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My Vintage Childhood: January 2012

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Vintage Button Hair Tie DIY/Tutorial

I've been a bit surprised by the reaction to the vintage button hair ties I made and posted this week. I've also received a few emails inquiring about them and a few questions about how they are made.

I never imagined there would be such a reaction to them or would even want to know how to make them for themselves. Anyway as a result I thought others would want to know how to make them either for themselves or the little people in their life.

 As a way of saying thank you for all your lovely comments and emails, I want to say thank you and have together a step by step guide to making your own vintage hair tie how to return 

Supplies you will need are pictured below:

* scissors
* needle and thread
* a selection of vintage buttons (ones with shanks, see pic below)
* no snag hair ties, the ones without the metal thingy on them

Before we get started, make sure your buttons have shanks and that the whole is a decent size to fit a double thickness of the hair tie elastic through.

To make the job of getting the hair tie through the shank easier take your needle and thread, and double over the thread and tie off the end so you have a loop of thread, that the needle won't come off.

Next take your needle and thread and hair tie, and loop the thread over the hair tie, making sure you pass the needle below the knot. If you've done this correctly you will have captured the hair tie and it should look like this.

Now pass the needle and thread (with hair tie trailing behind) through the shank of your vintage button. Continue to pull through until about this point below.

At this point you can remove the needle and thread either with scissors, however I prefer to be patient and use the tip of the needle to loosen the thread wrapped around the hair tie and free itself out of the loop.....that way you won't end up with a random bit of cotton around your hair tie.

Once the thread is removed you will need to pass one side of the hair tie through the other looped side, see below.

Continue to pull through the shank until it is tight, and flick over the smaller loop so it sits snug on the other side of the shank, see below.

Then sit back and admire your work.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The best vintage seat in the house.....

You wouldn't know it's summer here today, or for the last few days with the drop in temperature and rain we are having. It's been a nice change especially since our air conditioner has been running constantly day and night with the heat.

So with the drop in temperature and rain, it's been a nice time for enjoying baked goods, reading and relaxing in one of my most favourite places in the house.

Known around our house as "my chair", I have become even more attached to my old school swivel rocker since having my babies, many a night has been spent feeding my them off to sleep in this beauty. It is by far the comfiest chair in the house. I have toyed with the idea over the years of redoing the cushions but have decided the tweed is perfect and part of her charm.

She was bought several years ago for $15, and she has been worth every cent. Quite seriously though, in an emergency other than the obvious things everyone always says they would grab, I would also try and lug her out on to the path. Sad but true, but that's how I feel about her and the calm that she brings upon you when seated within her arms.

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Vintage Serendipity Books by Stephen Cosgrove...

I recently popped into a favourite op shop of mine which I like to visit part of my Friday morning routine, once I drop Cohen off at family day care.  Sarah will often fall asleep after dropping Cohen off and since she rarely transfers well from car to pram or to the house to continue her nap, I take a good old drive to this sweet op shop. Sarah will often wake when we arrive at which time I give her morning tea and she is happy whilst I have a look around the shop and have a chat.

I have such a weakness for old children's books that I can rarely say no to them. Hence the haul you see here. 

The Enid book is obvious inclusion, but do you know what the others books are?

There are twenty-six hardcover "A Serendipity Book's" by award winning children's author Stephen Cosgrove with many of them having been illustrated by Robin James. Check out some of these illustrations and titles, they are too die for.

Then there is the Enid book and colo,urful illustrations to swoon over. 

I scored the whole haul of books for five dollars, but I wasn't to know at the time that five to eight dollars a book is going price by collectors. Considering all my titles are hardcovers I'm rather pleased. 

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jupiters Casino Rotary Antiques Fair 2012...

Jupiters Casino here on the Gold Coast is hosting the Rotary Antiques Fair once again and Sarah and I headed along for a lovely day of looking at pretty thing.

There were lots of lovely treasures to look at, but sadly there was very, limited vintage clothing. I however spot several vintage children's pieces I adored. Sarah and I did pass by one dealers site where I picked up some vintage baby booties and said to her:

"Aren't they the sweetest?"

At 10 months old when I placed them back down on the table her response was to cry. Perhaps it's a sign that I have mini me vintage loving little lady on my hands.

This vendor had heaps of vintage buttons (these are just some of them) and some came home with me. Some may even make their way into some of my clutch hand bag designs.

Needle point brooches anyone?

A small selection of baby and children's clothing. What is there not to love about little peoples vintage clothing?

This incredible 1950's girls dress for had me transfixed, gosh I'd love to see my wee girl wear a piece like this.

Whilst at the fair we paid Kittys Vintage Kitsch a visit and I  made a point to pay a visit the art deco watch I have been longing for. 

Finally a stunning piece that caught my eye at the fair was this dealer who had a 1950's Brexton Picnic Basket, which had never been used, and it was simply exquisite in my books. 

I wish I could have spent more time at the fair and how I wish I had deep, deep pockets loaded with cash, there were so many other beautiful pieces I wish I could have bought home with me. 

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