My Vintage Childhood

My Vintage Childhood: January 2013

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Garage Sale that Unearthed an Epic Vintage Fabric Haul.....

Last weekend around the time we were trying to get the kids settled down before nap time, we had a visit from a friend of ours. She was all a buzz and talking at hundred miles an hour as she walked in the door. She was yabbering about why we hadn't been answering our phones or responding to her text messages. She had just been to a massive garage sale/deceased estate about ten minutes from my home that was going crazy. She informed us that they had been going for five weeks because the deceased women was a hoarder and among other things a sewer and quilter.

She gave me the heads up and said I needed to get over there as they were allowing people to fill fruit boxes of fabric for crazy prices. Our friend really isn't all that up on what's vintage or not, but she suspected some of it might be worth a look. So once the kids were napping I headed off with only the change rattling in my pocket and went for a rummage.

Looksie what I have, some fab vintage and retro fabrics and I didn't even fill the box. First up is this huge piece of what a suspect is barkcloth (any tips on correctly identifying barkcloth) I'm almost certain it is, I just want confirmation. It is a massive piece of Lyn Dore screen print fabric. It is utterly spectacular.

My next favorite score is this length of fabric in excess of three meters with gorgeous woodland creatures. I think it would be perfect for accents in a children's bedroom with a vintage theme.

Then we have to huge lengths of these retro print polyester fabrics, which I'm hoping to have turned into some maxi skirts perhaps.

Then finally you can't really pass up other colorful and cute kiddy beauties as well. The spotty fabric I'd love to see made into a swing top maybe and the other bright colorful one would you believe is a dress that hasn't been finished and only needs to be sewn up the sides.

Pretty cool fabric haul don't you think?


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2012 Week 3: My Wednesday Style Collective.......

Yes I know I ranted on yesterday about a wardrobe purge and styling woes, but yet I'm here with two combinations I don't think I've shown before. Reasons being is that these options are strictly for summer.

I've actually wanted to show off this skirt for the longest time, it is on of my most favourite skirts. It was bought in The Valley (in Brisbane) at the markets years ago for fifty cents. It's handmade and each scallop on the bottom of the skirt and on the pockets has embroided flowers and edging. For some reason this skirt always garners attention and I have seriously had pleads from people wanting to buy it off me. Weird, but true and kind of awkward when I'm wearing it.

Kept in simple for a barefoot day at home with my little people and the short sleeve got ditched when it got hot all the sudden whilst taking pics.
Skirt - market buy 50 cents
Tank - cheap retail buy for $5 last season 
Cardie - hand me down

Another hot summers day and a little number to get a work out, is this cotton short play suit in green tones with a slight retro floral feel to it. Does the job keeps me cool, I look a little stylish even with white legs and is easy to wear with the little people in tow.
Play suit - hand me down
Beads - op shopped
Shoes - gifted

Pretty simple combinations but simple is a necessity in Queensland heat.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Finding Direction with a Creative Dream with Kids....

So I've blabbed on a bit recently about my unexpected Christmas and my start to 2013. It's left me not where I thought I would be with the dawn of the new year with big plans for my business and blog. But a little business meeting come catch up this week, has me seeing the ability to start plotting and planning dates again. You might remember my chance meeting with a lovely lady at a party late last year. Well meetings of the minds have been had this week and we are working towards my first shop display in March, giving her enough time and space to clear things after her florist shops busiest day of the year being Valentines Day.

It's exciting, signage has been discussed, position, exposure has also been discussed as well, so I'm left with some extra planning time for which I'm inadvertently grateful for. It's been hard to find traction after an ill start to the year, but this weeks meeting and other goings on have helped things immensely. Sure the timeline of my intended plans for this time of the year are out of whack, but I'm going to get there the goal posts just have to be pushed back a month or two.

My Sweet Little Boy's gift to mummy after our meeting. Gosh that kid has my heart.

So the lesson being learnt here and perhaps a message for other mummas out there trying to forge opportunities and businesses with kids in tow, is this:

Be kind to yourself, if your dream and desire is true, you'll find a way. The way might not always be on your schedule but as long as you keep chasing your dreams with intent to actualise them into something tangible, you'll be fine, you'll get there.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2013 Week 2: My Wednesday Style Collective......

