Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm moving out....

To the garage.
Yesterday afternoon, we acquired this ginormous desk from my bestie over at Things I Do. Would you believe she had two of these? So we have done a swapsie with some other furniture for this said desk.

So last night the Big V set about taking down all the shelves you see behind the desk that are loaded with his manly stuff. He drilled, he banged, he dragged, he grunted.......I kind of sense there should be some sort of Helga like saucy statement inserted in here, but I ain't that quick witted this evening.

In fact the Big V was home early from work today and he basically walked in the door and straight out into the garage to get into more hot and heavy work, reorganising the other walls of the garage so that I will have good quarter of the garage as my new space to get my craft on, so to speak.

As you can see that man of mine, has been busy. Now pay no attention to the desk just yet I'm not organised the way I want. I got eager and started dumping things from the office in here, as I wanted to get a feel for what sort of storage ideas and containers and so forth I might need.

Oh and I probably should add that I got distracted along the way and thought I should work on a quick little project I saw a tutorial for last week. I will show you said little project in another post, as it has now sparked off what I believe to be the most inspired and brilliant idea for my next suitcase renovation. To be honest, I was getting so excited by my own brilliance I was asking the Big V to give me high which he was offering me a chuckle and a half assed high five, he acts like this because my over exuberance offends sometimes I think.

So there you have it, I've got a lot of work to do to get fully organised out there in the garage and I also have a bookshelf being moved in there too, so have more storage space. Thennnn when that is all sorted, I have my other portion of the office I'm still taking up to sort out and make more space efficient. The Big V must really love me to be sharing his space with wardrobes, racks and containers of vintage clothing and collectibles, waiting for us to be ready to get into markets etc.

To my Big V, I know you're unlikely to read this but if you do, thank you baby for helping make transitions to my dreams a reality. Thank you for your belief and support and I look forward to having you as my apprentice with this venture of mine.


  1. Wow! Nice desk! Hehehe!! Look forward to seeing it all organised and beautiful! xxx

  2. Great work space - can't wait to see more photos of you in full production mode!

    Have fun

    Dee x

  3. It looks very promising so far, good luck getting it all organised. x

  4. You lucky thing, what a great work space. All that desk space, I think I need a bigger work table now.

  5. That looks like it's going to be a fab work/creative space! Wishing you all good things in 2012. Big hugs, Em xx


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