My Vintage Childhood

My Vintage Childhood: November 2012

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Looking the part, being authentic and having passion pays.....

Last weekend I had my first taste of what I feel are the affects of "looking the part" and it paying off. What I mean by looking the part, for me is looking how I do most days dressed in my some sort of vintage attire. On Saturday night we attended a friends 60th surprise birthday party which was themed and guests were expected to wear 50-60's clothing.

Giving some love the birthday girl.

I got many compliments on my dress as did Saraha. Of course I mentioned to others that a vast majority of my wardrobe is vintage and thrifted pieces. I got chatting with some other guests who were getting all touchy feely with my dress and realised it was the real McCoy not a hire job. I got talking with one lady in particular and I mentioned how I'm launching further into my business and told her all about it. She shared with me how she owns a florist shop and I laughed as told her that I had studied floristry and although I'm a qualified commercial florist I have never worked in the industry.

We talked more and she told me about photographers she works with and the other companies she has associations with which sees her hiring all manner of things out that fit into her scope of business. She hires out to photographers for photo shoots, does weddings and events hiring and so much more. Looking me up and down and smiling at Sarah she complimented me again and told me how what I'm doing would fit with her business. She we on to tell me who she has recently set up an area in her shop where she offered me there on the spot display area to help me get my business out there and known. She is even happy to tout me to local photographers and associations for photo shoots and what not. This also involves me being able to have a selection of stock in her store for sale.

Obviously the finer details need to be clarified at a meeting soon, I'm very thankful for the opportunity and so early into our launch. But I seriously don't think this offer would have been made had I not looked the part (as well as Sarah), walked the walk and showed her I knew what I was talking about in my look and knowledge. It certainly pays to be on your game, you just never know what opportunities you could be missing out on.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Is There a Too Short Rule for a Vintage Mini Dress.....

Let's talk legs and is there really such a thing of too short with a vintage frock. I've been holding onto this little number in my stock cupboard forever. I can't make up my mind if this mumma should strut around in this gorgeous little handmade mini number or sell it off as a petites or pre-teens dress. As I said before its hot, hot, hot here at the moment and well Christmas is coming and parties to be had and attended. 
Wearing ::
  • Vintage Handmade A-line Mini dress was an op shop buy. 
  • Nude Wedges were a retail buy.

Is there any such thing as too short? I love this dress, but it would have to be a child free party and date night because I ain't bending over to pick any child up in this dress.

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Mother & Daughter Vintage Style for a Fancy Dress Party.....

What a lovely weekend we've just had. I hope yours has been too. Celebrations and fun abound for our household and friends. Of course one of the biggest celebrations for us was the new look here and further motions and steps into me actualising my vintage dream.

We also celebrated a friends 60th birthday with a surprise party at a local tavern, were guest were expected to dress up in 50's-60's attire.

I pushed the boundaries to the late 1960's with this stunning American long sheer sleeved floral maxi dress. Sarah donned a little vintage dress and bobby socks and Mary Jane's. we had a fun time and I meet a lovely lady who is interested in helping me get my business name out there and known. Will tell you more in a post this week

Amongst other fun and celebrations this weekend we've enjoyed fun times with our little people, with a colourful fun morning at the park.

It really is always the simple things that make the heart full and happy time with friends and family, isn't it? I hope your week is off to a beautiful start.

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

It's me, it's the new design, the new name....

Woohoo we're here, it's happened. The new design is in place as well as the new name. I have so many people to thank for their help, advice, support in helping me achieve these changes and helping motivate me to move on with my dreams.

I hope you all like the new design and the header which is also my business logo now too. All the thanks for this incredible header design has to go to Gillian at Tessie Girl. I shared with her the thoughts I had in my head for the imagery and she made it come to life. I wanted it to be reflective of me being a mum, my love of vintage and my business the appeal it has.

The reality of it all is at the end of the day I'm a mum, looking after my kids, trying to piece together my vintage dream and business and I think Gillian has done an incredible job of bringing it all together. Gillian you rock my socks. Please be sure to pop on over and say hi to Gillian and let her know how awesome she is.

Secondly on a technical front and installing the new design, I have to thank one of the best blogging buddy a girl could have Melissa from Suger Coat It. Not only does this beautiful soul regularly answer my blogging questions, she has become a buddy I'm in her corner cheering her on and all that she takes on in her adventures. To add to that she is the stabilising force when I'm having a technical blog issue or meltdown, seriously people my brain isn't meant to handle some things and that's where Suger saves my butt. You knows I love you sweetness.

There are several other words of thanks I want to send out, and to save this turning into an epic post of thanks and links I will save it for another post. Also I know there are a few others that have been with me for this journey and have been major players in helping me direct this dream into reality, FINALLY. I know some of you and you know who you are will appreciate the quiet words of thanks privately. Your support, encouragement, assistance, enthusiasm, and belief in me is appreciated beyond measure.

So for now let's get on with it, start stretching our legs out in here. I will still be tweaking with some basic design and layout stuff, where things sit and look best and streamlining other things. But for all intensive purposes its all systems go.

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Simple at Home Weekend Moments & Activities with the Kids......

Late week and weekend moments were filled with fun and sweet moments with my little people.

Cheap fun making patterns and pictures with my boy on Friday with craft sticks a coloured counters. I love that we are finally having a one on one day together and having sweet moments.

Colouring with little people. I can't tell you how therapeutic it was to do this, I long to find a special old colouring book to colour in all by myself, like I always wanted to as a kid.

Giving my little people a ball of yarn and watching what happens.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Modern and Vintage Date Night Style.....

