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My Vintage Childhood: December 2012

Friday, December 28, 2012

My unexpected Christmas.....

This is not the post I thought I'd be writing after Christmas and I'm sorry I haven't popped in before now. I had hoped I would be sharing all the highlights of Christmas celebrations with my little family. But my Christmas break has been thrown all sorts if curve balls. I have been all sorts of sick since Christmas Eve, with a sore throat that got worse rapidly within hours and by the wee hours of Christmas morning I struggled to swallow and was in sever pain. I saw my parents briefly Christmas morning but left to come home so I could lay around in my sickly state waiting for a house call doctor to come see me.

The doctor came checked me over advised I had a viral infection and other than pain medication there wasn't much else I could do but rest and gargle salty water. After rest, sleep and lazing around I sucked it up and we went to the Big V's parents house for Christmas dinner, present opening and so forth. Not that I was a great participant but I did my best. Boxing Day rolls around and lets just say I was even more worse for wear, body aches, shivers, a throat so bad it took an hour to drink some tea.

Boxing Day night in the late, late hours I started to get an itch and red rash, I seriously thought it was my pant elastic irritating me. Come the morning hours of yesterday I had a bright red rash covering my torso, that was becoming aggressive. Off to my local doctors surgery explaining the events of the previous 48 hours, I was examined and promptly told I was presenting with Scarlet Fever. I was told I had to have injection of penicillin straight away and follow with a script. It was pointed out after the injection if my rash had not improved drastically in 4-6 hours to go straight to hospital. After several hours and a previous call to the doc I had to phone to speak to the doctor about another matter relating to my predicament. He asked if my rash had improved and I was informed I should take capsules straight away.

Fast forward several more hours things still hadn't improved and only worsened along with other matters and aliments. So I said to the Big V screw it I'm not calling back the doc (several more calls already made) just take me to hospital. Hospitals aren't a great place to wait around with little people and a husband who is meant to be on his rare holidays. So I asked him to just drop me at emergency and go home and look after our babies.

Fast forward through several hours of waiting, testing, doctors, several senior doctors, nurses, tests, swabs, bloods, scans, aliments worsening and some improving.......there are still no clear cut answers and balls are up in the air. Jury is out on what actually is wrong with me, I'm presenting with classic symptoms of Scarlet Fever then totally and quite possibly unrelated aliments. So I'm back home I'm not well, not 100% at all, I'm meant to be resting but that's still hard even with the Big V on holidays for a few more days, little ones at the ages we have are full on. So I'm here and I'm around sort of, I'll be blogging if and when I can. I've got a fair bit of rest time doing nothing, but that's not translating into getting posts and so forth done, but I'm trying.

So to finish up I just wanted to fill you all in on what has been happening. I hope you've all had a much more splendid Christmas then I have had. I'd love to hear about any vintage spoils you got, if you've posted about them leave me a link I'd love to check it out, give me something to fill in these resting hours. I'll post soon about my Christmas spoils, but until then take care everyone and enjoy whatever time you have left of your holiday season.

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Vintage Tooled Leather Bag that Saved Christmas....

Saturday morning we were all in the car doing our last minute bits and pieces for Christmas. Which is code for bottle shop trip for obligatory gifts for in-laws and other supplies. As we were driving we past an op shop I'm familiar with, and I need the usual rubber necking as we drove past to see what I could see out front.

GASP at the end of a clothing rack I could see they had what appeared to be several tooled leather bags hanging. I said to the Ben that's crazy I wouldn't have them outside the doors of the shop they're rather coveted these days. We continued on to the bottle shop, bought snags in bread from the Rotary Club Christmas Sausage Sizzle on the way out, drove back down the street and then Ben pulled into a car park down the road from the op shop, I left everyone in the car eating their sausages in bread and walked down the road. I had five different bags to consider, all reduced down to $20 and this beauty had the nicest design.

I promptly paid the lady at the counter and walked back to the car and happily said well that's a very Merry Christmas for this mumma.

Funny thing though is I must have channeled some special energy this week because earlier in the week I also nabbed this, fine tooled leather belt for fifty cents.

What a way to end the year with such pretties don't you think?

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What I like about op shopping at Christmas time.....

One of the things I love most about op shopping around Christmas time is people clear out their old Christmas decorations. I love picking up old decorations that are more reflective of another time.

You might of seen my post boasting some of my favourite decorations they were picked up last year on a last minute op shop trip for the year. As it is we popped out briefly yesterday for a op shop, and I couldn't pass up a bag of mixed Christmas decorations which had several wooden ones in there.

I nabbed the bag for fifty cents and now I have this cute little collection of wooden decorations (above is just some of them). I've cut of the hanging strings and I'm now using them for a wee little display on our entry hall table. I'm rather fond of the tiny red angel which is about two centimeters not even, it's so tiny and cute. But heck they're all sweet.

Do you have any old or sentimental Christmas decorations hanging on your tree?

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Family Reunion and Rustic Vintage Delights.....

