Wednesday, April 1, 2015

{Kids} Style: Batgirl she can style her own world.....

There are no surprises that I love children's thrifted and vintage fashion, is there? No surprise I love my kids too right? Then there's probably no further surprise that I like to encourage my kids to explore their own fashion and style. I've posted before about encouraging children's individual style and how it's my firm belief that the leaders of tomorrow will come from today's children that dance to the beat of their own drum in all facets of life.

Sarah much like Cohen has her unique style choices emerging and it's interesting that some of her choices align with style choices I've made. Sarah recently came by this printed Batman comic long sleeve shirt, and commented that Cohen or Fraser may like it. But when I checked the size I told her it wouldn't fit either of the boys, but it would actually fit her. She smiled wide and giggled and asked if she could have it. Of course I let her have it and when I sent her to get dressed for the day yesterday 
this is the selection she surprised me with. 

Her entire outfit is thrifted and gifted.
Poses are all her own doing, she's quite a ham.

Sarah is a girly girl and loves pretty things, jewels, colour, fairies, orange and silver are her favourites, treasure, flowers, vintage and more. But she also likes animals and bugs, riding scooters, racing, playing practical jokes and superhero's. I love that at four years old she can mix these different sides of herself and express it in her own unique and quirky way through clothing choices.

What a wonderful reminder to give our children ample choice and chance to express themselves in whatever ways possible. Don't be afraid to let your little girl scope out the boys clothing when your clothes shopping, who knows what delightful expressive combination they will put together. We all know the world needs plenty of people who aren't afraid to rebel against stereotypes.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Collectorville Fair Sunday April 26th - Come join us...

We are exactly one month out today from Brisbane's Collectorville Fair in at Rocklea Showgrounds on Sunday 26th April.  My Vintage Childhood will be there once again with all things vintage that are childlike and to do with baby and children. From genuine vintage clothing, books, toys, and collectibles from the 1940's - 1980's we've got it covered.

We will be bringing vintage Disney collectibles as well as rare and valuable children's books too, not to mention children's records and decor, there will be something for everyone whether it's for your child or for the child or collector in YOU.

As always I love an opportunity to meet people face to face, so please let me know here or on social media if you think you'll be popping by I'd love to say hi and give you a squeeze.

Pop on over and like the Collectorville Fair Facebook page to excite yourself over the next month with pictures being posted frequently of stallholders who will be attending and their gorgeous vintage wares.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Style: Surprise the 80's weren't all that bad...

So often when eighties fashion is mentioned people cringe and suggest it's a whole era in fashion that should be erased from our memories and wardrobes. Granted there were some questionable trends, but the whole era certainly doesn't require being written off.

As most of you know I'm a lover of 1970's fashion and that has grown into loving the 1960's and these days I'm seeking out more 1950's fashion. But the 1980's stilled out pieces that are complimentary to modern day fashions and vintage lovers wardrobe as well.

This 1980's cotton frock with a graphic print has been seeing a lot of action recently with a surge of hot weather even though it's officially meant to be Autumn here. I love the button detail at the shoulder and is reminiscent of details you would see in 1950's clothing.

Dress: op shopped
Belt: op shopped
Brooch: Erstwilder gift from Ben
Wedges: retail

I'm sure many a non-vintage addict or lover one would be surprised that this 1980's frock and to that I would say:


The eighties had some surprises up it's sleeve and some of those surprises make there way into my wardrobe from time to time.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Expanding on the Children's Home Library on the Cheap......

Building and expanding on your children's at home library is without a doubt, something worthwhile investing in doing on a periodical basis and it shouldn't have to come at the cost of brand new books.

Young readers learn through repetition, and the reading of  well loved favourite stories over and over again as it gives them confidence. Therefore much loved and favoured stories and characters are always good to add to your child's/children's book collection.

But how and where can you find books cheaply or in other cases for nothing at all?

Hopefully the following list and suggestion will give you some new ideas or means to tracking down much loved titles for your at home collections and library.

* Op shops are an incredible inexpensive source for books, not only can you pick up books that are often next to new, but there are a wealth of old classics out there as well. Which are great to build lovely memories with your children sharing stories from your childhood as well.

* Investigate your local area and check on line for second hand book shops or antique book shops in your area, we have an incredible one here on the Gold Coast. These such shops have absolute treasure troves of books not to mention they often have bargain bins and also frequently buy good quality used books which could assist in funding the expansion of your children's at home library.

* Keeping with the op shops, if you live in Australia and are a Queensland resident the Lifeline Bookfest may come to town or region close to you. Check it out for thousands, upon thousands of used books all in the one place at an event.

* Many councils and libraries around the country have Friends of the Library groups, and generally these groups have book stores where they sell old library books to make way for updated or new material in the local library branches. Check your local directories.

* Try contacting a few friends and putting together a book swap morning tea. Where you bring along books you no longer want to swap for new titles to add to your at home collection. It could even be a swap for mums and bubs.

Brotherhood Books are online and based in Australia and deal with all sorts of books as well as collectible and rare books. They also take donations of unwanted books.

* Finally it goes without saying that car boot sales, garage sales, school fetes are more often opportunities to add to the home library on a fraction of retail costs as well.

Do you have any other secret or hidden tips for adding books to your children's home library on a budget? I often make the purchase of a book from the op shop as the children's treat when we've been out on a thrifting adventure, which is wonderful as it's an extension of the days fun to sit down later that night and read their new to them stories.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Melbourne: Sacred Heart Mission Tropical Tuesday Night.....

Oh how I love Melbourne, it's a one of my happy places to visit for a break. The great thing about Melbourne is there is always something to do, there's so much culture, vintage, coffee and shopping to be had. 

The lovely Communications Coordinator at Sacred Heart Mission, Marika knows how much I love op shopping, vintage and Melbourne and keeps me posted of upcoming events they are holding in hope that any planned travels align with their events.

Although I won't be in Melbourne for this upcoming event on Tuesday March 24th, I thought my readers in Melbourne would be interested to hear about Tropical Tuesday Night. Sacred Heart will be transforming their South Melbourne store into a tropical paradise and will have a themed bar serving fruit punch and light Mexican beer. They will also be feeding you up with will yummy food, dips and things on sticks.

Whilst checking out the racks and rails in store there will be sixties salsa tunes playing. On the racks and rails there will be a special collection of high end Australian and international label clothing, that has been anonymously donated over a three month period that will be on sale.  Sounds like a good excuse to a sticky beak don't you think?

The night is a chance for the South Melbourne team to say a great big thanks to their volunteers and regular customers and friends.

Income raised through Sacred Heart Mission op shops supports work with people experiencing homelessness and who are disadvantaged.

I'd love to be attending this event to be in Melbourne, so please, please if you're heading along please take pictures I'd love to hear about the night and all the fun you had.

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