My Vintage Childhood

My Vintage Childhood: November 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

From Thrifted Placemats to Stylish Clutch Bags & Upcycled Accessories.....

Some of my very first followers back in the day on Facebook might remember the days that I used to upcycle vintage placemats into unique one of kind clutch hand bags. Well I'm back at it again and working on some designs and will be selling them at up coming Suitcase Rummages.

Here is a clutch I finished this morning all elements (except the press stud closure) have been thrifted. A perfect size for a few ladies essentials for a fun day or night out. 

I've also been working on some other upcycled accessories, all with thrifted items. 

It's been a nice morning here with Sarah in the studio with me, she has been crawling around and pulling out my fabric and trimmings and having fun, maybe she is looking for inspiration.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thrifty & Vintage Finds.....

Another busy weekend had and nearly over. We caught up with friends Friday night, which resulted in a late one for the kids and then we backed it up again with another late one last night for a friends farewell. In our infinite wisdom, we decided to hit a local car boot sale for a walk around early this morning. 

There were lots of older sellers out today selling quite a bit of vintage stuff, but slightly on the expensive side. There wasn't much at all in the way of vintage clothing, so there were no scores in that department today.

However I did pick up these lovely vintage linens, which I'm adding to my decorating stash for when I do Sarah's room. In actual fact I got two of each of these floral and the green sheets and they are big enough for our bed. 

During this week I also managed to score these two vintage children's pieces. I'm loving the little sailor girl number.


Friday, November 11, 2011

Vintage Style Hack for Breastfeeding Mums.....

Since becoming a mum I have found it hard sometimes to wear my vintage pieces for a variety of reasons other vintage loving mums will understand. On occasions some vintage piece aren't appropriate to wear with the kids, especially when breast feeding. Unless I have a button down or zip down front top or dress, I really don't want to have get out or half undress to feed bub. On other occasions I worry about getting pieces marked or ruined with grubby hands.

So with that being said I have been on a mission to fill a gap in my wardrobe so with pieces that are still true to my vintage love and stylings.

Today was the day for wearing a apron as a top with a singlet underneath for a bit more modesty. 

Wearing :: 
  • Apron I bought from the fair to wear as a top.
  • Denim shorts, hand me downs from a friend.
  • Hoops earrings, had them for ever.
  • Plastic bangle, from a mystery box purchase I made years ago.
  • Shoes which you can't quite see are espadrilles thrifted early this year for $4 I think.

I must say wearing an apron as a top, especially for a breast feeding mum like myself,  is such a great idea. I have pockets in front and the apron can help me feed a little more descretly.

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Roundup of Vintage Clothing from Lifeline $2 Clothing Sale.....

Sarah and I were up and at it early to join the hoards of people at the Lifeline $2 Clothing Sale. With Sarah in the baby carrier she promptly dozed off snuggled into me, so I was lucky to enjoy cuddles with my girl whilst I rummaged through tonnes and tonnes of clothing.

I came home with in excess of fifty items all at two dollars each, some vintage, some quirky, some funky pieces and some current labels, all in all a little bit of everything. Here is a round up of some of my favourite vintage pieces I scored.

Hello sunshine....check out that skirt huh? The skirt is a 1980's Katies Fashion label. Who didn't have one of these skirts crinkly fabric skirts back in the day. I love it, it's high waisted, bright and beautiful and never worn. Then there is the Black Sabbath shirt what can? Every vintage collection needs some old music bands t-shirts don't they? I was lucky enough to nab a few cool old tees. 

So there you go a small taste of my finds. Other finds were quirky printed blouses and dresses, more high waisted skirts, vintage baby and children and heaps more. Oh and some sweet vintage sleep wear........which really should be given new homes and lives and be donned outside the bedroom. 

If you'd like some great tips and insight to making the most of getting along to a Lifeline $2 Clothing Sale, check out this post

Friday, November 4, 2011

Top Tips for Buying at Lifeline $2 Clothing Sales.....

If you've never made it along to a Lifeline $2 Clothing Sale there are a few things you will want to know to expect. Firstly this isn't just any sale, it's a monster sale that happens twice each year and it is complete madness. Literally tonnes and tonnes of clothing are waded through by mad keen thrifters and fashionistas along with those who just love a bargain. 

You have a chance of finding anything from a vintage gems to designer threads and everything else in between. To score yourself some great pieces you need be prepared because you're going to up against a lot of competition with the masses that head along. However it's great fun to get in there and rummage around and see what luck you have. 
  • Get along and be there for when the doors open and make sure you're already fuelled up on a good breakfast you won't want to break for a snack with some many others doing the same.
  • Wear clothing that will keep you cool as it gets hot rubbing shoulders with all those people. Also consider wearing items that are easy for you to try clothing on over the top. There are a few change rooms available, but once again unless you want to join that line up you're better off trying pieces on over something else you're already wearing. 
  • Take a market trolley or large bag that you can pop anything you're remotely interested in so that you can fill it up and take a break I do mini cull and edits of what will be keeper. If you don't take a trolley or bag you will be struggling carrying it all in your arms.

Picture of May 2011 sale source.

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