Thursday, January 31, 2013

The tale of the totally indulgent me day.....

Today was the first time in two years since Little V's birth that I have had a day to me. As of this week I will now have one day a week to me. Don't get me wrong I have had a few hours in a day here and there in two years where I have had some down time but very little. But to have a day, where the Big V is working, the kids are in kindy and family day care respectively and I can do what I want, when I want, it's sublime.

I decided that after dropping off the kids this morning I'd go for spot of unadulterated op shopping by myself, uninterrupted by requests of can I have this, can I have that. You get the picture. I thought I'd pop into a new to me spot but even though I was there after opening hours the doors were locked. Thankfully my dear friend who is also my hairdresser sent me a text at the moment telling me to pop over to get my hair cut. I jumped at the chance, because I always have the two kids to tow when I have my hair done as well.
So today I've enjoyed the following:
* A touch up of the do...woohoo.
* Playing the radio loud in the car, and busting out some old John Farnham tunes, without being told by a nearly four year old its too loud.
* Being gifted some hand me downs for Little V from my dear friend.
* Oh and I was also gifted this old silver bangle, something I've always wanted by same dear friend.
Yep that's a 2.15pm reminder to leave the house to pick kids up
* A quick nip into a different op shop on the way home from having my hair done.
* Acquiring some sweet little scores for my stock levels.

It's not been the day I had set out for myself, but I ain't going to complain a bit, it's turned out pretty good wouldn't you say for someone who hasn't had a proper child free day in two years?

Did you do anything special just for you today?


  1. Im so glad you enjoyed your first child free day. Im looking forward to our little catchup when we get home too! Love the bangle and the new doo. Xx

  2. Show off! LOL Just kidding. You deserve it Trudie. All Mums do. I'm glad you made the most of it.

    Anne xx

  3. I'm happy you got to enjoy a relaxing, kid-free day. The bangle and hair cut look great.
    I do 30 minutes of exercise on the Wii Fit every morning, before the rest of the house wakes up, it sets me up for the day. xxx

  4. Good for you! Time alone, to do with as you want, is really precious, especially with a family. And your hair is looking lovely! xxx

  5. Sounds like you had a great day - YAY !!!! Here's to many more of them for you to enjoy !
    Love your new hair do - looks fantastic !
    Have the best weekend !

  6. Nice that your have found your way.
    You look fantastic.


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