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My Vintage Childhood: February 2013

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

2013 Week 8: My Wednesday Style Collective.....

This is going to be so much easier doing style collective posts now that I've announced belly babe and I'm not keeping a secret. So it's going to be all about developing and evolving style again, as I try to work more vintage into my pregnancy wardrobe. With my previous pregnancies I've struggled with my vintage style, due to a variety of reasons. One being a knee jerk reaction to the grief of losing my twin girls halfway through my pregnancy, which resulted in me having next to nothing (literally and very seriously) in my wardrobe, as a result my wardrobe has been in recovery ever since.

With this being my last pregnancy this is quite possibly going to be my first chance at feeling as though I can really stay true to my vintage loving style with a growing belly. From time to time I'm also going to be able to show off some of my business and shop stock, those special vintage maternity pieces that will be available for purchase. But there's nothing better than an appropriate model, a bit of fun and showing off right?

Well at fifteen and bit weeks some items in my wardrobe are still affording me some time and space for wear, but they won't much longer. So here are two combinations this week, that may soon be relegated to the back of wardrobe until after baby's arrival. Oh and I've convinced the Ben to help with some outdoor photo taking albeit on the weekend when the kids are napping but hey I'll take it.

Dress - the sweet Nelly again at Vintage Wishes
Shoes - retail
Glasses - my back up pair.

This is one of my around home combinations this week whilst having a mummy friend visiting for a play date with the little ones.

Black Tee - op shopped
Skirt - market buy years ago in The Valley in Brisbane, from a vintage sheet.
Beads - op shopped
Wedges - op shopped

I think it's the last wear I can squeeze out of this skirt, until post baby. But onwards and upwards there's some vintage pregnancy style to get stuck into and I for one am excited about a dress that I'm just dying to wear that I recently acquired it's going to do double duty from now and through the cooler months.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Great outfits of TV and movies.......

A few weeks back we had a mid week albeit early movie night with our little people. The movie of choice was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with the glorious Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka. A movie of chocolate to drool over and what do you think I was thinking about? I'll give you a hint, it wasn't the Oompa Loompas.

I found myself once again like I had as a kid, transfixed by Willy Wonky's purple velvet coat. Of course when I announced out aloud to the Ben, how I'd love to own that coat, and told him how amazing it was and I could rock it. 

I was met with the you're ridiculous look, and the comment: is that all you think about when you watch these old movies and shows? Um yeah, pretty much I can't help it!!!!! I always watch these favourite old movies and TV shows, taking mental notes of patterns and designs of pieces I like and then dream a little what it might be like to find these type of pieces.

But come on let's face it we all do it, don't we? Who hasn't watched The Wizard of Oz and imagined those ruby red slippers with blue socks upon their feet. Seriously isn't it like every vintage girls dream?

So it got me to thinking what are the shows and movies that have made you swoon over the casts wardrobe. What are those standout pieces and outfits from those movies and shows that you would walk over hot coals for if they were being offered to you. I'm seriously interested to hear what's on your list, I'll give you some time to think about it, I've got my own list to blog, but please share with me your lists.

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

SPECIAL Style Collective: Not to be missed weekend Style Post.....

I have been holding on for a chance to show off my first ever genuine 1950's dress, that I bought last year the day that Celia and I worked together on the vintage styling event. I know every day should be a special day donning some vintage. But because this is such a sweet dress that I'm smitten with and because this is a late and special addition style post I thought I'd save it for a special post.

She's a beauty this dress and the great thing about many dresses of the 1950's is they look utterly divine styled to the nines with all accompanying vintage finery. But they also lend themselves to sweet modern styling and accessorising too.

One of the things I love the most about this dress is the skirt, that full skirt, the fit the way it falls. It makes me feel all lady and does the most splendid job of fitting me and hiding all manner of things, but there is one thing I can't hide much longer.

