Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Day 9 of #newyearnewstyle with Vinnies Victoria....

Sequin sparkly dots on polka dots, why not?

As we move further into the second week of the #newyearnewstyle challenge with Vinnies Victoria and Recycled Fashion, I'm having to get more creative with my outfit combinations as I like to have something different to keep my interest going.

In other words the challenge is forcing me to look at my ten selected items and put combinations together that I haven't previously seen potential for, possibly due to having so many options to choose from in my everyday wardrobe when not on this style challenge.

So here we are Day 9 of 14.

Wearing: Denim Skirt, Polka Dot Tee, Sparkly Midi Top & Vest all previously thrifted.
Accessories: Red Beads and 4U Mum Heart Pin previously thrifted.

On day one of the challenge I expressed how in pulling together my ten selected items it was important for me to have patterns, colour and a bit of sparkle for fun. I thought the sequin midi top may have been a risky move as one of my ten pieces. But this awesome midi top has proven to be just as versatile as what some may call a "basic safe" piece to be......it's taking outfits to the next level of fun and interest for me.

A basic polka dot tee worn with the denim skirt would have been too plain for me, layering up with the sequins and the vest and accessories I have to say, I'd happily wear this outfit all day with flats and spice it up to head out tonight with heels if I had plans and somewhere to go tonight......so I'll just dazzle it after school pick up a little more.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Day 8 of #newyearnewstyle with Vinnies Victoria.....

Have you been following the #newyearnewstyle style challenge with Vinnies Victoria and Recycled Fashion. I've been playing along since day one when I pulled together my ten clothing items for fourteen days on the fly on the very first day.

We are into the second week of the challenge and it will finish on the February 14th, so I'm starting to get into creative styling combinations with my ten chosen garments. So to kick the week off with some cheer I went with my yellow cotton tank dress from day 4 (which was a rather popular combination on Instagram and Facebook).

Here I am Day 8 of 14.

Wearing: Yellow Cotton Tank Dress & Vest previously thrifted.
Accessories: Belt, French Silk scarf & Shoes all previously thrifted, bangle painted by me.

I love this vintage French Silk Scarf, it goes with so many things.

For something different I pulled the dress up a little to create a little slouch around the waist line and made use of my thrifted belt to bring the hem line up to a midi length.

I am having loads of fun playing along with this challenge, more than I expected I would. The challenge really pushes you look at how you can maximise your style options in every way without look to same, same with a limited amount of clothing pieces.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Day 7 of #newyearnewstyle with Vinnies Victoria......

We are seven days into the #newyearnewstyle challenge with Recycled Fashion and Vinnies Victoria. If you've been checking in, you'll know that yesterday's installment to the style challenge was shared on Instagram and Facebook as we were road tripping and fossicking for treasures at the Toowoomba Swap Meet.

The Toowoomba Swap Meet is one of the biggest swap meets in Australia held every year and attended my tens of thousands of buyers and thousands of vendors, there quite literally is something for everyone to hunt down. 

Taking up the entire Toowoomba Showgrounds there is a lot of dirt and dust flying around and if there is any spot of rain you can add in the odd muddy puddle. So flowing maxi dresses and skirts are out and totally impractical for such a day. But given today post swap meet is a day of recovery after a 16 hour day,  a comfy dress is in order as we popped out for an hour this morning to a local car boot sale then to grab a few groceries. So this lovely cotton maxi is on repeat from Day 2 of the challenge.

So here we are Day 7 of 14.

Wearing: Ditsy Print Summer Maxi Dress and Vest from my 10 selected item for 14 days all thrifted.
Accessories: Cap, Bag, Silver Cuff & peace pendent and pins all previous thrifted.

Every year we attend the Toowoomba Swap Meet it's a hit the ground running day and a long, long one at that too. Having the three kids with us we are on the go the whole time keeping on eye on them and scoping out treasures whilst making it a fun day for all of us.

Hopefully that forgives me for not capturing a full length style pic for the the sixth day of the challenge and only remembering on the way home at a truck stop that I hadn't checked in with a style snap so hence snapping a silly bathroom selfie with my big boy. But as you will see I stayed true to the challenge from my ten selected pieces.

I'm off now to lounge around for the afternoon and rest these weary muscles from such a long day. A round up of some of the finds from the swap meet will be coming up during the week.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Day 5 of #newyearnewstyle with Vinnies Victoria.....

Five days into the #newyearnewstyle challenge with Recycled Fashion and Vinnies Victoria and I'm thinking so far so good with my efforts.

I have lots of preperations to take care of today as we are off road tripping this weekend on one of my biggest buying trips of the year, so my maxi dresses and skirts are out and the denim skirt is in for the next two days.

So here we are Day 5 or 14.

Wearing: 1970's Embroidered Blouse, Denim Skirt, Belt, Shoes all thrifted.
Accessories: All previously thrifted or gifted.

Close up of details.

My outfit for tomorrow is pretty much planned as I will literally need to slip into at ungodly hour when you are all still asleep and hit the road. So hooray to denim skirts and slogan tees, tomorrow's style challenge installment will be will be shared on Instagram and Facebook until I return later in the weekend.......as there won't be anytime for me ti be publishing a blog post.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Day 4 of #newyearnewstyle with Vinnies Victoria

If you've just popped in today for the first time or It's your first time in a  little while, I'm currently riding along a 14 day style challenge with Erica from Recycled Fashion that is being hosted by Vinnies Victoria.

I'm wearing and restyling ten clothing pieces that have been thrifted over 14 days. Thankfully I do have free rein on any accessories I already owned.

I'm loving today's outfit. Our hot Queensland temperatures are having a bit of a break today and we have got overcast gray skies with drizzling rain on and off.

So here we are Day 4 or 14.

Wearing: Tank Style Maxi Dress, Sparkle Midi Top & Vest  all thrifted & from my 10 garments.
Accessories: Yellow and Light Green Beads were previously thrifted and from my current stash.

A close up of more of the deatails.

This outfit seems to not only compliment the colours in my garden and skies today, but the yellow and sparkle bring a bit of fun and joy to the scene......or at least I think so.

I'm never one to think a rainy day is depressing I like to celebrate it - so why not with sprakle today with a dirty chai in hand.

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