Tuesday, April 14, 2015

In Vintage News....

If there is one thing I know about my fellow vintage lovers is that we can never get enough of all things vintage, we're constantly reading, learning, collecting, finding, appreciating. We love tidbits of information and to hear about what's happening all over the world in the world of vintage.

So having said the above, I bring you a new weekly feature "In Vintage News" where I'm doing a round up of recent articles, upcoming events, news stories and more. I hope you enjoy it and I hope we all learn some things we didn't know before.

Whether you're a rockabilly of 1950's there's more than a good chance you heard about this years Viva Las Vegas. If you don't know what I'm talking about it's a three day event in the United States jammed packed with fashion, cars, music and fun from the 1950's. Check out some of the 1950's babes and fun from this years event. I look forward to attending Greazefest here in Queensland later this year for a day of family fun and a fix of the 1950's.

Would you consider fashion from the 1990's vintage? Apparently there are plenty who do with designer fashion from the 1990's a fetching pretty prices. If you've got some pieces from the 1990's in your wardrobe and they haven't been on rotation it could be time to dig them out or sell them for something you'd really love........more vintage of course.

It looks like I need to see if I can squeeze a trip to Sydney in by August with the Museum of Sydney showcasing an exhibition of Toys Through Time. If you want a walk down memory lane or you're a lover of vintage toys like me this should be a must see.

Here in Australia and certainly where I live in Queensland we're finally starting to feel the changes in the Autumn weather, but regardless of the current temperatures wherever you are if you're lusting for summer perhaps these 15 Vintage Style Icons Who Knew How to Rock A Swimsuit might help.

That's a pretty jammed packed feast vintage news don't you think? This post was meant to be published Monday but there was an error, all future In Vintage News posts will be on a Monday.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Colouring in, new friends and awakening the artistic soul again....

Not so long back I shared a story and goal about how for a very long time I've wanted to fully complete a colouring book from front to back by myself. By myself meaning no little hands getting involved and helping and telling me where to colour, how to colour or when. It's a little thing, a dream or goal if you will that I've had for the longest time.

Since discovering colouring books for adults and embarking on my childhood goal, my artistic soul has been slowly cracking open again. For those who don't know I abandoned an emotional artistic awakening nearly seven years ago after losing our identical twin girls Elle and Meg.

For seven years I have distanced myself from cracking my heart mind open again to the places art and some creative pursuits can take me. But this year things have started to shift and change and it seems life and healing have aligned to create a space where it feels right and comfortable to awaken my artistic side again.

As a result I'm enjoying the places I go to in the quiet solitude of colouring in. I also love how creative and relaxed I feel immersing myself in colouring. As an extension to colouring I've of also started doodling again and have dabbled in some more detailed creative colouring pages for the kids. This is one I should off on Instagram in the past week, the kids thought it was wonderful watching it come together. I made copies so both Cohen and Sarah could have one and I even made a copy for myself so I could colour as well.

All this artistic awakening has also meant I've had desires for new supplies and although I have a wonderful set of pencils I share with the kids for such colouring. I've decided splurge and treat myself with some Lyra jumbo colouring pencils made in Germany, I've appreciated them for some time, but have not purchased any new supplies in recent years.

I've been making wonderful new friends who share the same passion in colouring and doodling and I'm working on some plans and projects to bring more like minded people together both in real life and on line.

If you'd like to learn and read more about why myself and many other grown ups around the country and world and seeking out the pleasures of this childhood pass time of colouring in, you can read more here in the weekends Sydney Morning Herald. You'll even read a little about a wonderful new friend of mine Camille from Curlypops who is currently working with creatives, artists and illustrators to create a colouring book for grown ups to with all proceeds going to directly to the Heart and Lung Transplant Trust's Second Chance Accomdation program, which will assist interstate and country Victoria patients who need to travel and relocate during post transplant care.

Camille's books is called The Breathing To A New Beat Technicolour Dream Book and is currently on pre-order and can be purchased here.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

{Kids} Style: Batgirl she can style her own world.....

There are no surprises that I love children's thrifted and vintage fashion, is there? No surprise I love my kids too right? Then there's probably no further surprise that I like to encourage my kids to explore their own fashion and style. I've posted before about encouraging children's individual style and how it's my firm belief that the leaders of tomorrow will come from today's children that dance to the beat of their own drum in all facets of life.

Sarah much like Cohen has her unique style choices emerging and it's interesting that some of her choices align with style choices I've made. Sarah recently came by this printed Batman comic long sleeve shirt, and commented that Cohen or Fraser may like it. But when I checked the size I told her it wouldn't fit either of the boys, but it would actually fit her. She smiled wide and giggled and asked if she could have it. Of course I let her have it and when I sent her to get dressed for the day yesterday 
this is the selection she surprised me with. 

Her entire outfit is thrifted and gifted.
Poses are all her own doing, she's quite a ham.

Sarah is a girly girl and loves pretty things, jewels, colour, fairies, orange and silver are her favourites, treasure, flowers, vintage and more. But she also likes animals and bugs, riding scooters, racing, playing practical jokes and superhero's. I love that at four years old she can mix these different sides of herself and express it in her own unique and quirky way through clothing choices.

What a wonderful reminder to give our children ample choice and chance to express themselves in whatever ways possible. Don't be afraid to let your little girl scope out the boys clothing when your clothes shopping, who knows what delightful expressive combination they will put together. We all know the world needs plenty of people who aren't afraid to rebel against stereotypes.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Collectorville Fair Sunday April 26th - Come join us...

We are exactly one month out today from Brisbane's Collectorville Fair in at Rocklea Showgrounds on Sunday 26th April.  My Vintage Childhood will be there once again with all things vintage that are childlike and to do with baby and children. From genuine vintage clothing, books, toys, and collectibles from the 1940's - 1980's we've got it covered.

We will be bringing vintage Disney collectibles as well as rare and valuable children's books too, not to mention children's records and decor, there will be something for everyone whether it's for your child or for the child or collector in YOU.

As always I love an opportunity to meet people face to face, so please let me know here or on social media if you think you'll be popping by I'd love to say hi and give you a squeeze.

Pop on over and like the Collectorville Fair Facebook page to excite yourself over the next month with pictures being posted frequently of stallholders who will be attending and their gorgeous vintage wares.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Style: Surprise the 80's weren't all that bad...

So often when eighties fashion is mentioned people cringe and suggest it's a whole era in fashion that should be erased from our memories and wardrobes. Granted there were some questionable trends, but the whole era certainly doesn't require being written off.

As most of you know I'm a lover of 1970's fashion and that has grown into loving the 1960's and these days I'm seeking out more 1950's fashion. But the 1980's stilled out pieces that are complimentary to modern day fashions and vintage lovers wardrobe as well.

This 1980's cotton frock with a graphic print has been seeing a lot of action recently with a surge of hot weather even though it's officially meant to be Autumn here. I love the button detail at the shoulder and is reminiscent of details you would see in 1950's clothing.

Dress: op shopped
Belt: op shopped
Brooch: Erstwilder gift from Ben
Wedges: retail

I'm sure many a non-vintage addict or lover one would be surprised that this 1980's frock and to that I would say:


The eighties had some surprises up it's sleeve and some of those surprises make there way into my wardrobe from time to time.
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