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My Vintage Childhood: April 2012

Friday, April 27, 2012

A Guest Post and a Vintage Affair with Helga Von Trollop.....

Thank you to everyone who visited and commented on the first post in "A Vintage Affair" series a fortnight ago. Here we are again with another instalment and it's whooper and you're going to love it. I was so thrilled when I approached the ever fabulous Helga to participate in the series and she said YES. She is the epitome of wearing what you love, how you want to wear it and rocking it and saying stuff the trends just be you.

Helga in an inspiration, so enjoy.

When did your love of vintage start?
Most likely when I was very young, watching old,old movies with my Mama on Sundays! I just loved the beautiful frocks the ladies wore, and how intricate their outfits were, so many wonderful details!

What is it about vintage/thrifted pieces that sends your heart a flutter?
Thinking about who wore it and to what occasion!
How unlikely it is that I'll see anyone else wearing it!

What's your vintage love affair for, clothing, home wares, art etc? Why?
When it comes to my home, I like a combination of 60's/70's pieces and Indian/Mexican colours! I like to travel, and I like old stuff, and I like simplicity in the home! Generally I think I'm mostly drawn to the 60's, but love all eras of clothing and art, really, but for home wares I'm most drawn to the 60's and 70's.

Do you remember your first big vintage purchase/acquisition?
My most significant first vintage purchase was an Edwardian velvet coat in the mid/late 80's; significant because I think I paid about $100, which was-and still is-a lot of money for me!
I still have it, tucked into a vintage suitcase somewhere, but it's pretty tattered.I wore it constantly during my goth years.....

Is it all about vintage for you or do you like to mash up with current trends? How?
I'm pretty pragmatic by nature and like to mix it all up, but unless I find something in an opshop that is "current" I'm not likely to be on trend!

Favourite collections? Why?
Probably my handbags!
I like things that are useful!

Do you use your collections? When?
I use them frequently; I'm not into saving things for "good"! Every day is a special occasion!

Favourite era? Why?
I love them ALL, to chose one seems like sacrilege, but most likely the 60's as to clothes to wear, and Edwardian as to clothes to admire!

What's on your vintage/thrifted wish list?
The ultimate leopard faux fur coat. I have never been lucky enough to find one! It's most vexing!

Is price an object when you find a piece to swoon over?
Yes! I have a mortgage, and don't especially like being in debt, so I can't afford to pay huge amounts!
I adore opshopping because I get more "bang for my buck"!
Who are your vintage fashion gods and goddess?

How long have you got?!
But particularly-Mrs Slocombe, Mildred Roper, Frida Kahlo, Carmen Miranda, many old film stars like Sophia Loren,Brigitte Bardot, Gina Lollobrigida, glam rock fashion inspirations run far and wide!

Do you only wear vintage/ thrifted?
Yes, except for most tights and underwear, and occasionally I buy new shoes on sale.

How often would you wear a vintage or thrifted piece?
Every day.

If you were going to be buried in one of your vintage frocks, which one would it be and why?
If I happen to die thin, it would be a late 60's black hostess frock a friend gave me once, that had belonged to an aunt of hers.It has faux jewels encrusted under the bodice and is extremely low cut. It has never made an appearance on my blog as it hasn't fitted me in a very long time, but when it did...OOOO LA LA!

If you were going to be buried with one treasured vintage possession what would it be?
My G, should he die at the same time!!!
Otherwise I'd rather leave it all for someone else to enjoy!

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Highlights From My First Suitcase Rummage Market......

Yesterday as many of you know I headed off on my first venture into the market scene. I was a stall holder at the Suitcase Rummage on the Gold Coast which was a joint presentation of an event with Rabbit and Cocoon in Miami.

I have to be honest and say that I was a tad nervous on the way to the event which is unlike me, but any nerves I did have quickly disappeared as soon as was able to get busy with setting up.

I was so surprised and delighted that the stall holder who set up next to me, was a seller I had actually met before when I went to a rummage in Brisbane earlier in the year. It certainly helped to pass time having someone to talk to and watch over my site when I needs to take a quick break.

