My Vintage Childhood

My Vintage Childhood: August 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The best vintage wool granny blanket with the cutest baby ever....

Because she is mine and because she is just so darn cute, I just had to share this with you all. My wee Sarah all cuddly with a new find this week. We are both so in love with this granny blanket.

How could you not smile? Look at those yummy colours and look at that sweet girl! 

It truly is one of the nicest granny blankets I have seen in the longest of times this one has found a home here, it's not going anywhere.

Remember your vintage granny blankets and other wool items need a little extra love and care when it comes to washing. If you're looking for tips, we've got a little bit of info here to help you. 

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Friday, August 19, 2011

The $20 Op Shop and Thrift Challenge...

I set the challenge a little later in the week for this weeks Funky Finds Friday, but hopefully it was an easy challenge. It was certainly an easy one for me in as much as I had one very short trip out to op this week and scored all my finds at the one place Salvation Army Molendinar. It was one of those trips where you throw a whole bunch of things in the basket and then think you might need to do a cull at the register. To my surprise when I got to the register I was bang on for the challenge.

1. The most deliciously beautiful vintage tablecloth one of those beautiful soft ones like chenille that will go straight from the wash to the line, to the table without an iron. 2. Brown woven bag, it's big and has an internal drawstring section to protect your goodies from falling out. 3. Navy patterned vintage dress (close up pic below). 4. Vintage black and white stripe pleat skirt. 5 & 6. Are 2 old school green and white check place mats and a collection of lovely dollies (close up pic below).....both the place mats and dollies will be upcycled into clutch handbags.

The dress pattern has yellow dots in it, and I'm thinking a nice yellow camisole poking through underneath with a few buttons undone and some canary yellow pumps and this is going to be a to die for number.

Loving this little collection and I can't wait to use them for accents on the clutch handbags I mentioned above. 

So how did everyone else go this week with their op shopping and thrifting adventures did you stay on budget? What did you score, post a comment and link and share. Whilst you're at it let me know what kind of thrifting adventures we should be on next week, what are we going to search for?


Friday, August 5, 2011

For the Love of Vintage Handmade Knit Clothing.....

There is just something about knitted and crochet clothing. 

I have always had an attraction to these type of pieces in my wardrobe from my earliest and youngest days op shopping. I can't help myself when I flick through clothing racks and I spot a little woolen number, I always pull it out for a full and thorough look. 

Perhaps my love for handmade woolen pieces come from my childhood comfort of my crocheted baby blanket (which I admittedly still possess and find comfort in). Maybe it's the appreciation I have for  the love, time and effort that has gone into crafting such an item. 

Well perhaps it's a sum of both of these and more, but all I know is I don't possess the ability to craft an item like this myself, but I wish I did.

If you have a love for vintage wool and knitted items it's important that you know how to properly care for such items, otherwise your the life of such items will be reduced and you will be left wondering what happened.

For a how to and tips on vintage and wool care laundering check out this post.

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