Front on style pics are just not going to do anymore, I've been keeping secrets. Ben and I are expecting another sweet addition to the brood in August. Pretty much smack bang around my 35th birthday. Oh and before you ask, yes I did tell a little fib in my style post this week, about putting weight on. It is still very true I struggle with putting weight on, but the reasons why things are a little different at the moment are now obvious as you see. I'm sure you'll forgive the white lie won't you?

It is an incredibly big leap (a leap of faith) to be doing any sort of announcement post especially rolled into a style post, if you are aware of my significant pregnancy history and loss. But I shan't speak anymore about that just now, I'll save it for another type of post very soon.

For now it's a time for me and my wee little family to be hopeful, happy and positive and share this exciting news with you all. It's a big brave step for me and in my healing process in the last five years to be at a point of comfort and optimism to be opening myself to sharing this all with you and as candidly as I will.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What's your thrift to retail ratio?

This is not a sponsored post
These days there are few things I shop retail for, but with a size nine foot it's a little tricky to score nice or even vintage shoes when op shopping. I imagine sometimes that amongst the gorgeous women of the fifties and sixties; that had I been around I may have been somewhat a giant at 5 ft 8" especially when in heels.

So when it comes to my feet, I like to have enough shoe options in my wardrobe, so I often look at retail stores. With Autumn approaching I thought I would add a few fun pairs of flats to the wardrobe. I also can't help when it comes to the cooler or winter months to look for colour and fun in shoes to brighten the mood.
I picked up both of these pairs from Kmart. The leopard/animal pair are a necessity for any women's wardrobe in my opinion. Whether you wear heels, flats, wedges, I truly believe every women should have a pair of leopard/animal print shoes they go with so many other patterns and colours, they're a classic as far as I'm concerned. So of course these were picked up out of complete necessity as my other leopard flats have died and my other animal print pair I still own are wedges.....see I've got to have options.

Secondly I'm utterly in love with this orange pair of suedette flat, I love mixing edgy and funky things like these with feminine outfits. It's fun adding a touch of the unexpected. I can see myself seeking any and every excuse to wear these; orange really makes me smile.

I'm curious though how much retail shopping do you do in comparison to your op shopping buys (including vintage purchases, fairs, markets, garage sales, jumbles sales etc)? With the exception of eighty percent of my shoes, underwear and some basic tees throughout the year with a few other buys here and there I'd say I have an 80% thrift to 20% retail ration . It's therefore why I look for inexpensive cheerful options, like these flats to add extra punch to my wardrobe and stylings. 

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Trying Vintage without Feeling Like a Try Hard......

Yep today I'm gallivanting elsewhere, I'm blog sitting over at Rachel's at Redcliffe Style today, whilst she's away. I've popped in there to say hi to all her lovely readers and to talk about: 

Rachel is a gorgeous fellow Queensland blogger who writes a light-hearted blog about lifestyle, fashion, beauty and blogging and she royally cracks me up with some of her posts and sense of humour. So please feel free to pop on over and say hi today, and let me know what you think about my tips for trying vintage style without feeling like a try hard.

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Buying Childhood Reminders in Thrift Shop Finds.....

Last Sunday I took up my whole finds post to show you one glorious book, and I have yet another wonderful vintage children's book find to share.

The inside cover designs are incredibly sweet. I'm particularly smitten with these ones too. Seriously it's hard not to swoon over vintage pixie-like illustrations, don't you think?

Here's another great find and childhood blast from the past a Denise the Menace hardback comic book.

Then finally and totally not book related, who remembers these drawing stencils as a kid?

I have very, very early memories of playing with these tracing around them with pencils on butchers paper mum saved from meat shopping each week. I bought these recently for no other reason then they connected me to an actual flash of memory from my childhood and having no possessions from childhood it was once again just one of those things I had to do for myself.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2013 Week 6: My Wednesday Style Collective.....

