to find a perfect solution. But as luck had it, because I was being specific in my hunt no perfect treasures were unearthed. However whilst I was out rummaging I did pick up a rope and leather belt for one dollar. I figured the belt would be handy for a future summer outfit.

Disheartened by my lack of op shopping success and several unsuccessful pokes around other charity stores, I drove home determined I wasn't going to waste anymore time searching for a bag and told myself I'd just have to make do with what I had at home. No sooner had I said that to myself inspiration hit me whilst my mind ran a quick mental inventory of what I had on hand at home.

Ta Da, the perfect clutch was born. I took this perfectly simple oversized vintage straw clutch (which I op shopped years ago) and married it together with the rope and leather belt. Thankfully the belt is a petite size and fit beautifully around the width of the clutch. I secured the belt onto the clutch with a few stitches with a heavy duty needle and thread, passing it through the rope and straw several times at different points around the bag. Now I'm set and I have a fabulous clutch bag for this Friday nights event that will surely get used through summer as well.

If you're attending ProBlogger and you haven't got your Friday night outfit finalised, don't underestimate your local op shop for an outfit or some finishing touches. You still have time. Better still if you're arriving on the a Gold Coast Thursday and have some time, I can hook you up with a list of Gold Coast Op Shops that are a ten minute drive or tram trip from the conference venue. I'm a Gold Coast local so I know where to send you.

Are you attending ProBlogger have you finalised your outfits for the conference?

Monday, August 25, 2014

This vintage girl is going to ProBlogger in style.....

This past week I have been plotting, planning and preparing for this week ahead of us, it's a week I have been holding out for all year. This Friday I'm off to my first ProBlogger Conference in four years of blogging.

On Thursday night I have also been invited to attend a niche networking cocktail event for Annie Sloan Unfolded. I'm thrilled to be attending and I'm sure I'm going to have some exciting highlights to share, especially if you're into decorating, painting or DIY.

So in the past week I've had pockets of time filled with fluffing about making sure I'm set with all my bits and pieces and organised to attend the conference and to take on board all the amazing information and knowledge that will be shared. 

One of the fun parts of this past week has been about what to wear throughout the conference. I need four outfits with two being for evening events and the other two outfits for two full days at the conference. So along with some never seen on the blog before pieces I've also teamed up with my favourite vintage babe and business.

That's right, Celia with her business Kittys Vintage Kitsch is helping me bring some wonderful outfits together that I will be wearing throughout the conference. I'm so thrilled to be dressed by my favourite vintage babe in the business. So with that being said if you're flying into Brisbane to attend the conference on the Gold Coast and you're looking for vintage beauties and curiosities of all sorts and wonder pop into Shop 69 of the Wooloongabba Antique Centre, 22 Wellington Rd, East Brisbane, I promise you, you won't be disappointed.
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