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My Vintage Childhood: October 2012

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Uncensored Early Days of An At Home Business with Kids at Home......

I wanted to pop in and give you all a little update on the behind the scenes stuff here and the changes coming up. After several weeks of setbacks and knock backs it looks like I have a designer keen to work on my new logo design. I hadn't realised that by some people's standards it was too close to the end of the year to take on more work. Thank goodness I'm now working with a fellow Queensland Blogger whom I have worked with before for other design needs. Seriously is it that close to the end of the year, people are winding up?

In other behind the scene antics I've been busy with online sales, things are happening on a small scale but steadily. But it's exciting to see the response in the pieces I've been listing, I take it as validation and a confidence builder that people are keen on the pieces I curate, offer and sell. Among my ever mounting stock of children's and maternity items, I'm also busy trying clear a vast collection of other vintage, retro, kitsch, clothing and collectible pieces I have amounted. Let's just say I'm being kept busy enough at the moment that it's nearly daily visits to the post office.

Visits to the post office have been frequent enough lately that I have had to adopt unique approaches for wrangling Cohen and Sarah and parcels all at once. I therefore have my first unofficial employee.....Cohen. I am employing the tried and tested parenting tactics of bribery to get in and out of the post office unscathed.

Cohen's job description is as follows:
  • He must carry parcels in a bag to the counter and stand in line patiently waiting for our turn.
  • He hands over parcels to the post office attendant.
  • He waits patiently while its processed and takes the receipt for me.

All of this is with my help of course and whilst I wrangle Sarah and but for Cohen's dutiful assistance he gets coins (he doesn't care what domination) to put in his money box.

Mind you all of the above didn't keep me unscathed last week when I wouldn't buy a desk caddy for Cohen (his three years old mind you) so he could have the scissors from it for craft. It resulted in him screaming with tears:

"But I want itttttttttttt". 

No thanks to onlookers who stared and tutted us, I think I'm doing a fine and dandy job parenting and I will not give my child everything he or she wants.

Oh the joys of a stay at home mum and her adventures into further establishing a predominately at home business. I'll keep those who are interested enlightened to the journeys of how I manage things as things progress. I want to be able to show other mums out there too that it is possible to carve out a little dream for yourself whilst at home with your kids.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's all fun and games until Craft Hiroshima hits.....

Here is a post of all the legitimate reasons I couldn't get anything of substance achieved today on the business or even household front. The kids have had me running inference all day amid their antics. Actually I should specify the main culprit has been Sarah; don't let this cute face fool you.

At 19 months she has bucket loads of personality and intelligence and just this week has started to self initiate toilet training. Piggy back her new found toilet training skills coupled with the hot weather and what results is a child who does not wish to wear a stitch of clothing, not even a nappy. The kid has oomph and personality and knows how to to keep you on your feet, like she did yesterday.

This morning  she was crafting with her brother, and whilst I was busy she painted herself a second skin in craft glue. Which gave her the appearance of her skin peeling off eighty percent of her body which was upsetting her so I had to attend to her displeasure over this fact. I step away to take care of of glue ridden cloth and then proceed to find she has pulled all the assorted craft supplies was using off the table.

Imagine this googly eyes, sequins, foam, paper, pipe cleaners, stickers, glittery bits and all other crafty imaginables over my dining room. There was not an inch of space of my dining room nor my naked daughter that was not covered in all manner of said craft supplies.

Forty minutes later the dining room still resembled a crafty war zone after extensive tidy up, and I'm trying to prepare some morning tea. Because I know if I don't feed the troops I'm going to lose them.  So I strike a deal with Cohen to tidy up and pick at his morning tea as he is working. Fools should never strike deals, whilst doing this Little V emptied the contents of her morning tea bowl over the lounge room floor and I then found her on all fours eating her morning tea off the floor with the dog.

You would think things stopped there but after a call out from Cohen to assist him with a sticky situation. Which found Sarah enough time whilst I was busy to proceed to get into the pantry (a first mind you) and open up the container of dog food and was announcing "Jada more", whilst about to put a small handful in her own mouth.

The insanity hasn't ended there, it's been a if it rains it pours day....NON-STOP. So I called it early this morning and gave myself a leave pass from my "TO DO LIST". Today has made me want to take my hat off to working at home certainly must be a comedy for others out there juggling the two?


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jeans & White T-Shirt Basics with Vintage Floral Waistcoat Vest.....

It's very hard to go wrong with basics and classics as a background to trying unique pieces with. It's an understated way of experimenting with new patterns and quirky accessories. Like I have done here with dark denim jeans and a cotton camisole teamed with a 1980's waistcoat vest.

Wearing ::

  • 1980's Waistcoat Vest was op shopped.
  • White Cotton Camisole was gifted to me from a friend.
  • Dark Denim Jeans were from a retail discount outlet.Belt is op shop.
  • Jewelled Sandals hand me downs from a friend. 

All accessories a thrifted or gifted from loving friends and family with the exception of the knitting needles bangle as I make them myself.

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