I'm pleased to report that ten minutes into the official start time of the market I made my first sale it was a boost to the confidence and I then had my next sale not long after and I got a "tip". Thank you ginger haired man on your aqua and yellow race bike with your handle bar mustache, twisted to points.

One of the gorgeous highlights of the day was to meet Laura from Kit and Nancy, it's always cool to meet fellow bloggers face to face. But for it also to be such a sweet lover of vintage things, it really was extra cool indeed to meet. I'm so chuffed you found some treasures among my collections.

By all reports from regular stall holders it was a quiet rummage, but a trial at a different location and a collaboration with another event organiser is expected to throw different results. I'm not perturbed by these reports as I'm just happy to have my first one under my belt and the fact I made a profit, so I'm happy.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Another Vintage Tooled Leather Bag added to the Collection.....

My thrifting trips have been somewhat scaled back in the last month, with illness, Easter and other commitments. But you can't keep this vintage loving mumma down long, because I get an itch and I just need a fix.

Earlier this week I had plans with some local blogger and at the last minute they fell through. The kids and I were all hyped and ready for our plans and an outing, so I had to do a quick rethink, and of course a bit of op shopping was in order. I called my mum, told her I was picking her up on the way and then we would have morning tea back at mum and dad's place afterwards.

Among a few other things I'm rather pleased to adding a another tooled bag to my collection.

I'm not all that certain that this has any considerable vintage years behind it, a few signs point yes, as well as the smell but a few points leave me doubting. Nonetheless I'm not concerned as I'm particularly fond of the bag, its style and colours. Sometimes you just can't pass something up that you know is really "you". So the bag spoke to me, and home it came.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cleaning Vintage Wool Cardigans and Clothing.....

I'm pretty familiar with washing handmade vintage items made of wool. If you're not familiar with the care that wool items require you can be left wondering why your woolen or knitted items don't last, are destroyed, shrink or are felted.

For those unfamiliar with genuine wool items it is easy to fall into the trap of assuming that machine washing woolen items like everyday pieces would be okay.

What you should know about laundry vintage woolen items!

First up, be prepared to get your hands wet, you're going to be hand washing.

There are many products I have on hand for cleaning and restoring vintage items, but when it comes to vintage woolen items the main two products I have on hand are:

  • Earth Choice Woolen & Delicates Eucalyptus Wash
  • Goanna Eucalyptus Oil 

Step One

Using the laundry tun or plastic container, fill with enough warm (not hot) water to cover the garment/item you're going to wash. In the warm water dilute 20-30ml of wool wash liquid.

Place the woolen item/garment into the water carefully. Basically you want to let it soak, be careful not to agitate the garment in the water too much, as it will ware away at the fibers and can also cause felting. You can step away and let it have a good ole soak for a few hours and overnight if necessary.

Step Two

After a good soak, drain the water out of the tub/container. Lift the garment in a bundle so the woolen fibers aren't stretched and place the item into a colander or strainer of some description. Then run warm water through the garment in the colander. You can press down gently on the garment to help this process to remove the detergent/wash and repeat if necessary.

Step Three

Again let garment drip and drain in a colander, once again you can press down lightly to help expel the excess water. Once it has had a good drip dry, lift the garment in a bundle on to a clean dry towel that you have laid out (I double my towels up for more absorbency).

Step Four

Spread your garment out gently on the towel and proceed to roll your garment up in the towel as seen in the example above. Apply gently but even pressure whilst rolling to help the initial drying process and explosion of excess fluid . 

Repeat process if necessary. 

Step Five

With another clean towel lay the laundered garment/item flat in the sun to dry.

Further Note

Stubborn stains often improve with a good sunning. If you've followed the above process and allowed your garment or item a good sunning to assist with stain removal you can try some straight Eucalyptus Oil on stubborn spots by dabbing gently.

Final Care Notes after Laundering

When storing your woolen items, never put them on a hanger. Remember to always fold them and have them on a shelf or in a drawer, this will give your garment longevity by not stretching the fibers your item from the weight of the garment or piece. 

ETA: full disclosure the above products are just products I use and love there has been no payment or product received for this post.