Monday, July 28, 2014

AHOY sailor boy gets christened, vintage friends and getting dirty......

We have had an incredible week and yesterday we added to that and had a special occasion with our wee man Fraser being christened. It was quite a hilarious morning at the church, between the delirium of Fraser's godfather having only had two hours sleep and taking selfies, getting the giggles and Cohen announcing he knew all about evolution loud enough for most of the church to hear. Our kids have a wide knowledge of a lot of things, and there are very few subjects that are off limits, as a result it's always interesting the times and places they decide to share their knowledge. Yesterday morning clearly being one of them, which made for a fun and interesting time, thankfully the service was pretty relaxed and they were accommodating to children.

Fraser wearing a 1970's two piece nautical sailor boy set.

He was off investigating during the service and making friends with older parishioners. 

He had a bit of fight in him whilst being christened, but cuddles with mumma fixed it all.

Fraser's godmother and godfather are two friends of mine I have known for thirty years each, they're like vintage friends and wine, they've gotten better with time. It's been a very long time since we've all been in the same room together. Collectively we've got a lot of history together us three, and the most hilarious of tales. We gathered at home after the christening for food and mid-morning bubbles. Mid-morning bubbles turned into a few more bubbles and a lot more giggles. It was a perfect end to a very busy and exciting week to be surrounded by such wonderful friends and love.

The kids had a wonderful time playing outside in the warm winter sun after the christening concocting all sorts of fun, whilst eating salad wraps and chocolate cake. Fraser's tastes however were much more refined.

From clean cut vintage sailor boy to dirt boy in five seconds flat.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

We're in print "Mother and Baby Magazine".....

Today is an incredibly exciting day, because I can finally tell you all why I have been so busy behind the scenes. Two months ago I was contacted by a stylist for Australia's Mother and Baby magazine after they discovered us on Etsy asking if I'd send some of my vintage nautical themed items for babies and children to Sydney for a photo shoot for an upcoming issue.

When an opportunity like that arises you grab it with both hands and you pull out all stops, so a wonderful bundle of vintage goodies was sent. As a result I have been very busy adding more and more listings to our store in anticipation of being featured and mentioned. There will be lot happening with store over coming weeks and months with some incredible vintage boys pieces from the 1940's - 1960's be listed.

But for now here we are on page 94 and 95 of August/September issue which went on sale today.
Bottom Left on page 96 we are featured with our Vintage 1980's Nautical Ahoy Hippo Baby Daz Romper.

We are obviously very thrilled to have been approached with such an opportunity and to be featuring and showing the world how cool genuine vintage children's clothing is. We well be rolling on into August and September with busy months with an upcoming fair we will popping our stall and wares up at, which I'll be sharing details with you all very soon. 

Thank you to everyone who has been checking in on me recently to see why I've been a little quieter on the blog. As you see now I've been pulling out all the stops around my crazy crew of cherubs to make things happen.

All above items are currently available as I publish this post live until they find themselves new forever homes. If you're looking for anything in particular be sure to let me know, as I'm likely to have it on hand to be listed. It's a thrill to be featured with a bunch of other Australian Etsy Sellers, so if you're looking for fab pieces for your little people do yourself a favor and grab yourself the current Mother and Baby issue.

* This is in no way a sponsored post and has been a genuine opportunity that arose for my store to receive national print exposure.......what stay at home / working at home mum is going miss out on the chance?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Top 5 Reasons Why Vintage Toys Are Better......

We live in a world these days where there are all manner of toys, games and gadgets imaginable for kids to while away their time with. There's such a huge difference in the toys I see kids playing with in comparison to the toys I had as a child. It's funny to see kids abandon all their latest and modern toys when some old toys come out. Why is that?
My answer: Because simply vintage toys are better, here's why:

1. Let's face it straight up the toys we used to play with were made to last. Toys today don't seem to last the test of time and bashing that little people can give them, they're massed produced at a rapid rate with materials that break as soon as a child gives it a good toss. Doesn't seem like fun does it? Rather disappointing to if you're a kid?

2. Toys when I was growing up had less gender bias associated with them through the bias of colored pink and blue gender roles. Go to any toy store now and you'll be hard pressed to find a dolls pram or kitchen set that isn't pink and purple and solely targeted at girls. Back in my day there were blues, yellows and red, color themes that appealed to both boys and girls with all sorts of toys. Talk about gender equality, so much of today's modern toys are solely marketed at girls or boys not a cross section of children and keeping them within the out dated gender and perceived domestic roles.

3. If you were born in the 1970's or early we had toys, great toys that still allowed us to use our imaginations. Toys of our time added to our imaginative play and games we played. Toys didn't do all the thinking for children back then. So many toys today say and do everything and all a child needs to do is press a button and sit and watch. Parents wonder today why their kids end up more interested in the box the toy came in. My answer a box has endless possibilities in a child's imagination.

4. Old school toys are and were unique and different to anything on the modern market. Just look at the modern day toy market and many of the toy company's relaunching old school favourites. Why are they doing it? Vintage and retro is so much more in the general consciousness of the mainstream market now. Companies wouldn't be investing time and money in relaunching old school favorites if there wasn't fun in it and most of all profit for them. Hence vintage toys are better, if big toy companies see the need to re-launch old faithfuls from back in the day.

5. Finally the reason vintage toys are better is because when mums and dads reminisce and come by or drag out their old toys, memories flood back. Kids and parents alike a enjoying quality time together reliving childhood memories and making new ones with their children whilst they play. What a beautiful way to spend time with your kids then to show and teach them a little about who you were as a kid and what you enjoyed, it'll make them feel closer to you.

