Monday, March 26, 2012

Tie a Big Bow with a Lightweight Scarf.....

It is the perfect weather with the change of season to be picking up pretty scarves on your thrifting adventures. I have a huge collection of scarves, vintage ones, silk ones, cotton ones, chiffon ones, woolen wintry ones, I have all sorts.

Great big long rectangle scarves are perfect for busting out some bows and adding some oomph with a brooch.

If you have some nice big lightweight scarves that you'd like to bust out a bow with, its is super simplr. It's as easy as tying up shoe laces. Once you've done just that you then need to puff out your bow out and then you're free to dress it up or down with brooches and bling.

Brooch: Vintage Sarah Coventry brooch that was my late grandmothers.


  1. That looks so cute. I just bought an outfit from Kitten d'Amour on the weekend called Bows and Ribbons. Rachel x

  2. Lovely idea - I have millions of scarves too! Sarah xxx

  3. This is a beautiful photo of you Trudie, and a great new look to your blog - nice and bright!

  4. Looks gorgeous, great way to update an outfit! Love your glasses and your inherited brooch! x

  5. What a good idea! I have a drawer full of scarves too... xx


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