Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2013 Week 7: My Wednesday Style Collective....

I know I griped recently about and suggested a wardrobe purge was imminent, but despite that I keep pressing on and surprising myself with the endless combinations I still come up with. I'm a bit like that sometimes I need a little gripe to blow out the cobwebs, it kind of clears the head and I can see new possibilities. A few other things are helping at the moment allowing me to find those new possibilities, they being the weather as it seems to be cooling down and secondly I've recently put on a few kilograms. Putting on and keeping on weight has always been an issue for me, but fortunately the extra few kilograms recently have allowed me to fit into some pieces that don't get much wear due to this battle.

This week we've had all sorts of weather and temperatures again, so pieces have been pulled from most seasons. One combination I thoroughly enjoyed wearing during the week was this sweet vintage skirt with a modern tank. The skirt comes with a matching jacket and belt, and with it being warm this particular day I opted for using the belt as a head band with a little buckle feature. Please excuse the poorer quality in pics this week it's been a hassle chasing good light and time to get pics.
Skirt - the accessorising queen Leisa
Tank - wardrobe basic bought retail ages ago
Wedges - retail
Headband - comes with skirt and matching jacket
Pearls - the Big V's wedding gift to me......awwww!

So I mentioned we've had all sorts of weather and temperatures and as a result I have some sort of chronic hay fever wannabe head cold happening. I wain between being totally stuffed up to sneezing fits where I wonder if they will ever end and coughing and spluttering ridiculously.  It's wrecking complete havoc on me, so when one is feeling sorry for themselves and a mummy friend wants to drop by and drink loads of tea with you, what do you do when you're not up to much in the styling stakes? Fake it until you make it, is my motto. The black dress is stock standard stretchy cotton which was given to me in a bag of hand me downs which I now wear to bed because it's comfy. So yes the answer is, yep I didn't get out of my pj's for my friend, I just washed my face brushed my hair, slapped on some face cream, added some colour with the cardie and tied in a vintage head scarf. See even on "sick days" vintage isn't far away and it lifts the mood to make an effort albeit still in my pj's.
Dress - hand me down
Cardie - op shopped
Scarf - op shopped
Belt - op shopped
Leopard Flats - retail

But come on let's face it, you wouldn't of known I was in my pj's would of you if I didn't say something, or has the lurgy infected my brain and logical processing? I'm deluded aren't I? I'm not fooling anyone!


  1. I have the opposite problem re: gaining it and me waistbands are tight, hah. Your outfits are too cute and by God I wish I cpuld pull off the pj all day look like you do!!!

    1. Thanks Sarah. Some days really are pj days, but it lays brightens the mood to do something nice for yourself.

  2. I think you look fantastic Trudie and I totally get the pj thing, sometimes I wear my day clothes to bed and sometimes I wear my pjs for half a day but that's just coz I'm lazy (not able to be stylish like you!)

    1. Just keeping it real with pj admission.

  3. Both creative and beautiful combinations! I love the belt as a head band idea! I have a collection of about 40 vintage belts which my nan gave me, but since she was so tiny waisted in the 60's and 70's, a good portion of them don't fit. This is the perfect use for them :)

    1. Ohhh the belt collection sounds divine.

  4. You look great in both outfits, the floral skirt is gorgeous an the belt as an lice band works well with your groovy bob.
    Hope you feel lots better soon. x

  5. Thanks Vix I do love the print on the skirt and the belt as an Alice band makes the outfit sort of sweet and matchy matchy I like it a lot.


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