Really what's better than that?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Of late....

I've tried to write this post several times recently, every time I've tried the words haven't flowed freely and I've failed to publish my ramblings and sharing. So here I go again determined to finish the post and hit publish. You might of noticed in the last month or so I haven't been blogging as regularly as I normally do. It's not for a lack of things to write but it is due to a lack of time recently. So I've tried to slow down in the day to day moments to take things in, and catch glimpses of the little things and share some with you all.

I've been busy with several opportunities to grow and expand myself both personally and professionally recently, as well as looking after my family. As a result I've simply had to scale some things back to a minimum for a short while to still be able to do everything I need and want to do. So although I still can't tell you the details of everything that has been happening, I wanted to share a few ramblings and pictures of what has been going on, until I can share more news with you all.

The of late and every day regardless of anything else happening, always looks a little like this!

The everyday with the kids is busy, breakfast starts it all, they wake hungry!

These two get loud with tales, games and squabbles.

And he has enough of it.

In the last two months I've had both Fraser and Sarah undergo minor but very necessary operations. Both of them have recovered well and are doing more than fine. I've been at the hospital myself in a completely different capacity doing some public speaking, at a Bereavement Workshop for midwives about our twins loss and grief. I wrote about it here and what I wore, it was a privilege to be asked to assist with the workshop after also becoming a Sands blogger in May, where I shared some of our journey on their newly launched blog assisting other bereaved parents.

Our Etsy shop has been busy and lots of new listings have been going up and lots of new stock being found. Fairs and events are also booked and others being investigated, you might remember I've opted out of doing most markets and concentrating on fairs and events. There has also been something else that has been going on here all to do with the busy buzz on the home front, it's the thing I can't say much more about for another fortnight. All I can say is it has been exciting, but busy and has taken all my down time. But it's been an opportunity to relish and grasp with two hands and I'm so looking forward to sharing more with you all.

Amongst the crazy I've had everyone in the family bar myself struck down with terrible colds, chronic coughs, asthma and more. As luck would have it has all aligned as we hit school holidays and Cohen has been home for two weeks, the poor kid has literally spent all the holidays sick.

However this man midst all the above and sickness himself has taken annual leave to enjoy some of the school holidays with the family. During a few days break of the kids sickness we've tried to steal moments and mornings doing free fun things like a walk on the beach in winter.

You wouldn't know it's winter here on the Gold Coast accept the giveaway being long sleeves. Still not temperatures I'd take my warm clothes off to sun bake in though, although there were sun chasers in bikinis happily doing so. I largely suspect those crazy enough to do so might be English and are thinking us Aussie's are wimps about our winter temperatures.

This is life of late and I thought you'd all like to see more of the part of the world I live in. I so often get caught up in showing you everything else in my vintage loving world. So I thought it was nice to show you some of the every day and check in with things of late. I'll be back on deck and posting more than once or twice a week soon enough, with all my adventures, treasures and fun.

How are you all, I'm missing you all terribly?

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Safe Price Tags for Vintage Books

Keeping vintage stock in the best condition possible for sale at markets, fairs and events is key to making sales and having repeat customers. The way you attach a price tag, ticket or sticker can often be one of the first things that will turn a serious buyer or collector off purchasing from you.

You always want to have the integrity of a book and it's condition kept to the best standard possible for the state you acquired the book in the first place. This includes both the front and back covers and pages of books.

Two things to avoid when price tagging vintage books:

* Avoid writing on the flyleaf (inside blank or ornamental page after the book cover). Definitely don't use pen of any sort, as you can not remove any trace of it. Pencil is not much better although you can use an eraser to remove writing, it won't remove indentations from the pressure of writing, this can affect the value of a vintage or antique book.

* Avoid price stickers on the covers of books as well as the inside cover or flyleaf. Some stickers leave adhesive marks which can't be removed. Other stickers if you choose badly can't be removed at all without causing further damage to a book.

How to price tag vintage books
You'll need:
* The book you're wanting to price
* String or twine
* Pen
* Business card or a small piece of card stock to write price and book details on - I prefer to use a business card (I'll explain why shortly)
The how to:
1. Cut a length of string or twine that is twice the length of the books spine plus an extra few centimetres for tying a knot. Prepare a piece of card stock or business card by writing price and further important details on the card that you wish to convey to sell the book. I'll provide some tips after this "how to" on what kind information to include on your tag . If your card doesn't have a hole punch to thread string or twine through, do so with pin or needle and thread your string or twine through.

2 & 3. Take the book you're pricing and open the front cover and in between the front cover and flyleaf loop your tag and twine around, refer to pic an tie off.

4. You'll want to ensure the string or twine has enough movement you can gently slide off the tag as also pictured.

Pricing tag information and display tips

I find the above one of the best ways to price vintage books. Some sellers like to have a piece of paper or card stock sitting free inside the cover and flyleaf of a book. I find the trouble with this method is when interested buyers pick up books to take a look the loose paper often falls out. This can cause it to be lost and can then create confusion and frustration for both you the seller and the buyer. Using the method I've demonstrated above ensures your price tag stays with your book and is safe from causing damage. Not to mention limiting frustrations to you and potential buyers.

I personally advise using a business card for a price tag, in particular a business card that is blank on the back. I believe any chance you have to show your business name to someone is an opportunity to cement your business name and what you do into a buyers mind. On the business card come price tag I include the book title, author, year of publication and or edition and finally the price.
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