Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Haul of Childlike Finds.....

Recently I received one of the most beautiful compliments about my stall and what I do when were trading at the Everything Deco to Retro Fair. I was told that I had something going on with what I do that was different to anyone else there and that I had lovely hand picked items that gave them warm feelings and memories about their childhood. They joked that they felt like they just wanted to stay and relax in my stall all day long.

I was extremely humbled by these comments whilst at the same time I felt assured that how I feel about what I do, is the the exact same feelings that are having. The comment above isn't the only comment I received over the three days of the fair, there were many others who smiled and sighed with happiness and retold stories of their childhood and upbringings, and simply thanked me for taking them emotionally and mentally to that place.

With all that I've said above I want to crack on and show off a whole array of "finds" that I'm restocking our Etsy store with while others are being set aside for our next fair date at the upcoming Collectorville Fair on September 6th, I've also got a special post lined up to give you all further details for Collectorville as well as to show you the finds I have in store for all the dads for Father's Day. Don't worry if you aren't a daddy, because if you're a "gamer", Thunderbird fan or a train enthusiasts you will NOT want to miss that post. So mummas, wives, girlfriends if your man sounds like one of these types of fellas, make sure you let him see that upcoming post.

I'm certain that these recent finds are going to be admired by others.

I adore this 1970's Woodcraft Gallery of Melbourne carving of a sweet boy playing the chello, but he won't be staying with me as he will be on offer. I have shown him some love and cleaned him up as he was rather dusty and I've given him some extra love with a good cabinetmakers cream wax.

Oh deer, lookie here. All are looking for new homes and will be venturing out to fairs to find a forever home.

Oh and these collectible creatures that hop.

Not to mention birds for our vintage loving bird girls.

Then we have these lovelies! I have many a doll collector pop by my stall at fairs, and these sweeties have all come my way this week plus others which I have had people eagerly champing at the bit for so some are already on their ways to new homes. But here are a few sweeties being added to shelves and coming on the road with me.

Finally a couple of sweet vintage Aboriginal art pieces depicting children, will be added to a little section for our upcoming displays, of uniquely Australian vintage children's items, books and toys.

I have loads of more exciting finds to show over coming days and weeks, so stay tuned.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Style: Brighten a Winters Day....

Often in winter there is a trend in mainstream and current fashion for darker, deeper, richer colours to be popular. I'm a winter lover and adore nothing more than playing with layers and textures and getting all cosy, but I still must have colour somewhere somehow to lift my outfit. Along with that I find colour and brightness to be such a big part in helping keep a postitive and happy outlook.

It seems that what I see as simple act of dressing for me brightens others day too, when strangers are compelled to tell me that my outfit has brighten their day and that it's nice to see colour. So if dressing for me acts as a public service to others even just one I'll take it.

This is exactly what I have worn today to do my grocery shopping with Fraser today, and we had a great time singing and pretending various grocery items were guitars. Sometimes you've got to act a little crazy with the kids to get through such every day but necessary tasks.

This whole outfit from top to to bottom is thrifted and gifted.

Red and Silver Fleck 1980s Top - Thrifted
Dark Brown Velvet Skirt - Gifted from Allison
Denim Vest - thrifted
Suede Ankle Boots - hand me downs from a friend
Accessories - thrifted except for my birdie Erstwidler necklace and Love Locket Necklace which are gifts from Ben

So glam it up, brighten it up and rock it out on your pretend guitar doing the groceries, you'll brighten your day and others.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Roundup of the Everything Deco to Retro Fair.....

Now that I have had a week after doing my latest fair, to find my feet and some organisation again I thought I'd share some pictures of my set up at the fair and a few feelings and insights of doing my first indoor and multi day fair.

Many of you will know that I have been a lot quieter on the blog in the last month. Ben, Cohen, Sarah and myself suffered a sever bout of bronchitis during the school holidays. Frustratingly our sickness and recovery ran right into preparations for the Everything Deco to Retro Fair. So with all that being said, time had to be taken offline in the last month to be ready and organised for my first three day fair. But with that all being said I go there in the end and even with less time than I had hoped and I'm pleased with my efforts.