My kindy run outfits and general fabulousness continues this week. Gee that sounds a bit up ones self doesn't it? Oh well if you can't bask in your own wonder who's can you, right? So this past week I busted out some combinations I was really pleased with, and two in a particular were these numbers.
This handmade dress has lots going on that you can't see and in coming weeks you'll see it a couple times over as I show it off in different ways. It is actually a reversible dress made from two vintage seersucker tablecloths. It also features an interesting back to the dress, but I'm sorry to tease I don't have a pic of the back (ok I forgot) but I will feature it in another style post.

Dress - another sweet number for Nelly at Vintage Wishes
Black Tee - op shopped
Shoes - op shopped
Beads - op shopped

For a little bit of floaty fun this week I took this strapless dress and wore it as a skirt. This dress is a vintage revamped upcycled number I bought from a market years ago. I teamed the skirt with the same black tee from the outfit above and added complimentary accessories.
Dress as Skirt - market buy
Black Tee - op shopped
Shoes - Retail
All accessories - op shopped

I love doing these style posts especially when I can look back and say to myself gee I really loved how that outfit came together it's such a great catalogue to look back on see what's working for you and what isn't..

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentines Day: Paper Storybook Fortune Cookies.....

Have you got a little something sweet sort for your lover, lover, your or your secret sweetheart for Valentines Day? Do you need an idea that's super quick fun and affordable?

I've stumbled upon the idea of paper fortune cookies before on the interwebs, so I thought I'd give it ago with some pages from an old vintage children's book that couldn't be salvaged and I tweaked the method of making them a little for what I thought was a better result for me.

What you will need is ::

  • old storybook pages or other paper you desire, heavier weighted papers work better, but if the paper is from a book that is too old the pages may be brittle and not give you the results you desire.
  •  scissors
  • pencil
  • hot glue gun
  • small piece of plain paper to write your message of love

The How To Stuff ::

1. First up trace out your circles I haven't pictured this step as it's rather easy and obvious I used a lid from a sugar bowl to make a sweet sized fortune cookies.

2. Using scissors cut out your circles......easy done right?

3. Have your circles and messages of love so!

4. Put the message of love aside for a second and gently fold your circle in half to create a light crease in the centre, then repeat the process by folding the other way.....again gently so you have faint delicate creases.

5. Take your message of love (you can fold it in half if you like) and then place hot glue on one side of the circle like in the pic. Hold in place until the glue takes.

6. Then gently push out with your finger the internal shape and then gently pinch the semi circle shape until it forms a gentle shape like this. At the middle point where the two sides meet place another dab of hot glue and hold.

7. You're done. Perhaps you can sneak one into your beloved's lunch box or present them win a jar of further cookie messages, it's up to you.

Of course this doesn't have to be just a Valentine's Day craft, you could do these for a dinner party with witty little jokes for your guest or heartfelt compliments.

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Truly Enchanting Vintage Children's Story Book Illustrated by Anne & Janet Grahame Johnstone.....

I am so excited to share this recent acquisitions, I've been on another run of nabbing some awesome vintage children's and collectible books. So I'm going to jump straight to it and show you my favourite this Dean's Gift Book of Fairy Tales. I had an idea when I saw Dean's on the title of the book that I might be on to a winner, as I already possess some other Dean Publications books which are rare and from the 1950's. The illustrations in this 1967 book are delightful and I am totally smitten with the design in the inside of the front and back cover. 

Aren't they amazing?

I have a wee bit of research to follow through on involving the works of the illustrators of this book Anne and Janet Grahame Johnstone, who were quite prolific children's books illustrators in Britain in the 1950's - 1960's and beyond. Their story is amazing, they were twins an up until the death of Janet in 1979 they never solely illustrated a book individually, until that time all their work had been done together. Here is the Wiki link to their story and a bit of history about them, absolutely worth a few minutes of your time for the read. Some of their most noted work was with Dodie Smith the author of One Hundred and One Dalmatians and Edin Blyton's, The Enchanted Wood which is noted as being one of the twins most collectible works of illustrations.

