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My Vintage Childhood: September 2012

Sunday, September 30, 2012

David Douglas Flameware Coffee Peculator......

It's always a treat when you make a find that is in unused condition. I spotted this David Douglas Flameware 8 cup Coffee Peculator recently. It clearly needed a clean from years of sitting in a cupboard unused, but it has come up a treat and is in awesome unused condition with the peculator piece still in its original plastic (the sticky tape has even yellowed).

Have you had a recent find in unused condition?


Monday, September 24, 2012

Vintage Styling Event with Kittys Vintage Kitsch......

My goodness you should have been with us on Saturday for the vintage styling event with Kittys Vintage Kitsch. The start time was 11am and I arrived bright and early at 9.30am to assist with getting ourselves all organised.

I am utterly thrilled with the atmosphere of the day and so pleased my introduction for Celia went off pretty much without a hitch. It was a small intimate group, nibbling on cucumber sandwiches, strawberries, yummy cheeses and other delights with a little sparkly punch. It felt like a bunch of old friends getting together, but in this instance it was new and old friends. A lot of gushing could be heard over each others fabulousness, and I'm sure some of the pictures will show you why. 

Celia took the group through it all from foundation garments, girdles, knickers, long line bras and how they are beneficial for getting the right silhouette and shape.

The colour wheel and how using all the different colour principles can and will assist in putting together an amazing vintage outfit from head to toe.

We had Elisse on hand who talked vintage hair, pin curls and how versatile they are in achieving so many different vintage hairstyle looks. Oh and let's not forget make up, the eyes, the lips we learnt about that it all.

The gorgeous Sheri Bomb, was styled and we learnt about key 50's looks and how to identify them. Below the knee people, below the knee, otherwise a 50's style dress above the knee is likely that of a "50's style" and a reproduction. There are obviously other key identifying points, of which are best to look at on a whole with a dress rather than individually. Oh and we gushed, look at Sheri rocking a second look and feeling all magical.

Mimi La Muse was our other gorgeous style attendant, and I for one must admit I was in complete raptures over this dress. Why? Look at that GREEN, we know I'm nuts for it, but oh my goodness if only the pictures could really do the colour justice. Everyone gushed how Celia popped this outfit with modern and vintage accessorising.

As you can see it was an amazing event, everyone left feeling they had learnt so much and perhaps gained some new friends. 

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Thrifted & Fabulous 1970's Linen Dress.....

I've been all low key this week, with my Pop's passing last week and his funeral finally just two days ago. Thank you to all of those who have touched base with kind words, it's truly appreciated. As you can imagine there hasn't been much op shopping time, but I always have a little something tucked way to show you. Today it's this fab frock, I picked up on one of my outings a few months back.

It's a 1970's Gala Travelon, Terylene and Pure Linen dress. I found her in rather grubby condition, but I was pretty confident that with care, time and patience I could ease her back to some former glory. So many gentle hand washes and brief soakings and blasts in the sunshine and we're here. She is definitely a dress that needs a slip to be worn underneath but she is sweet. Sadly she won't be staying with me as she is a little too big for me in the bust, and I don't wish to tackle a sewing job on her.

Tell me this, is it just me who refers to their frocks as "her"?


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Receiving a Family Heirloom.....

This week I have something very special to share, as we've be given a hand me down, part of our inheritance of sorts and it's a beautiful family heirloom. My in-laws have updated their bedroom furniture and have decided it's time to pass down this silky oak dresser.

The dresser once belong to my mother in laws great aunt who used to own a guest house in the gold rush highlands of Victoria. The dresser would now be over a hundred years old by all accounts and still has it's original glass top.

Ben is so chuffed to have this piece now, and just quietly between all of you and me, I went to check on what he was up to yesterday afternoon and found him fluffing about putting things in drawers and folding and all sorts.

Such significant family heirlooms are always so special to receive and come with their a special energy and history of their own.  

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