Friday, October 9, 2015

Shine Unique Link Up #4

It's been one month since launching the Shine Unique weekly link up and I'm forever grateful for those who are popping in to take a look and to the few who are participating. I really believe in what I'm trying to do here and giving a people a place to share their unique selves, as well as help others who want to find their own unique style.

I hate to talk blog stats but I know people are coming and checking out the Shine Unique Link Up post (they're a top performer since launching) and lots of other style posts are being clicked to as well. But we are only at this stage getting a few people each week participating in the link up. 

The idea of Shine Unique came to me this year through a series of different experiences, which I really want to go a bit deeper with sharing with you tonight! Some people may recall earlier this year I had a mother at afternoon school pick up announce very loudly in front of other parents that she hated how I dress. Without retelling the whole event in the this post again (you can catch here), it made me more determined to celebrate being unique even more and not just for myself.

You see as some of you know my Cohen has high functioning autism, he is very smart, very kind, creative child but has many little challenges we work with everyday and he feels his difference (his words not mine, I prefer unique) in a sea of other kids at school. I am thankful that when I got my school yard hate comment that it wasn't something Cohen heard or witnessed. I know he would have internalised those words and questioned things, even though he loves and celebrates how I dress and who I am, as I do him.

I want to celebrate YOU!

I am who I am, as is Cohen, but he is six years old and has so many years and experiences ahead of him where through social interaction will questioning his "difference". I'm so much further ahead in this journey than he is and I am his example and his soft place to fall somewhere he can be supported, as well as a place to be celebrated.

What I'm getting at is I want this to be YOUR place too, where you can celebrate yourself, unleash yourself, be unique, be wonderful........but most of all SHINE UNIQUE as only you can. I want you to know I will be your cheer squad, so if you're trying something new with your style.......I'll be shaking my pom poms for you. So please if you're dropping by on these Shine Unique Link Ups, leave a comment and or add a link and show yourself. Don't let others dull your shine or make you question your difference, by stepping up and SHINING you could be showing yourself as an example to someone big or small to honour who they are and embrace their unique self.......because it's ok!

Now just before we hop into this weeks link up, I want to celebrate Sarah once again from Zinc Moon, I could shop her wardrobe hundred times over and love her mix of current season pieces with impeccable vintage pieces easily. She shines bright, check her out and drop over and say hi, let her know she is rocking it and rocking at life.....she has an incredible story!!!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Style: At home and working with my girl.....

Yesterday was the start of term four with school going back after having two weeks with Cohen on holidays, so we were right back into our normal morning routines. I've also had Sarah on holidays and she's back off to this morning. With school, kindy and family day care all back into the full swing of things this week, my working weeks will regain some normalcy again until the end of the school year.

It's always a juggle with trying to run and build a business when it comes around to school holiday time, as I need to find different ways and times for getting things done.....because bottom line is if they're home they are the priority! They are only little for so long! So with Cohen back to school today and Fraser taking a random early nap, Sarah was my helper in getting some stuff sorted out in my office. I'm still working through a lot of stuff from my recent auction haul which happened during the school holidays, so it was good to get through more of it.

1970s Embroidered Top: Vintage Wishes
1970s Seer Sucker A-line Maxi Skirt (previously seen here): Kittys Vintage Kitsch
Belt: Op Shopped
Silver Bangles: Op Shopped
Barefoot and Pottering!

Sarah is wearing gifted denim shorts from family and a hand me down cotton floral blouse from a friend, to which she included a pink flower bead necklace to.

Sarah wanted stick  close to my side yesterday and was interested to flick through a mountain of books we have had just sorted through from the auction haul. She always asks to be photos with me if she happens to be home when I'm doing them. She was being a little mellow yesterday but wanted, to be in a photo but she wasn't going to budge from where you see her. So I just worked with it. Bloggers life huh? This is real life right here, just working with the situation and getting what I need to get done and including my girl in what I'm doing because that's what she wanted.

It's always sweet having her little chatter around me when I'm having to get things done. I also wanted to share this picture, because Sarah always likes to talk to all my stock toys, dolls and teddies and show them a little love and kindness when in my office. I don't let stock toys, dolls and teddies leave my office. So it's a special little place in here and it's kind of sweet that whilst they wait for new homes they are not being forgotten and being loved up with little visit from my girl!

