Wednesday, April 16, 2014

2014 Week 16: My Wednesday Style Collective....

Yesterday I had Lady Luck with me, my mum joined us for some op shopping and chit chat, and she must have bought good fortune with her because I picked up some awesome scores. Busy lives and commitments make it difficult to see my mum on a regular basis and with Cohen now in school opportunities are drastically reduced. But that's what school holidays are for right? Making plans, catching up and connecting.

Mum had wanted to do some op shopping so I surprised her with doing the rounds and showing her a few places she didn't know existed, as well as visiting a tucked away little gem that I recently became aware of and visited for the first time with mum.

We had a wonderful time, and she laughed at all the "old things" I was getting excited over. Mum busied herself spoiling the kids and buying them all manner of things of which some things are sure to drive me nuts. Mum if you're reading this, thanks very much, a certain toy may arrive on your doorstep in the dead of the night. Then who will be laughing? But jokes aside I guess that's partly a grandparents right to break the rules and drive their own child nuts, right?

For a day out adventuring with mum this what I wore. The glorious embroidered top is another gorgeous gift from Leisa, bless her heart she knows my vintage loving heart so well.
Vintage Embroidered Tunic - gift from Leisa
Skirt - op shopped
Shoes - retail
Vintage Tooled Leather Bag - op shopped as a Christmas present to myself a few years ago
Sunglasses - are prescription glasses and of course are retail
A gratuitous tooled bag pic, sorry I can't help it and I know you've all seen it before, but I can never get enough of looking at the back of this bag, I just adore it.  

Tell me, have you ever op shopped with your mum? Does she understand your love of vintage or does she think you're a little crazy?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What your kids will learn from being a collector.....

Were you a collector of things as a kid? Perhaps you have a child who is a collector? I think I might! Either way you answer, many of us did collect something as a child or now have a child who does. I personally went through many phases as a child collecting different things from pretty stationary papers, stickers, collector cards, stamps, candles and elephant figurines. I even op shopped as a young child and as a teen and picked up clothing scores. No one called a garment back then vintage, it was just described as being old and something ones grandmother wore.
If your child is a collector it's important to honour and respect their interest and enthusiasm. There are many things a child will learn that will assist in developing life skills through collecting, so it's worth supporting and encouraging their interest.

Children's interests in collecting things can be as wide and diverse as adults who collect. I asked a group of my mummy friends recently and these are just some of the things kids are collecting at the moment:

* Container Lids
* Handbags
* LaLa Loopsie Dolls
* Crystals, rocks and shells
* Animal figurines
* Pokemon Cards

Sometimes what a child collect makes no sense to us as an adult but whatever your child's interest in collecting are, they're learning many things as well as basic life skills. Very young collectors can start to learn and test basic math skills like sorting, sequencing, counting and grading, through collecting. Encouraging a young collector can engage them in being responsible and having responsibilities for arranging, managing and taking care of a personal collection, which can all have a knock-on effect to other areas of a child's life.
As children get older collections can give them focus, and assist them socially in forming friendships with like minded peers with similar interests. Collecting can also teach children to identify value and how to manage money. Many children who are collectors will often assign and manage money given for a special occasion or pocket money to add to collections or complete them.

At the end of the day whatever your child collects whether it be rocks and twigs or a collectible toy or anything else in between, it only benefits to encourage and validate your child's interests. If your child is a collector, one of the biggest steps you can take in showing your support to them is helping them find a defined space or area they can store or display their collections. 

By allowing your little collector to bloom, you're benefiting them now and into the future. Who knows you might have a cheeky kid watching your habits now, ready to put their hands out for some of your own collections when they're older. Encourage them now and they'll form great habits and life skills through your guidance and acceptance and things like tomorrows "vintage" will be in safe hands too.

Is your child a collector? Have they got their eye on your vintage?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

2014 Week 15: My Wednesday Style Collective....

It's school holidays here at the moment so I have my gorgeous mister home at present. It's so nice to have him buzzing around and it's made me realise even more so how much he has learnt, grown and changed in his first term of prep.

