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My Vintage Childhood: May 2013

Sunday, May 26, 2013

When Modern Retro Meets True Retro in the Bedroom.....

You all know I op shop, car boot and all around treasure hunt, a lot. You all know I love my vintage and retro finds and even when it comes to modern day items, I tend to try and thrift it first before looking for it retail.

One of the things that has been on my list to purchase has been a doona cover (others might call it quilt cover). The tricky thing is I've been looking for a king sized one. I don't know about you, and where you op shop but king size sets are near on impossible to find. Let alone it be something that appeals to my vintage loving retro aesthetics, because the reality is there were no king size beds thirty odd years ago. So limited the search down king size and it appealing to my retro tastes is a bit of an ask.

But when you have got gorgeous friends like I do there are always extra eyes out looking for you. I received I picture text message the other week and I instantly got excited. Strings got pulled and it was put away for me until I could get into the shop.

Now I have a fabulous doona cover that has a bit of retro appeal to it and that compliments my FABULOUS green true retro blanket. What's more is that Master V loves it too and we're now more excited to see how our bedroom comes together when the painting is finished and feature wall done. If ever we can get around to more painting at present, life is just so busy.....we'll get there though.

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Friday, May 24, 2013

For me and my girls....

Posts aren't often serious and extremely personal around here (sometimes they are but not often at all) but this one is. This past week has been one of the toughest emotionally I've had in quite some time in the lead up to my twin girls memorial day tomorrow. I put it down to life, being pregnant and being caught out unexpectedly by people's comments and questioning of me this week.

Tomorrow marks five years since we lost our sweet girls Elle and Meg halfway through our first pregnancy. I know some of you have read the full story of myself, Elle and Meg here and here on my old blog. You're welcomed to pop over and take a read, otherwise I understand if you don't, it's extremely intense emotional reading.

But this post for now is about this being my place and moment in time to be open and take stock, reflect, remember, be thankful and grateful for my life despite the enormity of what I feel sometimes.

So to my sweet dear angel girls, although not a day goes by where you are not in my thoughts. I'm thankful for our time together, even though it wasn't a life together, just time together in your womb home. I understand things just weren't meant to be that you were just so unique and precious (Elle and Meg were mono-mono twins extremely rare type of twins that make up 1% of all twin pregnancies). I know I couldn't have done anything more or better to ensure your journey to a life with us here at home. I feel your presence in my life every day, and often think the two of you are guiding your brother and sister and their antics. Seriously what those two get up to sometimes is just too much for two kids and I often think the two of you play into that energy and set me up for some of the most comical moments I have ever encountered.

I receive your messages and I know you're there, thank you for the blooming flowers on your memorial hibiscus tree. Those huge yellow flowers make me smile wide and appreciate all the colour I have in my world to be thankful for, from those who fill my life to the uniqueness my life has taken on.

Because of you my life is forever changed, but so, so, so full of incredible blessings and opportunities.

Because of you we have Cohen and Sarah and your brother on the way in August.

Because of you I know not to rush ahead planning too far into the future and enjoy the now, this moment.

Because of you I have no fear anymore, I just attack things with the attitude...what's the worse that could happen?

Because of you I have a full incredible life as a stay at home mum, a blogger, a communicator, a business women, a creative, a dream chaser and so much more but most of all.....a mum, your mum.

Because of you I am all that I am and more. I am strong, powerful and confident. I'm not a victim, I'm just someone with a story, with a life with blessings despite your absence.

Because of you I love big.

I love you, both of you, with all of my heart and more.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

2013 Week 20: My Wednesday Style Collective.....

Goodness I can't believe how much fun I'm having with my pregnancy wardrobe and coming up with different combinations. Sure I have moments of frustration as any pregnant women or not does, but overall I feel really inspired at the moment.

First up is this awesome combination a missed showing you all last week, due to pics going AWOL. But because I felt so fun and fabulous wearing this combination I had to do a repeat and make sure I got pics for keeps this time

1960's Habe Garments Mini Dress op shopped
Leggings - retail
Shoes - retail
Beads - op shopped

I'm also loving this equally fun combination as well that speaks to my inner hippy, it's an example of making what you've got work the best you can with a growing belly. Hence the layering with the long sleeve white tee and a belly band to extend the maxi skirt out to give me a more comfy fit.

