Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2013 Week 5: My Wednesday Style Collective......

Although I think I do a pretty good of reworking what I have in my wardrobe, I have been trying to look deeper to re-hash outfits and garments that you may have seen in the past. After reading Vix's recent post the other day and seeing how she can work and rework a vintage maxi and make it look sublime each time, there is really no excuse for the rest of us right?

So with our new routines here starting last week, it now means I'm a kindy mum. It was a rather interesting experience from my mummy fashion style perspective, I ain't like everyone else's mum. It's apparent that plain shorts with plain singlets and black, oh and thongs (flip flops) are a mummy's uniform here at least for summer. I'm glad I didn't get the uniform memo because I think I would have revolted. These are just two ensembles I put together last week for kindy run and getting out and about afterwards. In my mind they aren't terribly out there, or all that different but lets just say I definitely stood out. But to heck with it I don't care what others think. 

Look, if you want it's cool with me.

You might remember this handmade vintage mini dress from a style post not long back. So in comparison I thought I'd tame it down with some shorts and flats with a lot of bending and crouching on kindy run to do.
Mini dress - op shopped
Shorts - are actually high waisted and were a Christmas gift two years ago
Large cane clutch - op shopped
Necklace and bangles - op shopped, silver bangle is an old one that was gifted to me last week
Shoes - hand me downs

As for this outfit, black and white are not a normal or in the vicinity of a favorite color combination for me but I wanted to try clashing polka dots and stripes together.
Skirt - gifted by the sweet Nelly who also has Vintage Wishes
Singlet - cheap retail buy as it's a breastfeeding singlet and I need that ease sometimes
Belt - hand me down
Dark Demin Vest - Op shopped
Wedges - Op shopped
Brooch - Op shopped 

Ok so I wore a mummy singlet and it did include black, but this is still by a far cry dressed up in compassion to the other mums on kindy run. Besides I think I got the polka dots with stripes sorted alright with this outfit and combination.


  1. A million times more gorgeous than any mums I see on the school run, in the summer here it's white vests with black bras underneath, ill-fitting jeans and dirty feet in flip-flops.
    I love seeing my blogging buddies wearing their favourite clothes in different ways like you in that awesome mini with the modest shorts and funky clutch and the sublime spots and stripes combo. Bet that mini would look amazing with a floppy hat and bell bottoms, too. xxxx

    1. Oh Vix thank you, such lovely words.
      And yes, yes, yes, yes to floppy hat and bell bottoms......she slinks off now in search of an awesome pair of bell bottoms. X

  2. You look lovely in both of these pictures, Trudie. I love that polka dot skirt! xx

    1. Thanks sweetie. I'm rather fond of the polka dot skirt it gets a bit of wear.

  3. oh I bet every mummy on the kindy run is home looking for funky mini dresses tonight. Loved that combo. Well done you!

    1. Lol perhaps they are off searching for a mini dress, now wouldn't that be funny if I started something.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Two really lovely looks, Trudie. I especially like the pink mini dress with the shorts. Being the mum that everyone looks at on the school run is great, take it as a compliment - I do! xxxx

    1. Thanks lovely. I do take it as compliment. I'm happy to take the risks and give it a go, so why not huh?

  6. The mini dress and shorts looks splendid.


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