All previous events, fairs and markets I have done until a week ago have been one dayers, so doing a three day fair was a whole different kettle of fish for me. But it's one I enjoyed thoroughly, as it gave me more time to finesse stall presentation and connect with buyers and other dealers.

I really enjoyed having a whole day to be able to set up, with all the kids in school and care, Ben took the day off and helped me with transporting everything and setting up. We get very little child free time together and it's fun having him around and supporting me as well as being my muscles.

Above was my stall an hour out from the doors opening on the Friday night, it was great having a larger stall site than what I usually take at one day fairs. The larger stall site allowed me to spread out and bring along some of my larger items.  The response to my stall over three days was wonderful, with comments about it being different from others because what I do with vintage children's stuff is specific and niche.

Many a fair goer, stopped and sighed hearing children's LP's playing whilst they reminisced over having the very same Patty Biscoe or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang LP. If a fair goer didn't walk away from my stall with a purchase they sure did walk away with a smile and a childhood memory recaptured.

It was wonderful to be visited by my fellow vintage loving blogging, social media friends as well as lovely customers and personal friends. Thank you to everyone who popped along and said hi and to new friends made. I hope we can all be catching up again real soon.

Our next fair date: Collectorville Fair at Rocklea Showgrounds, Brisbane on September 6th.  If I had previously told you I wasn't doing any fairs in August or September......things changed and we will be there. Come and say hi again!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

There is always vintage to be found.....

Do you ever hear others rumble and say that the "vintage" is running out and that it's getting harder to find things?

I never think the "vintage" is running out, I always believe if you think it's running out and can't find anything, you're needing to change your approach and where you're trying to find things. Take op shops for example they are only able to put out on their shelves and racks what comes in through in donations and it's not a factor they have control over.  So it's understandable that some op shops and areas may appear to go through a bit of a "vintage" drought as some like to call it. But regardless op shops are still are a great resource for adding thrifty pieces that compliment vintage collections and wardrobes.

I don't op shop as much as many would think certainly not anymore, as I tend to stumble across my finds in all manner of different places and ways. But about once a fortnight I'll duck into an op shop or two for a poke around.Sometimes it's more than two weeks between op shopping.

On Monday of this week I popped out to an op shop with the sole intention of buying some old towels or large cloths I could use for placing over our bird cages to protect our budgies from drafts with this crazy cold weather us Queenslanders have been having. Sidenote: My sweet Lady Penelope Farquhar passed away from suspected pneumonia.

But as one does, I had a poke around in all the nooks and crannies throughout the store and to my delight, came away with a happy little haul. Mostly all for me and for personal use, I'm rather delighted.

A suitable chunky soled and heeled pair of shoes which will mix in perfectly with my vintage wardrobe and stylings, they need a little TLC but for $2 I'm not concerned one bit. They aren't vintage, but with a size 9 foot, and where I live (at least) it's extremely rare to find genuine vintage shoes in my size.  So I think these will do well to play along in my wardrobe with different outfit combinations.

I also picked up a few handy bits and pieces which should be useful in a few weeks with this years ProBlogger conference coming up. I've started to plot and plan some outfits and the vintage BHS Fliligree Design Tights/Stockings are potentially are the extra little omph for an outfit I'm considering. I did pick up a vintage slip which is not picture but a vintage loving lady always needs more slips.  As for the two bangles, well I can never pass up a chance to add to my collection and to be able stack combos on my arms.  This years ProBloggers Friday night social networking event has a theme of "shine" so the clear and glittery shimmer of these two bangles could be a great addition to my outfit. Sidenote I'm still trying to workout and perfect outfit for the Friday night, because it is also my birthday so I'd like my outfit to be EPIC......but we will see what happens and what come up with or come by in the next three weeks.

I love the delicate fishnet appearance of these stockings.

I do have an epic find to show you at the end of this post, but before I do here are a few childlike finds which I heading to the stock room and our next fair in September.

Vintage Bunny Print Mug from Japan, Sweet Vintage Pram Toy and a Vintage Handmade Wooden Bunny with Cart......perfect for Easter celebrations and stylings.

