Sunday, October 19, 2014

{My Fabulous Finds} Finally Forever Fondue....

If you've been coming here for some time you'll know there's been one major thing I have been wanting for my kitchen and it's a fondue set. I've been picky about finding a set because it would be on display in my kitchen. In the search for a great one, I've even had many of my vintage loving friends keeping and eye out for me.

Good thing I have such great vintage loving friends on the lookout, because it was my dear Celia of Kittys Vintage Kitsch who saw this beauty being sold by someone else who alerted me.  Perfect for me in every way and colour that I wanted, I'm thrilled to have my forever fondue pot.

Let the fondue parties begin I say!

Of course since buying this beauty, other "perfect" fondue pots I'd love to own have popped up here, there and everywhere. I'm very tempted to start another collection. There's nothing wrong with that at all is there?

What say you? Do you fondue? Do you have any fabulous fondue recipes I really must try?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What childhood movies have you enjoyed with your children?

Cohen and I were sitting at the kitchen bench drawing together recently chatting away when he asked me about the type of kids movies his daddy and I watched as kids. He wanted to know all the different names of the movies we could remember and a brief bio of the ones I told him about.

He then surprised me and said he would like to watch some of the movies with us, that we had watched as kids. Cue big smiles of glee from me, what a lovely thing that our boy wants to share in these moments.

Ben and I set about making a list of various movies we remembered from our childhood, along with some help from some Facebook readers as well, and we've ended up with quite a comprehensive list. It's been a great reminder of some awesome movies I'd forgotten about too.

As a parent and lover of old school things I love it when there are opportunities to share my childhood or relive some of it with my children. Have you watched some of your favourite childhood movies and shows with your kids? What have been their favourites?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

{My Fabulous Finds} Holly Hobbie, Polly Pockets, Mannequins and more....

My Fabulous Finds posts are back! Seriously who doesn't like a good gawk at what fellow thrifters and vintage lovers have unearthed? Since it's been a while since my last finds post I was a little unsure where to start and what to show you. There have been loads of new "old" treasures, but I thought it easiest to share with you my finds in the last week and a bit, since I've been up to my eyeballs in working through pricing a mountain of vintage children's books.

There have been many childlike treasures recently to be excited by, of which I have many in coming weeks to share, as I get back to doing these posts. But what has excited me the most in these pictures is that I now have some mannequins. I have been holding out for the longest time for vintage ones to emerge somewhere at the right price, but when they do become available they go for an absolute fortune.

But I went to a garage sale yesterday and the gentleman had told me that his wife used to work in a well known chain store in a major shopping centre and when the shop closed down she bought all the mannequins. They had been lugging them around through a recent move and wanted them gone so I nabbed the two mannequins for $30 in total. They are excellent quality and made in Germany and although they aren't vintage and they are headless, I'm delighted to have them for doing Etsy photos and displaying at fairs and events. Nothing sells clothes better than something to display nice pieces on.

As for other delightful finds we have more Holly Hobbie pieces in the small tile wall hanging and the egg shaped paperweight. The three miniature pictures are sweet and perfect for a little shadow box or a little girls vignette.  

Both of the tapestries were bought from women who once had them hanging in their room as a child. Once again I find it so hard sometimes to believe what people are willing to sell or donate, I don't think I could part with those two sweet girls. Pictured in front of the tapestries is a lovely set of Russian Dolls.

My vintage loving heart just falls in love with retro dolls with these eyes like these.

Finally the children's linen collection is growing these two are going into our store. I adore the Flintstones print with Bam Bam and the bold blue for a cot. I love the idea of going bold with colour in a nursery. But at the same time  the nursery rhyme quilt cover in more pastel and muted tones is so lovely too. I also scored Sarah a quilt cover this week, a 1980's floral print with all sorts of different fairies on it, she's in love with it and so happy snuggling up in it in the evenings. 

So there we are back in business with a Fabulous Finds post, ohhhh I forgot to mention that there was even some 1980's Polly Pockets scored this week too (bottom right of first pic).  They're making quiet the come back, so hopefully I find a new forever home for them soon.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mirror Revamp: The five things I liked most about using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Products....

I've been looking forward to some time to get my hands busy with some revamping and DIY projects. I've had my goodie bag from the Annie Sloan Unfolded event sitting patiently ready for its opportunity to show me what it can do at my hands.

