My Vintage Childhood

My Vintage Childhood: June 2012

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vintage Suitcase Dog Bed.....

I have wanted to give my fur baby Jada some new bedroom decor for ages now. Everybody with fur or not deserves a little pretty in their life don't they?

So I set about making it happen, with this vintage Samsonite suitcase I picked up op shopping last year for $5.

I've seen people go all out with these suitcase dog beds, cutting timber to size to put in proper little slates for a pillow or custom cut mattress to sit upon. Not that I don't love my wee girl but, sometimes you got to make the job a little more simple to get it done and stop putting it on the back burner. 

So I literally buckled up the elastic straps that would normally hold clothing in place so I could sit the bed "mattress" on it and raise it up a bit. Then for the hard bit......I literally plonked Jada's existing bed on top. I slipped her old bed into a vintage pillowcase from my collection, grabbed a pastel green baby blanket from the scores of them we have.

The lace bunting (if you want to call that) is a off cut from my sewing stash. The embroidered cat is from a baby pillowcase that was severely stained and couldn't be salvaged for use as a pillowcase. The small oval embroiders hoop was in my stash and the little bell on top of the oval is from one of those Lindt bunnies from Easter. Again the sunflower and the gift tag "Home Sweet Home" were all my creative supplies stash.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Nothing like pottering around like a nana....

You've all heard my grumbles of late with the sick bugs infesting anything and anyone that moves in this house at present. The weekend just passed forced us to have a quiet weekend around home pottering and it appears as though that mood stayed with me somewhat today. Master V was home today from Family Day Care. Why? Yep that's right he is sick now. So with it being a gloomy day outside we've stayed indoors in the warmth. The Little Vowers have played and I've pottered like a nana.

I've been shifting things around, playing with little vignettes, trying new things. Trying to bring on a new lease of life, a new feel about the place.

It's time, we keep falling into the trap of not getting things the way we want around home. I have so many little projects, for around our abode and I just keep adding them to my to-do list. Today has been all about giving it a go, seeing how it looks, seeing if the Big V digs it too.

What have you pottered about doing today?

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Boys Formal Waistcoat Vest Revamp.....

When op shopping I frequently see little boy waistcoat vests selling for next to nothing. I imagine they are often bought for a formal occasion like a wedding or christening and never worn again by these little men. So when I saw a little waistcoat vest with a weird bunny appliqué on it recently I knew there was a revamping project in the waiting.

So with a few buttons and some off cuts of denim and a needle and thread, I was in business and whipped up this little revamp number whilst watching TV. I even used a bright red thread to stitch on the denim on the pocket trim and the feature piece down and over his shoulder .

I'm really pleased with the result, and so is Cohen with him eager to wear it whenever he can. I will definitely buying more boys formal vests overtime and customising them. It's such a great idea for injecting a bit of personality into something that may not off seen much wear in it's original state, it would also make a unique gift for a little guy, don't you think?

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