Last Friday night the Ben and I had a date night, it was our first in nearly two years. We were unsure until a few hours beforehand what we were going to do. But like the good wife that I am, I suggested putt putt golf to Ben, at a local golf course that has had millions of dollars spent in revamps and we were set.

Unfortunately rain started within moments of us arriving at the golf course and the restaurant was closed for a wedding. So we headed to a local football club instead for drinks, nibbles and uninterrupted conversation. This is what I wore, excuse the pic but I only remembered an outfit pic as we were leaving.

Wearing ::

  • 1970's embroided and crochet cotton blouse gifted to by a vintage loving friend.
  • Jeans were a discount retail outlet buy.
  • Nude Wedges retail.
  • Bag was a gift from my in-laws

I had an AH-HA moment from Friday night, sitting in a lounge area at the club whilst the Ben arranged drinks and food, I realised and understood why I get looked at. I'm different from the crowd I'm not like all the other girls and women out and about. I am very much against the norm and trend of any look that is popular here.

Conclusion, is that at the end the day I don't mind at all. I'm happy being me, being true and unique to my style and that I've got the confidence to not give a hoot about trends. Who would of thunk that this outfit which isn't pushing any vintage styling boundaries (for want of a better choice of words) is an eye-opener to some.

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Monday, November 12, 2012

That time I went to vintage fair on three hours sleep......

Yesterday a dear friend and I headed to the Cold Coast Fashion Fair. I nearly pulled the pin on going because Sunday morning had me running on three hours broken sleep. Let's just say 16-17 year old school leavers thinking they can party in the street and terrorise my family and house, because they have some sense of entitlement, resulted in a lot of worry, stress, police being called and hence lack of sleep.

But vintage waits for no one one, even if you're dead tired. So we scooted on to the Gold Coast Arts Centre for the Brisbane's Vintage Fashion Fair making it's first visit to the Gold Coast. The highlight of the day of course was catching up with my "vintage sister" Leisa from Vintage Bird Girl. She was sporting a 99 cent eBay frock she scored and it was utter perfection on her and I was seriously swooning.

Wearing ::

  • 1970's Midi Floral Dress thrifted.
  • Wide Brown Stretch Belt thrrifted.
  • Nude Wedges were a retail buy.
  • Tooled Floral Bag was a sweet op shop score.
  • Silver cuff was a cheap market buy years ago

The fair was small and I must say somewhat disappointing. With Gold Coast market and fairs there seems to be a lot more 80's, festival wear, Japanese vintage dresses and the likes of; and all though I don't mind some of that I tend to skip over racks of the same same. I had been looking forward to the fashion parade and seeing some serious pieces to swoon over but it was all 80's. I did seek out some nooks and crannies throughout the fair though and saw some sweet pieces, but nothing to come home with me. The honest truth is I was subtly scoping out any potential competition and looking for inspiring stall set ups.

But here is one piece I would of loved to of made a new home for.

At the end of the day I'm happy to have gone along, and to support the local vintage scene here even if it's only numbers through the door. I did get to see some nice pieces, and spend time with one of my dearest friends as well as see the gorgeous Leisa. Upside to all that is Leisa and I are trying to plot a get together soon and that can only mean fun.

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Hair that's all chicky, chicky, chicky, chang, chang.....

So I annoyed you all with my hair dribbles and woes the other week. I carried on about how I wanted to grow it and have all this awesome confidence to style it in beautiful ways with ease. The honest truth is that I really did want that, but somewhere between then and yesterday, the "I feel crappy with my hair and it's doing nothing or me" vibes set in. Which saw my fingers move at lightening speed and a text message was sent to my dear friend and hairdresser, and before you I knew it this occurred.

I'm really happy with it, and I popped into my favourite op shop this morning to be told by my favourite volunteer that she loved my hair and she used to have hers styled very similar in the day. She elaborated and said in the day she/they called it a chicky, chicky, chang, chang cut. The artist of course she was referring to was Dinah Lee and the 1964 song "Do the Bluebeat".
So I am now the chicky, chicky, chang, chang girl.

The tale of hair woes is officially over and this mumma has got get to it and get her chicky, chicky, chang, chang moves on as I have my first date night with Ben in nearly two years, a friend is watching the kids for us.

The bank balance is low this week, so it might be a fish and chips and a light stroll sort of evening.

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Monday, November 5, 2012

The Perfect Retro Dining Suite....

I have been on a vintage retro high this past weekend. There is nothing quite like getting your hands on the perfect pieces for your home. It has been a long time coming for the Ben and I to get to this point and agree on how to style our home. He has needed some extra convincing. But here we are and we both couldn't be happier with the acquisition of our new to us dining suite. We find ourselves walking past the dining room just smiling and making happy sigh sounds.

The dining suite needs light restoration the table top has a light faded section, so we will be looking to re laminate it and the legs need a little sand back and so forth, but it is seriously all light cosmetic stuff. The table is the real deal with screw in legs with wooden threads, all original feet on the table and chairs. The table is solid, not a wobbly to be felt, seriously solid as. I really couldn't be any luckier with the six chairs to be in my favourite colour with original upholstery.

Behind our table you will see our large buffet/sideboard that is a late 1970's piece. We acquired it years ago when we moved in and had no money left from the settlement it was in rather poorly condition, so a lick of paint it was given many years ago. We are now looking to acid strip it and try and return it back to some of its former glory, now that we have the time and money. As well as that we have been on the hunt for some time now and are holding out on a perfect starburst clock to go above the buffet as the wall behind is huge and goes up to a cathedral ceiling.

I'm just so thrilled that little by little we are finally working on styling our home the way I've dreamed of. Slowly we will get there, vintage can't be rushed it has to be chased, found, and tended to.

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