Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hard rubbish rummaging considered legal looting...

Throughout Australia many councils from time to time coordinate hard rubbish collections for local residents in various council divisions. For anyone who doesn't know what hard rubbish collection is, it's an opportunity for residents to have larger household items like large appliances and white goods, furniture, garden waste, building supplies and more to be collected by council from the kerbside. As long it's not normal household refuse (food scraps etc) most household and garden items with a few exclusions can be collected during a determined collection period.

My local division has recently had a hard rubbish collection and driving around the streets there have been all manner of items lined up on kerbsides awaiting collection. Those with eagle eyes have seen opportunities to reuse, recycle or upcycle further and it's been a common sight to see people going through others hard rubbish and taking things they see use or need for.

Now for me I have no issue whatsoever with people going through hard rubbish on the kerbside and taking things that have a use for. I believe we live in a time where recycling and upcycling is essential. However there are others that hold different views about hard rubbish collection.

The Gold Coast Bulletin (our cities major newspaper)  has come out with an article that states that the behaviour of going through hard rubbish at collection times is known as legal looting. Furthermore the article states that outside the hard rubbish collection period the act of rummaging through kerbside hard rubbish is actually illegal and a fineable offence.

Here is the link to the full article and the above image is also credited to the Gold Coast Bulletin: Reckon you can loot from Gold Coast hard rubbish collections? Some Residents are kicking up a stink.

Now whilst it's unlikely any council would send out law enforcement outside collection times to fine those engaging in the act or rummaging or picking, I find it outreageous that it's a treat that it could happen. In Australia by large most people would understand that it is illegal to go through someones household rubbish bins (household waste, food scraps etc) as well as mail box and letters etc. Surely we need to look at hard rubbish differently?

But what does this mean for the well meaning and good intentioned person who wants to pop something out of the kerbside to give someone the chance of picking up are treasure that will be useful for free. Does that mean that the property owner is also opening themselves up to be fined for littering or other offences?

I realise there are many other factors to consider with these laws like public health and safety, and those who take advantage and dump excess amounts of hard rubbish beyond the collection guidelines. But don't we live in a time where we need to look at encouraging more of this freecycling behaviour?

I'm finding this a really interesting topic at the moment, one I will be looking into further, but in meantime I want to hear from others. In the comments below please tell me about your experiences with hard rubbish collection! Have you done a clean out and had people go through your unwanted things? Have you done some kerbside rummaging yourself? Does hard rubbish collection bother you? Share your experiences and opinions, I really want to look at this further!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

{My Fabulous Finds} Vintage children's books: Orlando the Marmalade Cat....

I have love affair for vintage children's books and it's something that keeps developing and growing. I love finding old annuals and colourful children's story books with whimsical and innocent illustrations. Often it will be a books illustrations that capture my heart and imagination before the story itself.

I know I'm certainly not the only one that feels this way after doing a recent vintage fair where I sold a lot of vintage children's books to people who shared a similar love, or were wanting to add an old childhood favourite to their shelves again.

As a result I have been replenishing our vintage children's book levels with some wonderful rare and collectible books, which I've been eager to share with you.

My most favourite new find is this incredible 1949 copy of Orlando the Marmalade Cat - His Silver Wedding by Kathleen Hale. If you are unaware of Hale she was an incredible talent of her time born in 1898 (dying at 101 years of age) who delighted coloured starved children of the war years with her enchanting tales of the Orlando the Marmalade Cat. Hale pushed the envelope at the time with her use of techniques and colour lithography which ultimately set a new standard for illustrated children's books.

Her stories, characters and wit throughout her stories were often reflective of elements and people within her life. Kathleen was described as being part of an old English art tradition of mild bohemianism and modest bloodymindedness. She once confessed and said that she broke all the rules of decent behaviour.

When it came to literary counterparts she was not a fan of Enid Blyton nicknaming her "the Pied Bligther" and she would never read Blyton's stories to her own children, due to her despise of Enid's value judgements within her stories and didn't much approve of her writing style either.

