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My Vintage Childhood: April 2013

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Longed for Vintage Willow Sifter....

It's always a thrill to score a much desired and longed for vintage piece. Especially if it's been on the longed for list for the last eighteen years. What's more there's some sweet simplicity if it's just something simple that has you thrilled that you finally have stumbled on such a find. I'm talking about this here vintage "Willow" sifter.
I told you it was a simple find that has put a wide smile on my face. Growing up my mum had one of these old sifters with a very worn orange floral to it. I have always, always wanted one of my own and have cursed many times at modern sifters and their stupidity at not being able to clean properly. Seriously the design of some things should just never be changed. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

It's not that I haven't seen these old sifters in my op shopping travels in the last eighteen years since moving from my parents, but they have always been beaten up and not worthy of a spot in my kitchen (gee that sounds a bit prejudice towards beaten up sifters....sorry). But now I have a little beauty that is going to be pretty and functional. Now I best get going and get to it, I've got some baking to do with my little people and things to sift.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

2013 Week 16: My Wednesday Style Collective.....

Hooray for cooler temperatures, long sleeves, heavier fabrics, dressing up more, good times and nights out. As always there has been so much going on here in the MVC house. Our past week and in particular our past weekend has been a busy one and both Ben and I were able to indulge in some individual time out. It's rare we get time together but it's also important that we have our own separate time out to and that we did. Sunday night I headed out with some of the gorgeous mummas from my ABA group for a yummy Indian dinner. Because it was a rare night out for me, of course it had to be an occasion for a frock, and this one was perfect for the cooler night temperatures.

Pics taken following morning
Dress - we darling birdie Leisa
Belt - op shopped
Shoes - retail
1950's Bow Brooch - passed on to me by my mother in law

I love, love, love this dress. I don't normally do dresses in black or black background to it. But the floral in this dress you can see has so many delicious colours in it to play up to, that it's hard not to love it.

Moving on to what one wears for a quick step out to the local op shop. I know you think I'm lying when I say quick trip. Maybe not so quick! I wore the dress you may remember seeing before but I've styled it for the slightly cooler temps. I was a little uncertain at first about the detail on my shoulders and how it worked with the overall look. But heck sometimes I think you've just got to go with it and see what the reaction is. So out we went and, compliments were given, so polka dots and strips with sparkly shoulders are a win, so there you go.
Dress - 1980's polka dot overall dress - eBayStriped Tee - op shopped
Brooch - I know she's getting lots of blog outing but I love her - I converted to a brooch myself
Silver Thin Bangle - gifted
Shoes - retail ages ago

I'm really enjoying my pregnancy stylings. Sure some weeks with a growing bump, I feel at a loss as to what I'm going to bring together. But so far, so good I'm on track and feeling as though I haven't succumbed to modern maternity stylings.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

When others Understand your Love of Vintage and Send Packages of Glory....

Yesterday afternoon the Big V arrived home early from work and through the door he carried a huge package. He joked and suggested that I had been neck deep in online shopping he was unaware of, not that he would really care but it was he's attempt of joking about the situation. Anyways I was utterly stunned at this weighty package from the glorious and delightful Allison from Just Underneath.

There is just something about receiving lovely gifts from blogging pals, it makes it that little more special when you've never once had a chance to meet in person but they think of you and spend a little time bundling something together for you, just because.

This just because package left me gobsmacked and touched and ever so grateful. I'm hopeful that with the ingenious styling tricks I'll be sporting a few of these pieces in a style post sometime soon.
1.First up is this ever so lovely crochet white vest for the hippy in me. 2.A non-vintage but could easily pass as vintage denim print maxi a-line skirt. I'm seeing the vest and skirt coming together can't you? 3.A beautiful bright red jacket. 4.A lovely beaded coat hanger. My first beaded one as my others are crocheted, knitted and padded ones. 5.Finally a lovely long length of this fabulous fabric, which will now join my collection of fabrics that are destined for maxi skirts I think.

