Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Boy, five today woohoo......

There is one great big excuse to slow down and enjoy this week. My big little boy is five today. That's right the big five, the serious business of being of growing up but being sweet cuddly young kid. It's a wonderful age to watch my preppie grow and bloom right now. He still needs us for so much but is pushing so hard for independence and freedom.

Today he will be able read some of his own birthday cards and messages and when everything is done and dusted he'll even be able to draw and write thank you notes. He'll relish the time and chance to do that.
We are celebrating on the weekend with a party with ten of his school friends, he has no proper idea yet that it'll mean he is given gifts on top of all the fun he will have playing with his friends. He's a such a social, happy and confident kid he'll be busting at the seams to dance and play.
He asked me the other day if I could arrange pass the parcel for his party. I explained we really wouldn't have time as we are Ten Pin Bowling for his party. He told me that he wanted to do pass the parcel so he could share his birthday with everybody. Comments like these melt my heart from, what a joyous young man he is growing to be. Don't worry my sweet man the treat bags mumma is organising will be a joy to share with your friends.
To my dearest Cohen your birth, your breath, your touch and your love five years ago today cracked open our hearts to healing. Delivered to us by the delicate angel wings of your heavenly sisters Elle and Meg. Carrying a strong name, a family name, you my sweet man are quite simply amazing and I am honored and humbled to have mothered you for the last five years.

Happy Birthday baby we love you.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

My fabulous finds, found with mum in tow....

Earlier this week I posted about an op shopping adventure with my mum and what I wore. Our little morning of adventure out with my mum turned out to do be quite a successful jaunt. Mum scoffed and laughed over the finds that I found exciting. I think she thinks because she's seen it, used it or had it once lifetime ago she just doesn't see the fuss now.
Take this Forda Drinko'matic Pourer Mixer for example, I was giggling at the coolness and novelty of it all. She commented on the box being tattered, whilst I was pointing out to her the actual unit itself had never been used before.

"Hey mum do you want to come over to ours for a retro cool cocktail party?"

"Whatever Trudie, sure! Are you going to use that?"

"Um hell yeah, why wouldn't I for a bit of fun?" 

So mum isn't coming to an ultra cool retro cocktail party at my house. But not to worry I have just the dinner guests coming over this coming week, which is a delightful excuse to have a laugh with the Drinko'matic, even if mum thinks I'm being silly.
Next up on our outing, was my glee over this Sea Gull Air Pot Vacuum Flask in beautiful condition. Mum was able to see some benefit in me wanting to purchase it for a steal when I said I'd lug it along to markets and fairs I'm selling at, filled with sweet strong tea to keep us going all day. But as I gushed over the flasks pattern mum just laughed and said:

"It doesn't take much to make you happy does it Trudie?"

"No mum, not all! Who wouldn't be happy with finds like these?" Anyway of course we searched on and as soon as spotted this pattern among some Pyrex dishes it was tightly held in my hand, whilst I called out to mum, telling her I've always loved this pattern and have wanted to find one of these. Whilst further declaring it to be a great day shopping and she should come with me more often for good luck.
More excitement and rapture was displayed whilst I stumbled upon other finds, some I'll keep to show you all another day, but if you pop back to this mornings post you'll see a sweet Easter find that came in timely for a nice little Easter display on our entry buffet.

It's been a lovely week with having some thrigting time with my mum even though she gives me a hard time in a loving way of course, she's one of my biggest supporters in all that I do. She tries to keep and eye out to find things she thinks I might like, and sometimes between all the misses she points out some real winners.  

Happy Easter to all....

I hope your days today are free of chocolate comas and aching bellies of the overindulged.
But however you mark or celebrate this time of the year, I hope you are surrounding by the love and laughter of those that you hold dear.

Wishing you all big fluffy bunny love this Easter.

* our Easter display is entirely op shopped, except the chocolate and foliage which is from our garden.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

2014 Week 16: My Wednesday Style Collective....

Yesterday I had Lady Luck with me, my mum joined us for some op shopping and chit chat, and she must have bought good fortune with her because I picked up some awesome scores. Busy lives and commitments make it difficult to see my mum on a regular basis and with Cohen now in school opportunities are drastically reduced. But that's what school holidays are for right? Making plans, catching up and connecting.

Mum had wanted to do some op shopping so I surprised her with doing the rounds and showing her a few places she didn't know existed, as well as visiting a tucked away little gem that I recently became aware of and visited for the first time with mum.

We had a wonderful time, and she laughed at all the "old things" I was getting excited over. Mum busied herself spoiling the kids and buying them all manner of things of which some things are sure to drive me nuts. Mum if you're reading this, thanks very much, a certain toy may arrive on your doorstep in the dead of the night. Then who will be laughing? But jokes aside I guess that's partly a grandparents right to break the rules and drive their own child nuts, right?

For a day out adventuring with mum this what I wore. The glorious embroidered top is another gorgeous gift from Leisa, bless her heart she knows my vintage loving heart so well.
Vintage Embroidered Tunic - gift from Leisa
Skirt - op shopped
Shoes - retail
Vintage Tooled Leather Bag - op shopped as a Christmas present to myself a few years ago
Sunglasses - are prescription glasses and of course are retail
A gratuitous tooled bag pic, sorry I can't help it and I know you've all seen it before, but I can never get enough of looking at the back of this bag, I just adore it.  

Tell me, have you ever op shopped with your mum? Does she understand your love of vintage or does she think you're a little crazy?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What your kids will learn from being a collector.....

Were you a collector of things as a kid? Perhaps you have a child who is a collector? I think I might! Either way you answer, many of us did collect something as a child or now have a child who does. I personally went through many phases as a child collecting different things from pretty stationary papers, stickers, collector cards, stamps, candles and elephant figurines. I even op shopped as a young child and as a teen and picked up clothing scores. No one called a garment back then vintage, it was just described as being old and something ones grandmother wore.
If your child is a collector it's important to honour and respect their interest and enthusiasm. There are many things a child will learn that will assist in developing life skills through collecting, so it's worth supporting and encouraging their interest.

Children's interests in collecting things can be as wide and diverse as adults who collect. I asked a group of my mummy friends recently and these are just some of the things kids are collecting at the moment:

* Container Lids
* Handbags
* LaLa Loopsie Dolls
* Crystals, rocks and shells
* Animal figurines
* Pokemon Cards

Sometimes what a child collect makes no sense to us as an adult but whatever your child's interest in collecting are, they're learning many things as well as basic life skills. Very young collectors can start to learn and test basic math skills like sorting, sequencing, counting and grading, through collecting. Encouraging a young collector can engage them in being responsible and having responsibilities for arranging, managing and taking care of a personal collection, which can all have a knock-on effect to other areas of a child's life.
As children get older collections can give them focus, and assist them socially in forming friendships with like minded peers with similar interests. Collecting can also teach children to identify value and how to manage money. Many children who are collectors will often assign and manage money given for a special occasion or pocket money to add to collections or complete them.

At the end of the day whatever your child collects whether it be rocks and twigs or a collectible toy or anything else in between, it only benefits to encourage and validate your child's interests. If your child is a collector, one of the biggest steps you can take in showing your support to them is helping them find a defined space or area they can store or display their collections. 

By allowing your little collector to bloom, you're benefiting them now and into the future. Who knows you might have a cheeky kid watching your habits now, ready to put their hands out for some of your own collections when they're older. Encourage them now and they'll form great habits and life skills through your guidance and acceptance and things like tomorrows "vintage" will be in safe hands too.

Is your child a collector? Have they got their eye on your vintage?
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