Warning with this post you will experience a rare picture overload. If you didn't catch my post Friday you may not know I've been off the radar for a few days. We hit the road this past weekend to travel a few hours inland for my family reunion at my aunt and uncles fourteen acre farm. It's been nice to unplug, unwind, connect and reconnect and have quality family time.

I have some delights and insights from our weekend to share with you all. My uncle and aunt are now on a different farm from when I was a child so travelling out I was uncertain what their property would be like and what I would discover. Let's just say that at every twist and turn on their property I was smitten with a little something, whether it be a little vintage something or country loving moments.

Love the patina on the old ice box/meat safe. The old silky oak high chair has been offered to me if I want to take on repairs. Of course I'm smitten with the little old green kids cart too.

Old school yard country swing set, Sarah however had an incident later this day when she fell off the swing. After she fell off she was then clouted in the back of the head by the wooden seat part of the swing, resulting in her two top teeth biting into her bottom lip. There was a lot of blood, but she's a tough cookie and settled relatively quickly poor thing. Despite the accident the swings were fun for adults and children alike, and it didn't deter Sarah from getting back on.

My uncle acquired this wooden castle door but the picture probably doesn't show you how amazing it is as it is at least 14ft high, and was shipped from overseas. What about the old Singer table and those chairs.

Happy snap the Ben and Sarah delighting in the squealing piglets. So many other animals to delight in on the farm sheep, cows, birds, chickens, ponies and more.

No it's not our dining table, looks similar though huh? Guess who is acquiring this? It's bigger than ours and has eight chairs. It's not in as good a condition as ours but we are wanting some of the chair bases for small repairs on our set. My aunt and uncle were going to get rid of it. Since the legs come off the table top we may store it against a wall in our garage so we have an extra table for entertaining big groups.

Gardens to discover and get lost in, very Alice in Wonderland inside there with tables and chairs and magic scattered throughout. More baby animals to melt hearts.

Crazy antics were a float over the weekend which always seems to happen with one of my uncles in particular. He rallied several of my other cousins, second cousins and other family members together to pimp the dam pontoon with an electric outboard motor and took it for a spin.

There were so many other delights and I hope you've enjoyed a little window into my private time away. Ben and I hope to be travelling out there again in about a month for a child free day to collect the table and chairs, and to connect more with family as it was challenging with us having the youngest kids to run after. We will also check out some antique places whilst out there and do some fossicking, it's great country for a bit of poke around.

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

From Chance Meeting to Business Growth......

You might remember that I had a chance meeting with a lovely women at a party recently. Well just the other day I got myself all dressed for more success, with Cohen in tow to share ideas and make more good impressions.
Donning a bit floral for the florist meeting.

Since my original post I've had some lovely email messages of support about this opportunity and wishing me luck. So I wanted to share with you the news that we will definitely be working on these plans and some other ideas and concepts in the New Year together. It's very exciting and the more we talked and I had a look around her florist shop and location more ideas fired.

Cohen's view of my meeting, I told him to go snap happy with my phone a mum's got to do what a mumma's got to do and it kept him busy.

I'm very much looking forward to the possibilities and sharing the adventures with you. Whether someone else reading this has their own vintage dream or just a dream of a little something in their corner of the world while managing kids. I hope I can help show others that you can give things a go even with young ones.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Maxi Dresses and Waistcoat Vests a Summer Staple Style.....

Temperatures are soaring here, so I'm continuing to try and make the most of slightly cooler days when they come and mixing up modern and vintage pieces for hot, hot, hot days so I can be cool and in comfort.

Last week I made the most of a slightly cooler morning by mixing up this modern thrifted maxi dress with a 1980's thrifted waistcoat vest and accessories. Ironically my outfit selection matched with the colours in the playground that we visited that morning.

Wearing ::

  • Modern Maxi Dress was a thrifted find.
  • 1980's Waistcoat Vest another op shop buy.
  • Bangles are all thrifted. 
  • Sandals were gifted to me by a friend. 

Are you suffering with the hot days, how are you beating the heat with your style?

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Monday, December 3, 2012

A Little Vintage Christmas Spirit....

It was the first of December for us here on Saturday and like many other families I know we marked a part of our day with putting up the Christmas Tree. It was lovely having the kids both so much more involved in the decorating of the tree. Cohen is rather smitten with my retro Christmas decorations

I want to share a little something with you all and need to back track to Friday to tell you that on Friday morning I ventured to my favourite op shop as I often do, with my little people in tow. Some of the volunteers there have become dear friends, and Friday morning I was very moved to be gifted this 1950's Dutch Christmas Wreath from my dear friend and her husband. They're in their 60's and 80's respectfully and it was given to me with such heartfelt words, tears in their eyes and hugs. It's an an to be such a family piece from their lives and for that I am grateful and feel very blessed.

Then just like that there's Christmas spirit in the air. Simple heartfelt kind words. It's not about the big shiny boxes is it? It's about moments and honours like these!

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