If I haven't said it enough I'll say it again our little vintage loving and blogging community in general is such a wonderful one. It truly has added so many positives to my life over the years, as well as new friends who get me, my passions and my crazy. Allison my sweet thank you so much once again, I truly feel spoilt. X

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

{Business} What's news and a question for you....

I continue to do business update posts and how we are moving forward with things, because I want to inspire and encourage others (especially stay at home mums) who have been dreaming up little dreams for themselves. I want to show that with time and patience you can weave your way. If you do have a little business or something you're weaving your way with or dreaming of it, please consider answering the question at the end of this post. I'd love to hear about your stories and dreams.

Most of you know by now that a lot of hours have gone into getting ready for My Vintage Childhood for the weekend market scene. Despite the cancellation of our first market this past weekend due to torrential rain, there is still other news to share.

Now that we are fully market ready, I have extra time up my sleeve again which means time for other plans, projects and study. First up will be the re-dedication of time back into our store tab for Facebook. A reasonable start has already been made, but it all came to a halt when market preparations took over. It's a good thing that things halted where they did because postage rates have changed in Australia which would have meant a lot of ground work on this matter to adjust things.

I realise completely that I'm doing things possibly back to front (in some peoples eyes) ie. market ready, shop display in place etc. But I work on things happening organically and when they're just meant to happen and fall into place. I just continue to have faith that it will all comes together that others will enjoy what I have to offer (when stock goes online on in our decked out store with cart and checkout) because I've taken the time and not rushed it.

On the home organisational front, it looks like I'm back on the move and I am moving back to the office. The office already is the home for all my vintage stock garments, but me and my trusty sewing machine, a few tid bits and storage solutions are moving back in there. This will be great to give me one central location for processing stock (clothing and small items ie. toys etc). The freed up space in the garage will now allow the Big V freedom to reorganise himself and woodwork tools and so forth. Furthermore we will have additional space for items we are processing, restoring and storing like vintage rocking horses, cradles and much more.

In other news I have an update on my shop display and things are going well, my display is getting attention and sales have been made. I'm really thrilled and pleased and I'll soon be working on adding another string to this bow of which I'm in planning and research stage at present. I look forward to giving you all updates on that in the near future.

I have plenty more I'm keen to share but what I really want to know is, if you have a little at home business or would like to create a little something for yourself? Where are you at in the whole process, are you starting out, still in dreaming phase, been pottering away for a while now? Please share as I'm keen to hear other people's experiences, perhaps we can create a little community to support and encourage one another to just keep moving forward no matter the setbacks.

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Rain, rain go away, market day another day.....

Well I had hoped this posted was going to full to the brim of all the exciting news and highlights from our first market day. Unfortunately Mother Nature had other things planned for Saturday and as a result the market was cancelled for all stall holders. Never fear we have plans in place for another market day very soon. I will keep you all posted.

Despite the disappoint of the market being cancelled the Big V and I had the most splendid day. We have very rare opportunities where it's just him and I with no little people in tow. So with our darlings being looked after by their grandparents we made the most of the day.
We took a drive, heck it's nice even if the weather is like this to be able to be in conversation without interruption.
We had coffees and chia's. And yes I had a tart at 8am in the morning. Why because I could, there were no children around and I'm pregnant....enough said.

We held hands and laughed out loud together it was great and we took care of some things for the home and business. We visited the big hardware stores and camping stores. The Big V looked at big power tools and belt sanders, for more wood working projects he will be taking on. I looked at wall paper and wall art, and market gazebos.

Exciting news from yesterday mornings wanderings, is that come next market date we will not need a loaner gazebo, we got a great deal on an awesome heavy duty 3mx3m market gazebo. I'm super stoked about this prospect and it's design which is so much better for how I'd ideally like to display some extra bits and pieces.

Overall it was a rather lovely day either way as we talked about the future and my plans for My Vintage Childhood and how we intend on making things work for our growing family. Yesterday made me realise even more so, how happy and blessed I am with my life. I'm doing everything I have ever wanted to do and it fills me up beyond all measure. Sure with raising a family time frames and plans have to be flexible, but I don't care I get to try and be the best mummy I can and I get to potter away on every single one of my little dreams and hobbies.

