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My Vintage Childhood: March 2013

Monday, March 25, 2013

Unexpected bird watching and a lesson in business....

Do you know when packing a bag to go bird watching what the essential list items to take are? You do know? What about if you're a nearly four year old, would that change your list? Well Cohen's essential list (mind you I should say suggested list which we had to edit down) yesterday included:

  • Skipping rope, because that's what you do when bird watching right?
  • Full body, voice animated Buzz Lightyear costume with inflatable wings, essential I would say wouldn't you? I'll let you conjure up the mental image of inflatable wings and the attempted effort of said child to put into small backpack.
  • Binoculars, now where getting somewhere with this sensible inclusion!
  • Change of clothes in case we get wet......umm ok where are these birds we're going to watch?
  • Pencils and sketch book, makes sense you might want to document your adventure.

Do you also know what one of the essential activities to do when bird watching as a family is to do? Yep that's right run around in circles! Ah ha, it's true Cohen, told me. Yesterday we had a day of work planned in our garage with more market preparations and the Ben with his head down in wood work. But when Cohen started to orchestrate the morning in the most comical of fashions we had to say to ourselves we will work harder another day and let our little Master direct a morning outing.

We ended up at Mount Tamborine for a walk to Curtis Falls. We heard lots of birds and only saw a few, they were quick so we didn't get much of a chance to snap any pics. But that's why a sketchbook and pencils come in handy.

The take away lesson from the weekend :: 

It's all well and good to be working hard on projects, but it's important to take a break, step away and make time for the important things and people in your life. It's a tricky balance being a stay at home mum, trying to carve a balance between family and business. What I've learnt some time back, and continue to learn is that balance and time is always changing with my child's needs and development. Don't be hard on yourself, just keep re-accessing and changing your goal posts things don't have to be set in stone. With a young family things really should be fluid and forever changing.

I hope everyone had a a sweet weekend with comical childlike moments.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Collaborations and in store Vintage Children's Display.....

I've been busting to be able to get this post done and that day has finally come. Yesterday was the day it all became a reality and my shop display for My Vintage Childhood finally went into place at Ele-Gant Blooms at Upper Coomera here on the Gold Coast. We were delayed last week after Leanne (owner) and I talked and brainstormed and expanded on ideas, so we held off until this week. I'm so grateful that yesterday ended up being "the" day it finally went into place, because I changed my stock selection during that week for this display, after our brainstorming.

I'm pleased with the delay and my change in mind of stock for the display, because it has come together perfectly. The frocks I've selected have just ended up being a perfect selection for this wonderful window position. Looking in to the store you see this stunning girls 1970's bell sleeve cotton dress (which mind you if it was adult size would be in my wardrobe right now).

I have six garments in total on this hat stand and a basket of other goodies at the base. When standing at the shop counter the gorgeous pink floral short sleeve girls 1970's maxi just draws your eye over to my little corner. It's just all come together magically and fantastically and I couldn't be more pleased to be working with such a supportive person in Leanne.

This is such a wonderful opportunity I have with this working relationship, with all its possibilities and potential, and I'm so incredibly thankful once again to be supported, encouraged and enthused by the right people.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Tale of the Hartholz Fondue Pot and the Quirky Mega Brooch.....

I demonstrated some real self control this week in my thrifting adventures. Would you believe I passed on a vintage sheet set and Nellyware. True story, I had them at the counter ready to checkout and made the call at the last minute not to take them. Many deciding factors ran through my mind in those few moments, but I'm pleased I did. One has to be discerning and critical when on a mission to achieve goals at present.

But despite that it's always a treat to pick up vintage items that show the tell tale signs of never being used like this Hartholz fondue pot. It still has it's sticker on the bottom of the pot. Look see! It's a shame though that the stand and forks were no where to be seen, but there was no way I was leaving this beauty behind.

On the other end the scale and a totally random find, sometimes you just can't pass up a quirky little something for fifth cents. This little sweetie has been turned into a mega brooch.

There's just something about her and I couldn't leave her to languish at the bottom of a craft box. Now she will be much loved and have many an outing I'm sure.

