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My Vintage Childhood: July 2012

Friday, July 27, 2012

That Time I Caused a Fight at the Op Shop.....

Goodness me, if ever my op shopping was to cause an argument I expected it would have been with the Ben. But this morning I popped into one of my favourite op shops I regularly frequent to drop off some children's books and small toys we are culling here at home. Whilst I was there I took a look around the shop to see if anything struck my fancy.

While taking a look around the shop, I spotted some bits and pieces poking out from a basket on the sorting table behind the counter and inquired if those pieces were for sale, as some things were marked for fair the shop is involved in next weekend. 

What's the harm in asking if it's for sale; if it's for sale great, if it's not it's not, but if I'm willing to pay the price fairs, fair wouldn't you say?

One of my favourite volunteers at the shop, was ever so obliging in showing me stuff and was even pulling out other pieces knowing the kind of things I like. Then another volunteer second all up in arms I was being shown things. We will call my favourite volunteer Beautiful B, piped up to the other volunteer saying, if it's going to another location to be sold anyway and Trudie's willing to buy it (for the asking price), what's the problem?

I can't really tell you how or why things went down hill from there, but it resulted in both volunteers heading off outside and next door to the hairdressers where the shop boss was having her hair cut. Thankfully the shop boss knows me well, but I had no way of stopping how quickly the said incident happened and the upset it caused, between the two staff. I left with some goodies in hand and with an agreement that I may be interested in other items if they aren't sold on the weekend and they are willing to split up the items I'm interested in.

The incident  resulted in Beautiful B going home for the day, because she was annoyed by the rudeness of the other volunteer towards her and she couldn't be bothered dealing with it. Thankfully Beautiful B knows I adore her and I gave her a kiss and cuddle on leaving and wished her the best for the rest of the day.

Perhaps I should bake a cake or scones or something and drop them into the shop next week as a peace offering, what do you think?

Has your op shopping or thrifting caused any major incidents?


Friday, July 20, 2012

Take a Day Off from the Online and Be Blessed with Beautiful Moments......

I took a day off from social media yesterday, it's a good thing to do sometimes I think; at least I find for me it's a good thing to do.

 It was a wonderfully relaxed and fun day pottering about, enjoying being at home, enjoying my kids and their crazy antics. Enjoying crafting and playing with ideas, fondling vintage girls frocks and selling more and posting them off to new loving homes. I folding floral vintage linens and played with new combinations for Sarah's bedroom. I took moments for tea and Frankie, while my little the kids was bliss.

And I can't forget time spent with friends, one of my dearest friends ever from primary schools days came for dinner. He cooked, we ate, we drunk red wine. We slurped up Asian Duck and Noodle Soup. And we laughed, and we laughed as we always do.

Take a day off, it's good for the soul.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Life & Style and Wearing What Has You at Ease.....

There is never a day some part of an outfit I'm wearing is not thrifted or vintage. Things don't feel or seem right if I don't at least have a few favourite vintage or thrifted accessories on; you know for those days where you're lounging about. This outfit is comfy, and oh so cheating on not making much effort at all.

Wearing ::

  • Wide Leg Yoga Pants a bargain outlet buy.
  • Basic Long Sleeve White Tee a retail seasonal winter buy.
  • Green Swing Top was op shopped and is handmade.
  • Crochet Cap op shopped.
  • Brooch a retailed many years ago.

At the end of day, as long as there is a little something or a lot something vintage in my outfits, I feel like me and not like everyone else.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Staying In the Know of Vintage and Collectibles.....

I'm always looking to expand my understanding and knowledge on all things vintage, for all variety of reasons from pleasure, business, creative and artistic pursuits and for inspiration. It's funny how after years of thrifting you start to develop an eye for picking something a mile away as something that might be worth ones attentions. I'd have to say the vast majority of my finds over the years have been made on a gut feeling for its authenticity and age. I've done alright out of paying attention to my gut. These days though I do also seek out opinions of others and read a lot more to educate myself. But one can't rely on their gut all the time or know everything there is to know, can they?

So I'm interested to know how you expand your knowledge and understanding on one of things we all love VINTAGE. What are you reading? What have you read? Who's opinions do you seek? Or are you gut feeling type of person too?

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Monday, July 16, 2012

The Power of Words and Validation.....

You know those moments when someone can say or do something that just fills up your soul and heart, immeasurably. When those moments come it isn't until that moment in time you remember how nice it is to be  recognised and validated. Last week the Ben was on annual leave from work and he gave me two such moments. 

Recently I've had a few people ask if the Ben reads my blog, in reply I'd chuckle and say:


It doesn't bother me to say no, I appreciate that not everything I say and or do is of interest to him. But he surprised and enlightened me whilst on our road trip last week, when I was sharing some of my blog ideas out loud. Then out of no where he announces to me:

"Babe I just have to say when I read your blog, I mean when I have read your blog, both of them, I've always been impressed. You write well and I find what you're saying engaging. I'm really proud of you and that you're doing something that makes you happy. You're happy, we're happy, it's great."   

I was utterly flattered and filled up by his words.

Us on our wedding day, I was a few months shy of 21.

Then on the weekend, I was wearing a beautiful vintage maxi dress in blues and purples, and I returning to the car after putting the trolley in the trolley bay; and Ben told me I was a like a glowing beacon in a sea of dark colours in the middle of winter. I told him a great blogger I know says it's better to be looked at than overlooked.

He agreed, what a great attitude to have.

Awww honestly how lovely is it to hear things like this? I'm reminded and inspired to keep putting one foot in front of the other each day. There is a saying or an exert from a book I've heard before, it's origin I do not know but its sentiment is along the lines of:

"Smile each day, be kind and be yourself, you never know the impact you're having on others lives who will never have the courage to say so. There are people all around you falling in love with you right now, that you'll never know about. Be an influence in your life and others, smile".

At the end of the day we all want to know that we are seen, heard and matter.

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Friday, July 13, 2012

How far will you go for a bargain......

For this past week, the Big V has been on holidays and we have been indulging in family time. It's been great and we've even had an overnight stay away. Yesterday evening we arrived back home from a day and night in Hervey Bay. We traveled up to surprise one of my best friends for her birthday and have also had some wonderful quality time with our godchildren.

Cohen crashed and burned on the way back home yesterday.

My conversations with my bestie always include some chatter about op shops and bargains, and some thrifting adventures are scheduled for our next trip as time was limited this time around. I also noticed some other locations on our travel route that will require a visit too. But all this travel got me thinking how far do you normally travel out of your area for a spot of treasure hunting? I'm fortunate to have about eight shops within a ten to fifteen minute drive from home, and plenty more than that the further I go.