My online investigations regarding this title, and regarding what dealers are selling this title for have thrown me some seriously crazy results. Let's just say some results indicate I could take myself out for dinner at the local Indian place I love if I sold it at one particular price. However other results indicate that it I could treat myself to a night away somewhere nice. I'm holding out to consult with a vintage/antique book dealer friend of ours. I have however become rather fond of the twins story (being a twin angel mumma myself) and I'm rather fond of holding on to this book and starting a collection of the books they have illustrated.

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Op shop addictions, you know you can't help yourself.....

Tell me what is on your list of op shop/thrift store items that try as you might and as many as you have you can't pass up. Come on you know what I'm talking about. We're not talking frocks and clothing because let's face it, that's a given, what are those other little buys you can't let go, like the chocolate you sneak into the weekly grocery shop.

My list is varied and maybe a little surprising....
  • Old wide blade and or bone handle butter knives, the Ben loves how they swipe his bread in one go. He is forever reminding me if I see them to grab them.
  • Padded crocheted coat hangers, well nice ones that is. Why? Because they keep your vintage frocks hanging so much nicer than wooden, wire or plastic hangers
  • Vintage print sheets, this one is kind of a given to any op shopping mad vintage lover. But I've got quite a collection and I'm convinced I need more to put together gorgeous mismatched sets for Sarah's room. I have two of several prints, perhaps I should do a swap with someone.

  • Vintage print scarves, I turn these things over like no ones business. I have been known to have loads of them and then I'll spring clean them. I gift a lot of them. Sell some then re-donate others. But I always have a drawer fall of them, I just can't pass them up, I wear them on my head, tie them to a bag, use them as belts and more. But I can't stop buying them.
  • Lego, if you've been a Lego kid, have kids or in my case have a husband who grew up with Lego being their main choice of toy of entertainment, one must purchase any random bags of Lego. Apparently by the Ben's standards there can never be too much Lego.
So that's just some of the items I just can't leave alone, try as I might. I don't think any of them are a nasty habit. But I know there must be some of you out there that just seriously can't stop yourself with certain things even if they serve no practical need at home. Now's the time to fess, come on tell Trudie.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2013 Week 5: My Wednesday Style Collective......

Although I think I do a pretty good of reworking what I have in my wardrobe, I have been trying to look deeper to re-hash outfits and garments that you may have seen in the past. After reading Vix's recent post the other day and seeing how she can work and rework a vintage maxi and make it look sublime each time, there is really no excuse for the rest of us right?

So with our new routines here starting last week, it now means I'm a kindy mum. It was a rather interesting experience from my mummy fashion style perspective, I ain't like everyone else's mum. It's apparent that plain shorts with plain singlets and black, oh and thongs (flip flops) are a mummy's uniform here at least for summer. I'm glad I didn't get the uniform memo because I think I would have revolted. These are just two ensembles I put together last week for kindy run and getting out and about afterwards. In my mind they aren't terribly out there, or all that different but lets just say I definitely stood out. But to heck with it I don't care what others think. 

Look, if you want it's cool with me.

You might remember this handmade vintage mini dress from a style post not long back. So in comparison I thought I'd tame it down with some shorts and flats with a lot of bending and crouching on kindy run to do.
Mini dress - op shopped
Shorts - are actually high waisted and were a Christmas gift two years ago
Large cane clutch - op shopped
Necklace and bangles - op shopped, silver bangle is an old one that was gifted to me last week
Shoes - hand me downs

As for this outfit, black and white are not a normal or in the vicinity of a favorite color combination for me but I wanted to try clashing polka dots and stripes together.
Skirt - gifted by the sweet Nelly who also has Vintage Wishes
Singlet - cheap retail buy as it's a breastfeeding singlet and I need that ease sometimes
Belt - hand me down
Dark Demin Vest - Op shopped
Wedges - Op shopped
Brooch - Op shopped 

Ok so I wore a mummy singlet and it did include black, but this is still by a far cry dressed up in compassion to the other mums on kindy run. Besides I think I got the polka dots with stripes sorted alright with this outfit and combination.

