Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas spirit....

It was the first of December for us here on Saturday and like many other families I know we marked a part of our day with putting up the Christmas Tree. It was lovely having the kids both so much more involved in the decorating of the tree. Cohen is rather smitten with my retro Christmas decorations

I want to share a little something with you all and need to back track to Friday to tell you that on Friday morning I ventured to my favourite op shop as I often do, with my little people in tow. Some of the volunteers there have become dear friends, and Friday morning I was very moved to be gifted this 1950's Dutch Christmas Wreath from my dear friend and her husband. They're in their 60's and 80's respectfully and it was given to me with such heartfelt words, tears in their eyes and hugs. It's an an to be such a family piece from their lives and for that I am grateful and feel very blessed.

Then just like that there's Christmas spirit in the air. Simple heartfelt kind words. It's not about the big shiny boxes is it? It's about moments and honours like these!


  1. How lovely Trudie. It's gorgeous to boot. I remember we had one of those fuzzy felt on plastic santas. Mum brought it out every year but it was a larger one that stood on one leg on the china cabinet. Gorgeous decorations!

    Anne xx

  2. What a gorgeous gift Trudie, no wonder it brought a tear to your eye. I know I would have! It's gifts like that, that remind you of what Christmas is really all about xx ps I love the vintage decorations too, I've kept some of the ones I got given as a child, so they're prolly bordering on vintage!


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