Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Has your blog defaulted to mobile mode?

Do you use a mobile device like an iPad or smart phone to check in on your blog or others. Have you realised that your blog and others have defaulted to viewing automatically when you're on a mobile device like an iPad. Is your screen or others looking like this?

Rather than how it looks normally, like this.

I don't know about you but when I'm using my iPad I still much prefer to check in on my blog and others and view it the same to how I would see it when on my personal computer. I hate mobile mode, and the fact that I can't see mine or others sidebars. It would certainly have to be a concern for those who have sidebar advertising offered on their blogs and wanting to deliver the best exposure and results to their sponsors. So if like me you hate mobile mode and or you have concerns that others are missing out everything else that is wonderful on your sidebars, here is how to take your blog off the defaulted mobile mode.

Before I get started if you follow these steps this will only change how you view your blog, but hopefully other bloggers will gradually adjust theirs and you'll be back to viewing blogs in your preferred normal mode.

First go to the dashboard of the blog you're wanting to change over, click on template.

You'll come to this screen.

Click on the cog under the mobile option on the right and click no and save. You're then good to go and your blog is back to being viewed in the normal mode you would view on your personal computer or laptop.

I should thank Cate from Life Behind the Purple Door for being the ever so enlighten and savvy one to direct me out of this issue. Please pop on over and say hi and thanks to her.


  1. Thanks for this, Trudie, it's been puzzling and annoying me in equal measure! Off to sort it right now! xx

  2. These are really handy instructions. More people are accessing the web through mobile devices such as their iPods or smartphones and it cuts off a portion of certain sites.


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