Friday, November 9, 2012

Hair that's all chicky, chicky, chicky, chang, chang.....

So I annoyed you all with my hair dribbles and woes the other week. I carried on about how I wanted to grow it and have all this awesome confidence to style it in beautiful ways with ease. The honest truth is that I really did want that, but somewhere between then and yesterday, the "I feel crappy with my hair and it's doing nothing or me" vibes set in. Which saw my fingers move at lightening speed and a text message was sent to my dear friend and hairdresser, and before you I knew it this occurred.

I'm really happy with it, and I popped into my favourite op shop this morning to be told by my favourite volunteer that she loved my hair and she used to have hers styled very similar in the day. She elaborated and said in the day she/they called it a chicky, chicky, chang, chang cut. The artist of course she was referring to was Dinah Lee and the 1964 song "Do the Bluebeat".
So I am now the chicky, chicky, chang, chang girl.

The tale of hair woes is officially over and this mumma has got get to it and get her chicky, chicky, chang, chang moves on as I have my first date night with Ben in nearly two years, a friend is watching the kids for us.

The bank balance is low this week, so it might be a fish and chips and a light stroll sort of evening.


  1. Love it! Dinah Lee was a happening chick, just like you x x

  2. Chicky chang!!! You look awesome! Very dinah Lee...

  3. Wow, you look incredible! I'm glad you followed your instincts, if I looked half as fab as you with short hair I'd love to cut it off! x

  4. Fabulous hair cut! Definitely the right decision. xxx

  5. well hell-ooo Lindy!!! Only kidding, it's much better.xx.

  6. More like chicka chicka boom boom! You look great Trudie.



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