Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Style has gone AWOL......

Dramatic post title but I had to get your attention. It's that time if the year with Christmas and New Years looming, things tend to get busy and little off schedule. In this space today you're meant to be seeing My Wednesday Style Collective post. First up it hasn't been bumped in lieu of this ramble, truth is the post was ready to go and when I went to merge pics into the draft, for some impossible reason for me to understand the pics are grainy, unclear and dark. It makes no sense as they certainly didn't look like that when I checked them on my digital camera. It's a shame because I had the loveliest new to me dress to show off that was gifted to me by gorgeous Leisa.

So I'm left to ponder what the hell is going on with my camera, and if in fact it is my said camera, I'll need to sort out a replacement. SANTA are you listening? So there could be more iPhone photography going on for the moment, that kind of makes outfit pics difficult and the only budding assistant I have around during the day is a three and half year old who thinks there are other things to do with my iPhone.

So I figure since we are about to start heading into the week before Christmas at the end of this week, I think it's as good a time as any to let the blog and me go into holiday mode a little. What that means is that with many days and evenings filled or filling up with pre-Christmas commitments, I may post a little less over the holiday period. If I'm here though I'm likely to be sharing festive shenanigans and shelve some exciting posts for the new year.

I do have a few little things lined up on the blog front though with posts and some guest bloggers popping in, so there will still most definitely be things happening here. It's just time now to start relaxing and enjoying the time ahead, having fun, being silly, reflecting on the year and not being so serious.

If you see Santa can you let him know I need to speak to him about a camera?


  1. That happened to me once- turned out to be a fingerprint on the lens!

  2. Good luck with your camera. Even better, I hope Santa IS listening. That'd make a nice present for you. Got that Santa. Haha. I love your style and hope your collective posts return soon.

  3. Have you used Picmonkey? There's an "Auto Adjust" setting in the basic edits that you could try or different options to adjust the colours, best of all it's free! x

  4. Hi Trudie I just found your blog via Cass Can Sew - I've caught up on quite a few posts on this and your other blog. I'll be following you here as I love your style and your openness. I love vintage too and I blog about my finds and my family and my fabric stash - pop over and have a read if you like! Take care & I hope you have a lovely Christmas. Rachel x


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