1970's Green Embroider Top - Kitty's Vintage Kitsch
White Long Sleeve Tee - cheap retail buy
Skirt - gifted from the gorgeous Allison from Just Underneath

Cuff was a market buy years ago and all others were gifted.

I'm soon going to need to find the balance between pieces to style for and moving towards thinking about my post pregnancy wardrobe. Once I have bubs I'll slip back into nearly everything in my wardrobe but everyone needs some nice new to them pieces to look forward to wearing right?

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Corned Silverside is a bit retro isn't it?

Considering that my body is starting to tell me to slow down a bit and I had recent requests for tips via comments, emails and messages about cooking a Silverside in the slow cooker after my kitchen addition of my Snapshots Into Me post, I thought I'd deliver the goods for you in a post. So I hope this helps those who were asking.

I don't know about others but I kind of think silverside is a little bit of a retro meal that has stood the test of time for some families. I know for one we had a fair bit of it growing up because it was cheap and we were poor.
Not the flashest of pics, but I didn't know posting my snapshots post the other week that there would be requests for an instructional.

So I'll quit the rambling and give you my totally un-precise instructions for a great silverside done in the slow cooker.

You will need:

  • silverside
  • onion
  • celery
  • carrot
  • black pepper corns
  • bay leaves
  • water
  • balsamic vinegar

What to do ::

I'm a slap it together non-precise watch the magic happen type of cook, so I hope you can follow me. Start with chopping your onion into large chunks and throw them into the slow cooker. Followed by very roughly cut celery (two stalks) and chopped carrot (one large or two small). Place the silverside on top of cut vegetables and fill slow cooker with water to cover the silverside. A small section may stick out above the water, that's ok you can turn the meat over throughout the day (or not at all it doesn't matter, it'll still cook). Then add about six to eight whole black peppercorns, two or three bay leaves and a good slurp of balsamic vinegar (approximately 1/4 of cup). Cook on low for six hours or longer or until you get home or until you remember a delicious dinner is working it's magic. Serve with vegetables.

So there you go I hope that helps those who were asking, I believe my secrete is the balsamic vinegar and the slow cooking. I know others use plain white vinegar and brown sugar, but a good quality balsamic vinegar is my secret. Ben is a fuss pot with food and would still eat it if I did it on the gas cook top, but in the slow cooker and the extra tenderness and flavour he now raves about it and eats half of it whilst slicing it up to serve it.

Please let me know if you give this a try and how it turned out.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Pregnancy, me and we're having a.....

It feels like the right time for me to open up more and start discussing my pregnancy aside from the mention of a growing belly that I'm trying to style around in My Wednesday Style Collective Posts.

Things that are happening and I'm feeling.....

  • I didn't realise that I have friends in circles who didn't realise I was pregnant, so I've recently given a few people a surprise when I've turned around. Because looking at me from the back you wouldn't know I'm pregnant. So that's been rather entertaining to see people's reactions, and the questions are now coming - will this will be our last? Six pregnancy in six years, losses, blessings, breastfeeding peppering all that time.......yeah I'd say we're done this is our last.

  • I'm twenty-six weeks baby is kicking up a storm. My mind and heart is in go, go, go mode and I want to do everything that's spinning around in my head. But my body is starting to say slow down, with all the aches and pains I'm having. My mind is having a hard time dealing with slow down mode because I'm a busy bee. I guess a restructure of activities should be in order. Perhaps some more time on my sitting bottom sorting out my online store could be a start. Hence this latest change and the reason for my absence on the blog some days with my regular posts.

  • But how am I doing? The big question that's asked of me with each pregnancy with that tone, that means, people want to know how I'm handling things emotional with my PTSD. The answer is I'm travelling well, I've had some difficult moments and this month is always a hard one. May 25th each year marks Elle and Meg's memorial it will be five years this year, so it's always hard and especially if I'm pregnant too. Thankfully I will be busy this Saturday the 25th catching up with some blogging buddies. But overall I'm good, as good as one can be but triggers will continue to be managed and I should be fine.