Goodness me the heat here in the last week has been so oppressing that there hasn't been much dressing up at all going on. Yep that's right I've resorted to undies and singlets and bikinis when in the yard with the kids. But in the last two days we've had a little cool change, so it's nice to actually dress oneself appropriately.

I've been dying to share this gorgeous number that the sweet, sweet Leisa gifted me. It's a gorgeous Kenwall frock and it has pockets, which I so love. It's so easy to wear and comfy and just perfect for a quick little business meeting and check in yesterday.

Dress - sweet, sweet Leisa
Shoes - gifted
Bag - Guess: gifted by the inlaws

Monday morning we also managed a quick little jaunt out to my favourite op shop at the opening of their new location. It was lovely to see everyone after the Christmas break. Their new location is lovely, and their just waiting on a few finishing touches in the way of shelving installed so that they will have all their regular stock to rummage through.

I mixed things up and went the old elastic waisted maxi skirt worn as a strapless dress trick. Layered with t-shirt weight vest. You might remember seeing the skirt. The skirt/dress isn't particularly well lined and rather transparent if you're standing in the right or wrong light depending on who you ask. But once again recently I've said to heck with it, just go with it, I feel fine and if people want to look they're going to look, but seriously they're not going to see much other than a silhouette.
Skirt - hand me down
T-Shirt Vest - shopped my wardrobe (retail years ago)
Necklace - gifted 
Sandals - hand me down

Considering the heat here recently, I'm pretty pleased to have been able to rustle up these combinations, cool change or not both of these options are lightweight and breezy enough to stay cool in the heat.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 Week 1: My Wednesday Style Collective......

Finally I'm going to start getting back into the swing of things after being so ill. Any sense of fashion, style or care has fallen to the wayside being ill over Christmas. There were a lot of days laying on the lounge in singlets and knickers, not really blog worthy stuff unless that sort of stuff rocks your boat.

But here I am with a little easy combo I wore last Friday for another trip into the hospital to sort some out-patient debacle with my results. It really was easy style (cheats style) but I tried my best considering how I have been feeling. I generally try and steer clear of wearing black as a block colour at all costs, it's just not my thing most of the time. But this day I needed comfort, so I went for this modern stretchy cotton short dress with ribbed bust that a friend passed on to me. Then I mixed it up with a vintage belt and bag and some colourful accessories, otherwise without that I wouldn't of left the house thinking the black would be too miserable on me.

Dress - from a friend
Belt - op shopped
Shoes - from a friend
Bag - op shopped
Flower brooch - made by me 

Again with cheats style another non-vintage tunic/mini dress, I had more follow up with the doctors so comfort was key again. I also thought what the heck go short with the mini dress and get a spring back in my step. I recently spruced up this piece in my down time and added the lace at the bust, to pretty it up a little. I'm not normally one for lace, but I think this is a nice touch with the denim.

Dress - shopped my wardrobe (retail buy 4 years ago)
Shoes - from a friend

So there we have my first style post for the year......yay I'm back on the horse.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

We're here it's 2013....

I hope everyone's New Years celebrations were safe and happy ones. If you're of the resolution making persuasion I'm wishing you luck in your commitment, achievement and fulfilment of your goals this year. With the rather sickly end to 2012 for me I have not put any thought or energy into goals, lists or resolutions. That's not to say I'm unmotivated for 2013, far from it in fact there are many hopes on the horizon for this year. But I always believe the universe is giving us subtle messages and reminders. So I feel I've been reminded recently that things always turn out so much better for me when I let things happen organically.

Therefore my resolution (if you even want to call it that) is to keep being open, inspired and realistic and let things happen and fall into place when the time is right. Of course I have plans for all aspects of my life but I'm not holding myself to the pressure of deadlines. I'm a positive, good person and active participant in my life, and my feeling is that I will be perfectly where I need to be a year from now whatever that may be.

Resolution and New Year talk aside, updates here are that I'm still on the mend, for those who don't know I have been particularly ill over the Christmas break. I'm off tomorrow to the hospital for follow up tests and so forth for other matters that popped up during this whole process. I hope to be back on deck here just as soon as I can, until then those two little ones pictured above need extra cuddles because this mumma has really been out of the game with these health woes.

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