About a month ago I bought a small white woven cane mirror from a local op shop for a few dollars. I thought the mirror would be a wonderful project to start out on, as I have some larger cane pieces I want to repaint and revamp.

Looking tired and in need of a revamp

Starting out I wasn't sure whether I wanted the mirror to have shabby chic finish once I was done. So I set caution to the wind and thought what the heck why not just get started and see how things progress and develop as I go along using the products and see what I thought about using them.

I taped up the mirror and set about the first coat of paint and then whilst the paint was still drying I played around with the effect of the brush bristle by using circular motions to see how it would look. At this point I was still tossing up with idea of a refreshed shabby finish. Although I loved using the brush (using great brushes when painting anything makes such a difference), and the effect it gave, I just didn't think continuing with another coat with the same brush strokes was the right finish for the mirror I wanted. 

After leaving the project for a few days (you know kids and things and school holidays, my project had to be shelved) I decided that another proper coat to cover up the circular brush stroke effect was in order and I also wanted to give the clear soft wax try over the chalk paint.

Second coat of paint done and giving the wax ago

I'm really happy I decided on the second coat of paint and the clear soft wax, although the mirror still has a subtle shabby chic feel to it up close, the second coat of paint and wax really finished it off with a nice softness that you want in such a piece.

What I enjoyed about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Products

* A little paint from a test pot goes a long way, I still have more then enough paint left to use on small furniture project like a bedside table.

* I have painted other cane furniture pieces with other regular household and craft paints and it's a gluggy job, not so with the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

* I found the paint to dry quickly and had I been able to complete the project the same day (kids needed their mumma) I could have easily done so and had more time for other experiments with the paints.

* Any mishaps or spills clean up with water, effortlessly.

* The pure bristle brush is awesome, again I've painted household items and also used to get adult art classes, I can't say enough about using good brushes that hold their shape and don't drop bristles.  A good brush can really change the outcome of project or artistic piece.

The colour I used for this project was Old Violet and I finished with the clear soft wax. I'm looking forward to getting into some more projects now the school holidays are over as I have another colour test pot that is calling to me to be played with. With the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint being such a versatile paint sticking to almost any surface without priming in nearly all cases, the project options and possibilities are endless. 

Have you previously heard of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint or have tried the paints on a project yourself?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My Wednesday Style Collective: I tend to the garden in $8 style....

Did I tell you all recently about how an excessive amount of beautiful jade plants that were dumped near our house? Well upon discovering a ridiculous amount of them had been dumped recently on my way out to collect Cohen from school, I called Ben and told him to get out on the street and collect all of them.

Ben obliged and collected our bounty of fortune and we then lined them in their pots against our fence on service side of our house. The Jade plants looked so nice lined up against the fence like a little hedge that we decided to plant three quarters of them along the fence and let there poor pot bound roots grow free again.

We've been popping out each day to check on our bounty and we are so thrilled with how it looks and that it didn't cost us a cent, that's thrifty garden style right there. I'm all over thrifty style and whether it be in the garden or my wardrobe, and this was me faffing about with the plants the other day.

1960's Sleeveless Top - garage sale
Shoes, Capri Jeans and Belt - all op shopped

This whole outfit cost me $8 in total and I'm thrilled with my new to me 1960's sleeveless top, it's a perfect piece to slip into my Spring/Summer wardrobe. It was a recent score at a garage sale of a women who once had a vintage store in Brisbane here in Queensland. I was very restrained buying pieces from her but I did also pick up the most stunning embroidered Hawaiian maxi dress that deserves its own post.

It always astounds me the things that people giveaway or dump for what I often think is no good reason. My bright blue canvas shoes for $2 that had never been worn, but furthermore those beautiful Jade plants. Would you believe that just last week the same thing happened again? A whole bunch of them just strewn over the roundabout near our house and up the street. We're so happy with the bounty they've added some life and colour to what some might think is an otherwise mundane area of ones property.

We still have several plants still in pots that are heading for new positions around our property and a couple by our front door.  Did you know that the belief is that the Jade Plant is the tree of luck, money and fortune and it's good thing to place them by your front door to bring that goodness into your home. I think we've already had quite a bit of luck and fortune with such a lovely score.
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