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

2013 Week 9: My Wednesday Style Collective....

Well I hadn't even realised until I went to put this post together that this weeks outfits are modern frocks with thrifted and vintage accessories. Both of these dresses were gifted/hand me downs in a bag of clothes from a friend on separate occasions. Both dresses have kept me suitably comfortable with a growing belly. Lets face it too, who doesn't love a maxi and some accessorising.

This first dress was nearly destined for the charity box, because I wasn't convinced that the print was me, nor are the shirred straps and bust. But the colours were speaking to me, so I thought I'd style it to hide the negatives (albeit in my eyes) and play to the positives like the colours. I must say when this combination came together I was really please and when I caught up with a friend and I was wearing this outfit she kept raving about how nice it looked. So I guess that's a win win for the thrifted, hand me down modern outfit.
Dress - gifted/hand me down
Cardie - op shopped
Belt - op shopped
Bangles - chunky green op shopped & silver thin bangle gifted
Flower Brooch - made by me
Ballet Flats - cheap retail buy a few seasons ago.

This second dress you might remember seeing not long back before Christmas. Well here it is having another outing with different styling again. This combination came out of sheer desperation and one of those mornings when one is pregnant and nothing seems to look the way you want it and it's either too hot and you'd rather just get around in bra and knickers. Anyways I digress.
Dress - gifted/hand me down
Belt - op shopped (can you even see I'm wearing one?)
Scarf - op shopped
Tooled Leather Bag - op shopped (click here for a closer look at it)
Layered Button Ring - made by me
Leopard Ballet Flats - retail

In all I think I did okay bringing these two combinations together. Neither dress I would wear by it's own with minimal to no accessories as they aren't me as stand alone pieces but mixed with my thrifted and vintage accessorises I give them a pass at least for now. To be honest neither frock will likely stay in my wardrobe beyond this pregnancy, but I might convince myself to turn the first dress into a maxi skirt, we will see.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Understanding me, pregnancy and my dreams....

Most of you know by now that I made an announcement a few weeks back and we are expecting another little bundle joy to be joining our brood. So I thought I'd bare my soul a little more here and answer some questions, clear some things up and share bits and pieces with you about this pregnancy and our journey to be parents.

I know this is not a post you would normally read here, but it's very important to me personally so I hope you will indulge me. As some readers who have followed me from my old blog to here know (and for those who don't know) that the Ben and I have had a rocky road with pregnancy and loss. This baby I'm carrying now is not my third pregnancy, my fourth and even my fifth pregnancy, it's in fact my sixth pregnancy. We have said goodbye to four sweet angels in five years, including our twin girls half way through my first pregnancy. I have blogged the rawness and heartbreak on my old blog, you are welcomed to read more there and here but be warned I have bared everything there and not held back.
What others may or may not know is that as a result of Elle and Meg's loss and subsequent losses between Cohen and Sarah, I suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I have also been challenged by Obsessive Compulsive ritualistic thoughts, which I've hinted at here on the blog with references to my wardrobe being in a rebuild mode. These two factors present me with challenges and spikes with my disorders because even with my successful pregnancies I have had big scares and threatened losses. But hey I must grow fighters too (not to say my others weren't) because I have Cohen and Sarah to show for things.

Now having said all of the above I have been determined to push through all the losses and challenges to find my bliss, my happiness and my joy in life. Despite everything and the dark moments, I chase a fulfilled life constantly and smile and rejoice in my blessings each day. With all my hang ups and issues aside, I'm determined with this pregnancy to push the boundaries on my fears to give myself the best chance and last chance (this will be our last babe) to enjoy and do all the things I've been too fearful of every other time since Elle and Meg. It's therefore a massive deal to me personally to be sharing things openly here, even being brave enough to continue to do style posts and not bury my head in the sand.

I just wanted to take a moment with this post to share more of me with you, so you understand me and this journey a little better. I feel safe in doing so because I have only ever encountered support, love and kindness through this beautiful blogging community. With all that being said there is a baby to grow, joys to be had and I hope you'll indulge me with pregnancy and baby posts. But if you know me well enough, and I think most of you do by now, you'll know somehow, someway everything ends up taking on a vintage spin.

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