Monday, October 5, 2015

4 Step NO SEW Hippy Fringe Top....

This is a great no sew style project that you can do either for yourself or with or for your daughter, niece, friend, sister or whoever you like which is a lot of fun and will help add a bit of a boho, hippy seventies feel to everyone's wardrobes.

If you have any tops or simple tunics/dresses made of t-shirt material that are little worn out at the hem this is a perfect project to up-cycle these items in your current wardrobe. Otherwise whatever appropriate item you have for this project made of t-shirt material, grab and you can get started and be done within ten minutes.

For this project I decided to turn one of Sarah's old dresses into a shirt, because it had become to short for as a dress and the sheer section at the hem was stained and hadn't improved with washing and soaking.What you need to do in 4 steps!

1. Cut your dress or top to the desired length you would like your top to sit at.                                                                                                                      

2. If you have your "model" handy like I did with Sarah ask them to put on the top and ask then to hold the dress like pictured to make it taut and a little easier to cut the vertical strips around the bottom circumference of the top. As for the length of the cuts for the strips, it's really up to you ours were about five inches.

3. Once you have finishing making your cuts all the around the bottom of the top, it's handy to pull on these strips to make the fabric curl a little bit for a better affect. They should look like this.

4. Final step and then you're done is to tie a simple single knot at the top of each strip, as shown and then you or your little one are free as birds to enjoy.

And Sarah has the finally words for the project! So enjoy and have fun getting your boho, fringe, hippy, seventies fix in less then ten minutes!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Shine Unique Link Up #3

Welcome to our third Shine Unique Link Up.

If you're wondering what Shine Unique is all about it, it's a link up and community for those who love vintage, thrifted, up-cycled, handmade fashion but even more for those who want to celebrate and or find their own unique style that makes them SHINE.

If you're frustrated at all the messages that fly around out there about what we should and should not be wearing and when we should be wearing it and with what and how! This is likely the place you need to be and linking into so we can all surround ourselves with a community of people who appreciate and celebrate the unique, the different, the quirky, the cool but most of all celebrate YOU!

In last weeks link up Leisa from Vintage Bird Girl shone in a vintage op shopped frock that she tweaked with taking up the hem. She says she nearly passed on the this dress but is glad she didn't. I'm glad she didn't either, because as Leisa does so well, she has styled it to perfection with her eclectic jewelry and vintage pieces! If you don't know Leisa yet, you really should she is the sweetest my stylish pea in the vintage loving interwebs as is someone I'm happy to call a friend!

Then there is Laurie from Happy As A Lark, who I have come across only this week from her linking up and I love her! What an awesome vintage patchwork skirt to be linking up with for the first time. It's awesome and her whole combination I would wear in a heartbeat. Thanks for dropping in Laurie and I hope to see more of your fabulous outfits and to have you joining in here with Shine Unique!

I can't wait to see what happens as the weeks go on with this weekly link up and there is the festive season coming so evening more occasions to dress up and be fabulous, unique and wonderful. If you have any questions about this weekly link up, please have a read of this post and if you have any question pop it in the comments below or shoot me and email.

And ready set go add your links for this week!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Style: They say I look French....

Our very dear friend Caroline is from New Caledonia and we have known her and her family for many, many years. Caroline and her husband are actually Sarah's godparents so they're like family in many ways.

As we are a close group of friends we are often invited to family celebrations for birthdays and as a result are very familiar with Caroline's parents, grandparents and relatives all of which are  French from New Caledonia.

We were all recently together for birthday celebrations for Caroline's sons birthday, and once again as I am so often told and reminded by Caroline's family apparently I look French and act French. I always laugh because I wouldn't know what it is precisely that I'm actually doing to make them think that, but apparently I also look like a relative in the family from the way I dress, look and act. So perhaps I do act French!!!!!

1980's Red and White Polka Dot Skirt :: Hand me down from Caroline (also seen here in my pregnancy style)
Blue and White Striped Tank Top :: Retail sale buy
Belt :: Op Shopped
1970's Red, White & Blue Head Scarf :: op shopped
Erstwilder Bird Necklace :: gift from Ben
Gold Sandals :: Retail sale buy

I wore the above outfit for birthday celebrations for Caroline's son and was told that I was looking very French once again. The skirt is actually a part of a two piece set that was once Caroline's that she had thrifted on an op shop outing and then passed it on to me after she had her time with it.  The skirt is now a staple in my wardrobe in summer.
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