I took the opportunity the other day to get a blood test done that I have been putting off, because I knew I'd have Cohen with me look after Fraser whilst I was busy. Afterwards we headed off to do groceries together and he was such a help and a delight, firmly trying to tell me that he would be the one pushing the trolley.

He has such a sweet heart, always picking me flowers he comes by, drawing me pictures and making me things. He's very in tune with other people and notices little details, he frequently responds very excitedly with compliments on my clothing. I'll often emerge from the bedroom and he'll say I look lovely or beautiful with a comment specifically about a particular item I'm wearing. He says he likes how I dress because it nice and colourful.
He told me I looked nice today and asked me if it was a new skirt. New, never means brand new here to him it just means whether it's one he's seen before. The skirt I'm wearing is a skirt that was gifted to me by Leisa, it was a skirt that belong to her mums friend and the skirt is from the 1960's. I feel rather honored to be passed on this lovely skirt and it fits me perfectly.
Handmade 1960's Skirt - gifted by Leisa
Pink Polka Dot 1970's Blouse - op shopped
Leopard Print Ballet Flats - retail

It swells my heart that Cohen has such a kind heart and notices the little things, not just about me but about everything and everyone. He's a different kid to most his age, he dances to the beat of his own drum, he is very out going, creative, intelligent, confident, instinctual and charismatic. A friend once said to me one of the greatest gifts I was giving him was the example of being different and true to ones self. She elaborated and said he will have the greatest and the most understanding role model in watching me be true to myself.

Lesson is we truly do reap what we sew, our children are always watching and gauge their abilities and possibilities on what they see in us as their parents.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

My fabulous finds are retro cool for a dinner party.....

Do you know what is always exciting to an op shop lover and vintage hunter? It's finding out about an op shop tucked away that you never knew existed. Last weekend we ventured out on a bit of a pre-lunch adventure and it turned up trumps straight away.
There was no possible conceivable way these retro amber glasses were going home with anyone but me, so I grabbed the attention of volunteer pronto and got these babies wrapped up safely. I know it's a long way off but we are hosting Christmas dinner here this year with Ben's family, and these glasses are going to look amazing as part of our table setting I'm dreaming up......yes I'm planning that far ahead, I'm aiming for an epic blow their socks off celebration.

I love op shopping throughout the year for special occasions, celebrations and events and tucking things away. I know many people shop retail bargains through the year for Christmas a birthdays, but do you do the same for op shops scores as well? Do you have anything tucked away already?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

2014 Week 14: My Wednesday Style Collective....

I wasn't running at one hundred percent the other day I was moody and broody, headachy and just feeling rather generally irritated. I never like the feeling of a mood that I can't shake holding me down for long, so a quick an easy solution for me is to get dressed in an old favourite.

This all time favourite maxi skirt of mine has had several outings on the blog over the years, because it just makes so damn happy and lifts my mood anytime I'm down or not feeling myself. Every single year when the cooler weather starts to strike and I bring this one back out I'm always excited by the new combinations I come up with to style with my "old faithful".
Ditsy Print Maxi Skirt - gifted from an old work colleague who bought it in England for 50p
Lilac Tank Singlet - retail
Crochet Cardie/Vest - gifted from the sweetest girl underneath
There is also not much that this little one has to do make me smile and change my mood. His smiles, sparkly eyes and wet kisses make a mumma happy.
Fraser is a wearing a modern cloth nappy from Baby Beehinds* and cuteness and deliciousness come from his mum and dad of course. Yep I'm sufficiently bias and up myself about that, but hey big deal I'm his mum and I'm allowed.

Clearly moody broody mood didn't last long, how could it when I've got a little guy like this admiring my outfit. Which is code for waving my skirt around and watching it swirl about.

*the Baby Beehinds link is not sponsored I've been a long term cloth nappy user for the last five years and these nappies have lasted the test of time, in my books that deserves a mention, wouldn't you say?
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