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Notice to Op Shop Volunteers, I'm not a bad parent.....

If you're an op shopping loving mumma like me I'm sure what I'm about to talk about, you'll have either experienced and or have been witness to when out and about thrifting. If you're a parent and you like to op shop, you might be much like me and often have your children with you when you visit stores. I have three children who are currently six years old and under, so it's rare to have child free days to visit op shops. For the main part when op shopping with the kids we have a great time together. The kids get to play with toys whilst I rummage around, I'll often sit on shop floors and read books to them, occasionally I will buy a small toy and we often visit parks afterwards, before or in between shops and so much more.

Don't get me wrong I'm not lugging them around on op shopping adventures with me every other day of the week for my selfish desires, far, far, far from it. But yes just as a trip to the supermarket for groceries or to the post office they are with me, it's life, and that's how it is. 

But I have bee under my bonnet at the moment with op shop volunteers who feel that it's their entitled position to tell my children how inappropriate their behaviour is when I'm there dealing with situations, and who continue on to tell them they are naughty and a handful. Not only that they then discuss audibly with other staff and other shoppers my child's behaviour, because my child is having a bad moment. Now before you think I'm being precious about this, I take exception to this type of occurrence because I'm a very hands on parent. So when these situations arise I'm on it straight away dealing with the situation, and I'm in dialogue with my child about what is happening and how they are feeling. In all the time my children have been op shopping with me they have never broken an item in a store, they have always been expected to pack away toys and books they have pulled off shelves (which I assist them with). Then on the rare occasion my child may have caused a disruption they have always been expected to try make an apology in some way.

But this here is a note to those shop volunteers who feel it's necessary to belittle my child and imply to others I have poor parenting skills. STOP........seriously can't you stop for a second and see the difference between a mum who trying to address a situation and engaging with her child to resolve their issues.  I frequently see and hear about parents who let their children run wild in stores, break things, make no attempts to resolve damages with staff, make a mess and don't clean up, make a scene and make no effort to deal with the situation. I realise these other mums who don't address these challenges with their kids may have struggles up against them with their children, and I'm not stupid I realise that as we live with it ourselves. 

But seriously dear op shop volunteer you are often from an older generation, you possibly have several children of your own (albeit all grown up now) and many grand and great-grand children as I hear from many of you. How about you give a mum a break from your criticism of her and her child. You may be part of the older generation and you've done the hard yards with your children, but it doesn't mean because you've gone before me you know better than me on how to deal with my child. 

Surely you remember what it's like to have those moments with your child, where they don't display their best behaviour and you're left dealing with a difficult situation. Didn't you just wish at those times, that someone had said something kind to you, told you to take your time, offered you a hand or a cup of tea.

I'm not a bad parent, my child is just having a moment, and your interjection is making it worse because they don't know you and you're being horrible in front of them to the person that loves them the most, their mum. 

Back off and give me some space to deal with the situation, we will be out of your way just as soon as you do so. Please don't forget you're the face of a charity and it's just as easy for me to stop shopping at your store and not donate and take my business, charity and goodwill elsewhere.

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sweet Vintage Baby Christening Cards for Boys and Girls.....

As many of you know I have my little children's vintage business and I search high and low in all sorts of places, directions and locations on and off line to acquire stock.

I figure just because I acquire something for stock, it shouldn't always miss out on being shared here on the blog. It's a lovely treat to share these large vintage baby christening cards.

I love the imagery on these cards, I'm so fond of vintage and retro children's prints and imagery there is so much sweetness and innocence in them, something that is often lost these days. These could so easily be converted into sweet framed pictures in the right little ones room, don't you think?

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