Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2012 Week 3: My Wednesday Style Collective.......

Yes I know I ranted on yesterday about a wardrobe purge and styling woes, but yet I'm here with two combinations I don't think I've shown before. Reasons being is that these options are strictly for summer.

I've actually wanted to show off this skirt for the longest time, it is on of my most favourite skirts. It was bought in The Valley (in Brisbane) at the markets years ago for fifty cents. It's handmade and each scallop on the bottom of the skirt and on the pockets has embroided flowers and edging. For some reason this skirt always garners attention and I have seriously had pleads from people wanting to buy it off me. Weird, but true and kind of awkward when I'm wearing it.

Kept in simple for a barefoot day at home with my little people and the short sleeve got ditched when it got hot all the sudden whilst taking pics.
Skirt - market buy 50 cents
Tank - cheap retail buy for $5 last season 
Cardie - hand me down

Another hot summers day and a little number to get a work out, is this cotton short play suit in green tones with a slight retro floral feel to it. Does the job keeps me cool, I look a little stylish even with white legs and is easy to wear with the little people in tow.
Play suit - hand me down
Beads - op shopped
Shoes - gifted

Pretty simple combinations but simple is a necessity in Queensland heat.


  1. You are so.stylish! If only you could see what I was wearing right now, oh dearie me. I am heading for the shower STAT for some sprucing up.

  2. That skirt is a one of a kind precious piece. Looks gorgeous worn with navy. And you look super stylish in the playsuit, not too many people can pull of a style like that. You really could wear a hession sack & still look fabulous! Xx

  3. Love that skirt, and your fabulously long legs ensure you rock that cute little playsuit! xxx

  4. Fifty cents? Holy moly, that is gorgeous!!!!


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