Monday, December 17, 2012

The sick little poppet and the garage sale that saved Christmas.....

What's been going on in the last week? How was your weekend? Mine turned into many things I had not planned on it being, but it's okay. When you've got kids things can change quickly. Little V has been unwell, battling continuous high temperatures for several days last week. We've had a break from the high temps, but it appears she may be becoming unwell again.
A tempy Little V and Master V just being quiet and sweet.

I haven't had any opportunity to thrift in the last two weeks, what with the family reunion and then this past weeks woes with Little V. However we did manage to put together a garage sale here at home yesterday to clear out some stuff before Christmas. We are super stoked that we cleared pretty much all our big ticket stuff we wanted to get rid of and made a pretty packet that will make Christmas a little more sweet.

The week ahead now as we go into Christmas Day will be filled with Christmas shopping, gatherings, Christmas lights, festive feasts with friends and a little visit or two to see some of my favourite op shop volunteers to wish them well and probably some shortbread baking for all. What will you week be filled with, will you be fitting in some pre-Christmas thrifting?


  1. That's no good to hear that your little one has been so unwell :( My eldest managed to share her cold with me for an early xmas present :-/ yuck!
    I'd love to fit in some pre-xmas oppy shopping.. but I doubt I'll have the time! xo

  2. I'm so sorry you've had such a rough few days. I do hope Little V is quickly on the mend. I'm glad you had a successful garage sale. I hope you find some bargains at your fave oppy this week. Xx

  3. Hope she's feeling much better soon, bless her.
    Glad the garage sale's gone well. I've bought loads recently and just some back with a huge pile of paperbacks (two for one in my fave chazza today) to keep me occupied on the beach soon! xxx

  4. Poor little V, hope she is feeling better soon. Good news about the garage sale.
    Kids are still in school this week but there are Christmas parties and plays to help out with, and a Solstice party on Friday, hurray! xxx

  5. Poor little bubs, I hope this post finds her recovering - that piccie of her asleep in her nappy on the floor was so adorable...given the circumstances. Good to hear the garage sale was a success and alleviates some of the chrissy stress!! xx


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