  • Have I started to get things ready? Ummm well, not directly for the baby. The big changes that affect Cohen and Sarah have been happening like moving them into one room together to share a bunk bed. Even though this bub will be rooming in with us for six months to a year, we're giving our monkeys time to transitions rather then it all happen when the baby is here. When it comes to babies I don't believe you need a lot to care for baby, in fact I'm in the midst of giving stuff away that really isn't necessary in my view to care for baby.

  • Finally the question, do you know what you're having? Yes, yes, we do it and I'm surprised I've taken this long to share it all with you.

These two wee monkeys of ours will be having another baby boy monkey to join their long list of hilarious antics. We are thrilled and ever so excited, boy or girl we would feel the same way we are just thrilled to be blessed with one last addition to our family.

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Our First Market Round Up.....

Well we've got our first market under our belt, even if we packed up early because of.......yep that's right RAIN. But despite that there are major smiles and loads of joy in the My Vintage Childhood camp from our first market adventure.

To paint you a picture imagine Saturday morning blue skies and a few non-threatening looking clouds, and hopes of a perfect Autumn day on the Gold Coast high in our hearts. We got to the Timeless Treasures Market site and along with other outside stall holders made ourselves busy with our stall set up. When while finessing our stalls clouds had come over the heavens above started to spit. Cue a rearrangement of stock because of rain direction. We patiently waited it out until just after the official start time of the market when there was a break in weather and the spotting of blue skies again.

 Ben grabbed this photo as I was still running around finessing the stall just before the rain came.

Pictured above: baby and children's vintage clothing, with vintage tweens, teens, maternity options as well.
Puzzle piece letter brooches and badges and transport badges.

During the break in weather and drizzling we had a good flow of people through our stall and their responses to what we are doing and trying to offer with My Vintage Childhood was EXACTLY what I was hoping for. Along with that came sales, yay to sales and further confirmation of what I'm piecing together with my business and it hitting the right spot and people.
We could not be happier with the response overall from the public and we even had a local women who made a purchase and later on dragged her tween daughter back when the rain reappeared in torrential proportions to look at purchasing genuine vintage dresses for her and we were amidst packing up and protecting stock. 
Ben was also stopped in the rain when he was ferrying stock back to our van and was spotted carrying the rocking cradle and high chair that he has so lovingly given a new life (pictured above). Cue business cards being asked for handed out.

Even though the reappearance of rain and it's torrential proportions resulted in all outside stall holders having to call it a day and pack up early, I'm not disappointed in the slightest. The morning confirmed so many things for me. It confirmed for me that my vision and dream with my niche vintage children's and mums business has people excited. It confirmed all the hard work, patience and time that has gone into everything is worth it. It confirmed to me and my soul that I am 100% in my element, answering my souls yearnings with my creative, artifice, vintage loving, collectors heart.

I'm so excited about the future and the connections I have made with others and the future is busy and bright even with another baby due amidst it all. But as I said to a fellow virgin stall holder Saturday, my soul just can't live anymore with all this being a hope and a thought, it has to be pushed into an actualised tangible dream. Finding a way to make it work with three kids under the age four come August will be another dynamic challenge, but I'll take it on and we will make it happen.

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cute Vintage Car Brooch & Up-cycled Puzzle Piece Brooches......

A car you say! We may have recently gone mad and bought an antique piano that the Big V is hell bent on restoring and contemparising (it's a word even if I make it up), but I'm not that mad to do the same with a car. Well not yet anyway, maybe one day, but not now. So to show you I'm not that mad I recently picked up myself this cool little vintage car brooch.

It's a nice departure from my usual girly type brooches. Master V is trying to convince me that he could wear my new to me car brooch, since I recently made some transport puzzle piece badges. Because boys wear badges not brooches, just to the set record straight.

He is so proudly sporting his badge at any opportunity he can get. See mum I'm fancy and have style he tells me. Gosh I love him, but little man you're not getting my car brooch.

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