Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Wednesday Style Collective....

Last Friday night the Big V and I had a date night the first in nearly two years. We were unsure until a few hours beforehand what we were going to do. But like the good wife that I am, I suggested putt putt golf to the Big V, at a local golf course that has had millions of dollars spent in revamps and we were set.

Unfortunately rain started within moments of us arriving at the golf course and the restaurant was closed for a wedding. So we headed to a local football club instead for drinks, nibbles and uninterrupted conversation. This is what I wore, excuse the pic but I only remembered an outfit pic as we were leaving.

1970's embroided and crochet cotton blouse - sweet Nelly gifted it to me
Jeans - discount retail outlet
Nude Wedges - Retail
Bag - a gift from the in-laws

I don't have a second outfit this week, but you know what I do have? An AH-HA moment from Friday night. Sitting in a lounge area at the club Friday night whilst the Big V arranged drinks and food, I realised and understood why I get looked at. I'm different from the crowd I'm not like all the other girls and women out and about. I am very much against the norm and trend of any look that is popular here.

Conclusion, is that at the end the day I don't mind at all. I'm happy being me, being true and unique to my style and that I've got the confidence to not give a hoot about trends. Who would of thunk that this outfit which isn't pushing any vintage styling boundaries (for want if a better choice of words) is an eye-opener to some.


  1. So what if you are different? If we were all the same it would be one boring place! Love the top too! xx

  2. Its good to be happy with who you are, for some of us, its a long journey. The crochet top is so lovely.

  3. That top's perfect with the denim. Here's to more nights out! x

  4. Yes I must agree you're not very Gold Coast, but then who'd want to be like them? Coz that's just scary, isn't it.xx.

  5. Love that you got to go on a date night - I love date nights, even now that our baby is all grown up !!
    I never worry about what people think about what I am wearing - so long as I am comfortable, I don't give a rats !!
    Have the best day !

  6. I agree with are WAY more stylish then most girls on the GC in their chain store uniforms. You look gorgeous. I'm sure people only stare at you because of your beauty & unique style, which they probably envy. That top is divine. AND you hair looks AMAZING!!! Yay for date night! Xx

  7. Your blouse is absolutely adorable. I love the details so much. What a beautiful outfit for a date night.

  8. Love that top. You look great.

    Yes - I never had a problem with being different. I sometimes attempted to be fashionable but failed. I always felt out of my comfort zone. Thank goodness I found op shopping when I was a teenager, and my Mum's stash of old dresses in the loft!

  9. ADORABLE date outfit. Actually, you're just adorable. Period. On being different: the quirkier the better. I gravitate to people who dare to be themselves. And I always get stares because I bring my SLR everywhere and do weird things like stand on tables to get perfect shots ;D haha.


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