My Vintage Childhood

My Vintage Childhood: May 2012

Friday, May 25, 2012

Styling MilitaryStyle Boots with Florals.....

When it comes to the cooler months so many of us look to get our feet toasty warm in boots. When it comes to boots and shoes in general fifty percent of the time I buy my shoes retail because I struggle to find what I like in my op shop outings that are the right size, design and decent condition. 

I recently bought these military style wedge heel boots on clearance from a retail store, and always like to balance the masculine military feel of boots like these with a touch of girly. The best way I know how to do that is with my love of floral prints of which I always seem to have plenty of.

Wearing ::

  • Cardigan was originally a retail buy years ago that I  recently did a button revamped on.
  • Floral Print Tee a thrifted score. 
  • Denim Shorts, hand me downs from a friend. 
  • Navy Tights were retail buy from Cotton On
  • Military Style Ankle Boots bought on clearance 

Then today with more floral and feeling.

Wearing ::

  • Cardigan op shopped
  • Floral Tunic was a retail many years ago
  • Tights  and boots were retail
  • Crochet cap op shopped
  • Pendent/Brooch a great op shop buy that can be worn as a brooch or pendant. 

I'm really pleased to of bought the boots as I rarely indulge.


Friday, May 18, 2012

Winter Days with Vintage Cardigan Style.....

The nights are getting colder here and slowly the days are following. I'm loving it and the weather here on the Gold Coast has been sensational to say the least lately. When it comes to the cooler months I'm always excited to g bust out considerable collection of vintage, thrifted and nanna cardigans and pullovers.

Wearing ::
  • Vintage Mustard Yellow Cardigan op thrifted.
  • Brown Long Sleeve Top a basics retail buy from Kmart.
  • Sportsgirl Skinny Jeans that have done the rounds for years between a friend and I.
  • Vintage head scarf thrifted.
  • Hoop earrings I've had for years and years.
  • Retro link necklace gifted to my gorgeous friend Celia at Kittys Vintage Kitsch
  • Brown Weave Belt and Leopard Print Wedge shoes both op shopped
  • Vintage tooled leather bag thrifted. 
It's a nice a relax snugly outfit, one I'm happy to wear all day, and it's good thing comfy because tonight I have one of my oldest and best friends coming for dinner tonight. He is a qualified chef among many other talents and skills he possess and I'm attempting a new dish that Ben and I had recently. I'm taking the big risk of tweaking with the dish a bit, but I am hopeful. Ben seems confident with my suggested tweaks, so fingers crossed I pull it off. If it goes to pits I'll have Shannon and I out for a coffee and dessert once we have the kids in bed and Ben can hold down the fort.

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Wear an Old Favourite for a Pick me up Floral and Stripes to Brighten the Day.....

I was feeling a little low this morning so I decided to put on one of my all time favourite pieces in my wardrobe on for a bit of a pick me up. 

Wearing ::
  • Pink and white three-quarter sleeve was bought retail a few seasons ago.
  • Vintage ditsy print high waisted maxi skirt was gifted from an old work friend who bought it in the UK many years ago for 50p it's handmade and I am forever smitten with it.
  • Vintage enamel flower and anodised rose  brooches bought at op shops and car boot sales.
Do you have a favourite old piece that you like to throw on for a pick me up?

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Winning Quick Out the Door Style With a Vintage Waistcoat Vest....

I'm loving this look I put together this morning, with a good old thrifted waistcoat vest. Layered over the sheer basics of a long-line long sleeve tee and simple black leggings, teamed with complimentary accessories and shoes. 

I picked up on the colour, pattern and tones in the waistcoat vest to bring the whole look together with the accessories and shoes. It's truly a winning outfit to have you out the door in moments.

Wearing ::
  • Leggings and Long Sleeve Tee - basics seasonals I buy from Kmart.
  • Vintage Floral Waistcoat Vest thrifted.
  • Shoes bough for $2 at a carboot sale and had never been worn.
  • Beads, necklace & scarf - all op shopped and gifted from friends. 

Are you winning at the moment?

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