I'm certainly a fan of Enid Blyton as many are, but I'm always a fan of rule breakers and non-conformist as well and I'm utterly intrigued with the life of Kathleen Hale, and I'm currently searching for a copy of her biography.

With only sixteen Orlando the Marmalade Cat books ever written and illustrated by Kathleen Hale, her bold illustrations of their time, make her books very collectible and valuable.  Seriously how can they not be, she changed the expectation of illustrations for children's books, her images pull you into another world.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My Wednesday Style Collective: This is real life baby......

This is not what you would usually expect to see for a style collective, but this is real life baby. I haven't said much on the blog the last few months about this but we've had endless sickness and injury here. I kid you not for the last three months it's been relentless and the whole time I haven't been struck done once........until the other day.

After months of being the one looking after everyone else I've been struck down with hideousness, and what's worse is that Fraser has been struck down too. We're a sorry pair and he's running scary temperatures. So please forgive the style collective, but as I said it's real life and with him being so sick I haven't been able to put him down without serious upset so a little photoshoot is out of the question right now.

1970's Greta Maxi Skirt originally bought at a fair $5 - was a dress altered in a skirt by me *
I Love Sleep Shirt - junk shop buy
Denim Vest - op shopped
Belt - op shopped

Ben nabbed this picture when I slid onto the floor nursing a crying Fraser after the Cohen and Sarah threw all the cushions off the lounge in a silly game. Yes I'm being photobombed by Jada our rarely seen on the blog dog. Basically I wanted to share this picture and post to show that when the chips are down I still try my best (most of the time) to make an effort with my outfits.

Making the effort to pop on some semblance of a decent outfit makes me feel sane and a little better in myself. It's no fun looking after a sick child when you're sick yourself.......but this is real life baby.

So yeah the shirt is a bit of a laugh at the moment. I'd love some more sleep at present; the normal five hours I get is severally compromised.

*if you think you've seen the skirt before, it was once a maxi dress! which I converted into a skirt the other day sewing at the kitchen bench with a sick Fraser strapped to my back in a carrier......because this is real life baby and sometimes you've got to make the best if a bad situation.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

{My Fabulous Finds} Finally Forever Fondue....

If you've been coming here for some time you'll know there's been one major thing I have been wanting for my kitchen and it's a fondue set. I've been picky about finding a set because it would be on display in my kitchen. In the search for a great one, I've even had many of my vintage loving friends keeping and eye out for me.

Good thing I have such great vintage loving friends on the lookout, because it was my dear Celia of Kittys Vintage Kitsch who saw this beauty being sold by someone else who alerted me.  Perfect for me in every way and colour that I wanted, I'm thrilled to have my forever fondue pot.

Let the fondue parties begin I say!

Of course since buying this beauty, other "perfect" fondue pots I'd love to own have popped up here, there and everywhere. I'm very tempted to start another collection. There's nothing wrong with that at all is there?

What say you? Do you fondue? Do you have any fabulous fondue recipes I really must try?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What childhood movies have you enjoyed with your children?

Cohen and I were sitting at the kitchen bench drawing together recently chatting away when he asked me about the type of kids movies his daddy and I watched as kids. He wanted to know all the different names of the movies we could remember and a brief bio of the ones I told him about.

He then surprised me and said he would like to watch some of the movies with us, that we had watched as kids. Cue big smiles of glee from me, what a lovely thing that our boy wants to share in these moments.

Ben and I set about making a list of various movies we remembered from our childhood, along with some help from some Facebook readers as well, and we've ended up with quite a comprehensive list. It's been a great reminder of some awesome movies I'd forgotten about too.

As a parent and lover of old school things I love it when there are opportunities to share my childhood or relive some of it with my children. Have you watched some of your favourite childhood movies and shows with your kids? What have been their favourites?
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