And today being Sunday and as fate would have it, the skies are clear and beautiful, so since we couldn't do our market yesterday we just stepped out this morning for a few hours to one.
My little people having just enjoyed their pony rides.

Life is good, I hope it is for you too.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

2013 Week 14: My Wednesday Style Collective.....

So just the other day I thought I'd be a little cheeky and tease everyone following on Instagram and Facebook with sneak style post pic. All anyone saw was this, and all I said was it was a spots upon spots sort of day. 

Everyone seemed to go nuts over this pic, I figured either people like a lot of spots or a pregnant belly. Either way I decided pretty quickly that I should share this combo here.

Blue and Red Spot Sweater - op shopped
White Under Singlet - is actually a Breastfeeding singlet the wonders of a bra and singlet in one, was a retail buy long ago
Red and White 80's Polka Dot Skirt - gifted
Blue Ballet Flats - retail
Brooch - was converted to a brooch by me
Green Beads - op shopped

Onto other outfits and other matters, one of my minds burning questions this week has been what will I wear to wow the crowds at our first market this coming Saturday. Weather, comfort, style and a possibly moody pregnant episode of that looked good yesterday but not today might come over me. So some forethought and planning ahead is in action, and this is a potential contender for the weekend.

Green 1960's Ribbed Top - op shopped
1960's High Waisted Pants - Vintage Fair for $5
Blue Ballet Flats - retail
Necklace and Pendant - op shopped

A little story about these pants, I bought them on a whim out of a $5 suitcase at a vintage fair a few years ago now. When I got them home it was apparent they would never fit and a reconstruction was not going to be easy. But what do you know they ride up over my pregnant belly just fine. Sure they don't sweep the floor, but I often don't mind pants that are cropped at the ankle a little even with a little flare, so I'm happy and comfortable.

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Best Vintage Tea Towel Ever....

It is my firm conviction that this weeks find, is the single most, best ever vintage tea towel. EVER, did I say EVER.
Pure linen from Czechoslovakia. Could it be anymore PERFECT. Such bold colors is there really anything else for me to say? I think not, I think I will just go pour myself a cup of tea and stare at it a little while longer admiring it.


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Girls Vintage Dress Strap Alice Headband....

I've been wading through a recent mending job pile, and as I've been been doing so I've been looking for ways to make the most of every piece and scrap of vintage fabric through this process. This dress you see now, didn't originally look like this. Sorry I don't have original pics but imagine if you will slight puffed prairie shoulders in the red finished off with the black floral to the elbow and tapered for a tight fit. It was gorgeous but the red fabric had seen better days. Would you believe too that this dress was also missing one of its ties for the back. So with only one side tie and not enough fabric to make another, I got to thinking.

I hate the thought that in someone else's hands that a dress such as this which still has plenty of years and life left in it could be destined for the bin. But vintage for me is also about rescuing, restyling and reinventing so pieces can continued to be enjoyed. So with only one back tie, I got on with the job of taking it off and converting that little old back tie into an elasticised "Alice" band.

No real tutorial pictures as this all happened on the fly but ever so simple. I simply made sure the inch and half wide tie was cut and had an opening at each end. Being a girls dress I made sure by a quick test on my sons head that there would be enough fabric to go around the head bar an inch or two at the base of the head. I poked the ends on the tie in just enough to give a tidy hem with no stray threads and with a few inches of elastic poked it into each opened side neatly and in a few seconds flat I whipped it back and forth through the sewing machine for strength and I was done.

Thanks Cohen for being still just for a second to be my model, although slightly unwillingly.

Now I have a dress (stock dress) with a little added value so to speak. As for the dress itself and the alteration of the sleeves, it can still be styled gorgeously with a belt and worn in warmer and cooler months by layering long sleeve tees underneath in complimentary colours to the dresses pattern.

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