Friday, January 25, 2013

Kids vintage dress ups.....

One should never underestimate the odd vintage find from an op shop or jumble sale that has seen its days. Why, because if you've got kids they could have hours of fun with some funky additions to their dress up boxes. Come on admit it, many of us would have developed a love or fascination for vintage or retro clothing with the addition of mum and dads and sometimes the grandparents old clothes in our own dress up boxes.
I keep the kids dress ups in an old hard Samsonite suitcase, because kids inevitably close the lid and insist they need to use it as a stage. Little V's frock should have been destined for my stock cupboard but sometimes when you deal with purchases of bulk lots of vintage clothing you'll get the odd random piece that's not going to make the cut. I try not to worry too much and if it seriously can't be salvaged into a saleable piece without too much effort it goes into the kids dress ups until it well and truly has seen its day.
So don't always pass on a damaged piece especially if you can pick it up for a few cents. It's also more than worth asking your local op shops and thrifts (especially if you have a good relationship with the volunteers) if they'd consider putting damaged old items aside for you for your child's dress ups. You never know you might get an absolute bargain bag from them or some freebies, if they consider them to be non-scalable items for their store.


  1. Trudie! What a FABULOUS idea! I must pass that on to my mummy friends - and I must make that an op shop rule!!! I remember how much fun dress ups were as a kid, especially in my mum's wedding dress haha xx

  2. I loved dress ups when I was little. I remember the classroom had a suitcase with lots of odds & ends in there. Nothing made any sense but they were always funny.


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