Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Wednesday Style Collective.....

Last Friday Master V was up early and whilst Little V was still dozing, he pottered around with me on our bedroom whilst I put some clothes away. I then mentioned I better get dressed before his sister woke, that was all he needed to hear and took the reins on helping style my outfit for the day. He promptly pulled out my fav purple maxi skirt and said: "Mummy you should wear this today ok?"

Not wanting to crush his enthusiasm, I ran with things and I chose a simple white tank to wear with the skirt and then next we were together in my accessories drawer selecting pieces. He choose the beads, I choose my interlinking knitting needle bangles, he choose my pink bangle and we both agreed on my brooch. It was a team effort and he even tried to help buckle up my pink sandals. Bless that boy, goodness I love him. He was thrilled that he had helped me and I was wearing his selections with pride. It's interesting to see things through a child's eye, even the possibilities in your own wardrobe, they have no prejudices. I might invite him to help me more and see what combos he/we come up with.
Trying out a new photo location and backdrops. Thoughts?
Skirt - gifted from an old workmate
White Tank - Retail budget buy
Beads, Brooch and Pink Bangle - Op Shopped
Knitting Needle Bangles made by me

In other stylings this week I pulled out this dress number that I gave an outing over autumn/winter for another run to see if my feelings towards it had changed. Indeed they have, this time minus a leggings and and a long sleeve cardi but instead with a light crop knit bolero style cardi and a brooch. Ahhh yes a lot better, she's a keeper at least for now.
Dress - Op Shopped
Cardi - gifted/hand me down
Shoes - Retail
Tape Measure Brooch - made by me

Do your kids ever have anything say about your outfits or suggestions? Would you be game to invite them to style an outfit for you?


  1. I love both those outfits ! My child never really helped me choose clothes - not much choice - black with red or white was pretty much my wardrobe. I do often help her though - she is 20yo and sometimes her sense of what suits her and what doesn't isn't quite there !! LOL
    Have the best day !

  2. That brooch is amazing! What a fab find :)

  3. The boy done good! You know I love that ditsy maxi! x


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