Now finally the epic find! You know those moments when something catches your eye and is stashed behind a bunch of other things sitting in a corner in an op shop and covered by things and wrapped up something.  Well under some over hanging items I saw a print and it caught my eye and of course I investigated and to my vintage loving hearts delight. I found and of course scored this amazing vintage print roller blind.

I'm yet to decide if I will be using it around home, or for a prop for stall displays when doing fairs, markets and events or if it will be destined to find another forever home, but either way I couldn't pass it up. I will sit tight with it for awhile, while I contemplate my options.

So even when you think there is a drought of good finds in your local op shops don't forget to check every nook and cranny, look under things and in might be accidentally delighted in what you find.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Rainy Winters Day Mixed Tape....

If you're an Australian many of will know and have felt the results of crazy winter weather that hasn't been seen in a long time. Some say that Melbourne is boasting the coldest winter in twenty years, whilst inland regions between New South Wales up through and into South East Queensland have recently had snow.

The Gold Coast some of the coldest winters days in a long time, not to mention our share of torrential rain and sudden bursts of warmer midday temperatures than usual. It's certainly a time for us who are more use to warmer temperatures even in winter to be rugging up and for some us staying indoors even more and looking after our health.  We're certainly being cautious after such a horrendous bout of bronchitis for this family over the recent school holidays.

But despite the sickness (it's just one of those things), as far a I'm concerned there is still a very special delight in rainy wintry days, a time to quieten oneself, go a bit slower, enjoy leisurely indoor pursuits and fun. I love having friends over in winter or having cozy cold nights in with Ben when the kids are in bed, drinking red wine. There's just nothing quite like enjoying each others company and pottering quietly around with some tunes playing in the background and rain is falling.

Music is always a mood-setter isn't it? When it comes to a rainy wintry day I tend to like tunes with a big message, emotion or something to have me stop and contemplate. I don't know about you and what would be on your rainy wintry days mixed tape or play list. But I thought in preparation for the next dump of rain this winter I thought I'd share a few songs we enjoy and are rather defining of time we grew up in being in our late thirties.

Janie’s Got a Gun – Aerosmith
Wicked Games – Chris Isaak (yes strange when the video clip is on beach and hot)

Come as you are – Nirvana
Pleasure and Pain – Divinyls.........R.I.P Chrissy!!!!! The best women's Australian rock voice EVER!

Bat out of Hell – Meatloaf
Yellow – Coldplay
Never Tear Us Apart – INXS
Have You Ever Seen the Rain – Creedence Clearwater

My dear friend Helen Edwards at Recycled Interiors is one of my fellow winter loving friends, like me she's not one to be brought down by the change in season of weather and rejoices in the beauty and it's possibilities.  I asked Helen being a fellow winter and rainy day lover to tell me a few songs that are on her rainy wintry day play list.

Fields of Gold – Sting
Graceland – Paul Simon
The Horses- Daryl Braithwaite
Landslide- Stevie Knicks but the Dixie Chicks version
Hurricane – Bob Dylan

I love Helen's selection as it's much different to mine but all of the songs I have a significant connection to and have a message I take away from each one. I find that during winter I spend time in contemplation about many things........where I am, where we are as a family, how we are going and relating to one another and what messages we are giving our children.

I find that song lyrics can have different meanings to different people based on their relation to the world and where they are. Despite what a musical artists intention is with writing lyrics, I truly believe that it's the greatest compliment to an artist when lyrics can be interpreted in many ways and can transcend to serve or give comfort, solace, understanding, enjoyment or connection for someone in a myriad of ways.

I connect with this verse from Landslide:

Oh, mirror in the sky, what is love?
Can the child within my heart rise above?
Can I sail through the changing ocean tides?
Can I handle the seasons of my life?

I hear so many people make complaints about rainy and wintry weather and how it makes them miserable, or how they simply just hate it and it's boring and there's nothing to do. I have never felt that way and I put it all down to my upbringing and my mother's outlook about the seasons through the changing years. She has always rejoiced and embraced this type of weather and as I result I have always felt the same. When everyone else is moaning about the winter and the rain, I'm the one delighting in it, and finding comfort and connection with myself and my family with cozy leisurely pursuits.

What is on your rainy wintry day play list, are you one to worship the rain and the wintry weather or do you find something special in all the changing seasons of the year?

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