My Vintage Childhood

My Vintage Childhood: June 2013

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Perfect Vintage Finds for a Picnic.....

You know I've always got some lovely finds tucked away to show you all.

I'm utterly smitten over this wool blanket in a rainbow of colours I picked up a few weeks ago. It's colours are just perfect for our living area. What I call a beautiful compliment to our decorating efforts, a yellowy/mustard feature wall in our lounge room. 

The re-paint of the house has slowly started to take shape. This weekend the Ben has started to attack our bedroom and lounge room. Remember I told you all I didn't want this happening when I was heavily pregnant? Oh well what can I do, at least it's started to happen now. Better now than me still nagging him in several months, but it seriously isn't his fault we've just been so busy that blocks of time at home have been limited.

My other find as you can see is the picnic basket, isn't she lovely? They just don't make picnic baskets like this anymore do they? Practical and useful and by practical I mean somewhere to stuff your bottle of wine or two with your bevy of antipasto treats inside the basket already and waiting for a lazy afternoon in the sun upon a blanket, perhaps like the gorgeous wool rainbow blanket above.

In sad blanket breaking news, it dawned on me yesterday afternoon that I may be allergic to the rainbow blanket. It must have mohair in the blend because I went nuts with symptoms after popping it over Cohen for an afternoon snuggle. I must of rubbed my eyes and half an hour later I thought I was coming down with the worlds most rapid attacking flu. I don't know what fate now waits the blanket, unless I remember to wash my hands after touching it each time.....ugh!

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

2013 Week 25: My Wednesday Style Collective.....

In the lead up to last Sunday I had been debating for weeks about what I would wear for the Bloggers Baby Shower that was hosted for me and three of my fellow pregnant blogging mummy friends. The original date for the Baby Shower had was cancelled due to rain and of course between that date and last Sunday my tummy has grown, or popped as some might say.

Not only has my belly grown but the weather has grown at lot, lot cooler, so I had to do a whole re-think for my outfit for the Baby Shower given we were going to be on the waterfront. So as it is last week I had a cheeky kid free op shopping session before a hospital appointment. Lucky for me my cheeky little session turned up three pieces that I can squeeze a few wears in now before my belly pops any further and they will also be awesome post pregnancy pieces too. They all tick the boxes of allowing me to breastfeed with ease, they're all vintage, all 1970's and and they are all tops. 

So with that all being said here is what I pulled together to wear for the Blogger Baby Shower.
1970's Kenwall Floral Long Sleeve Smock Top - op shopped
Wide Flared Yoga Style Pants - retail outlet store years ago
Leopard Ballet Flats - retail
Beads - op shopped
Silver Chain and Flower Pendant - op shopped

I am totally smitten with my new to me Kenwall top. It's actually a 1970's size 24 but it's just a perfect fit for my growing bump. I'm hoping that it will still fall nicely on me post pregnancy, I seriously hope it does because I just love the floral on this with the aquas, greens and purples.

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Vintage Children's Wall Growth Chart ......

I'm smitten with a forever piece that has made it's way into our home. This retro children's fabric growth chart, is just perfection. It's the perfect little something for our home and something we hope to have through our kids childhoods and hopefully through to any grandchildren, heck even great grandchildren if I get ambitious and hopeful about it.

The wall this currently hangs on will end up being a continuation of a coloured feature wall (as we get through painting our house) that leads into our kitchen dining area. So it will be gorgeous slate grey which I think will make more of a feature of this sweet pieces hanging in it's spot.

Ben has memories of his families heights being recorded on the inside of the pantry door at home, and he has a thing for checking on our kids heights with excitement and telling them how big they are growing and how special they are. We've seen other families who have taken door frames that have recorded the families heights and made a visual feature of it in a new home. We've been on the lookout for something that would capture our hearts in a similar way that was to our ascetics and decor. We are so pleased to have found joy in finding something so simple; we hope with care it will be with this family always.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

2013 Week 24: My Wednesday Style Collective.....

 A slight departure and tangent for this weeks style post. I was out and about on Saturday morning running some errands with the family in tow. We're crazy like that sometimes, where we all want to be together doing the most mundane everyday stuff together, when one person doing it would more than suffice. So we all piled into the car and got things done.

Whilst we were out I copped a full body length side-on view of myself in a shop window (we don't own a full length mirror at home). I was wearing this outfit, not much shred of vintage going on but comfortable.
Dress - hand me down
Turtle Neck - hand me down
Leggings - cheap retail buy
Belt - op shopped
Crocheted Hat - op shopped
Brooch - made by from an op shopped puzzle piece
Ballet Flats - cheap retail

Anyway I was struck by the view of myself and realised no wonder I've been having quite a few more frustrated what the hell am I going to wear moments happening. Seriously look at me, this tum could seriously start knocking people out. I'm the heaviest I've been with any of my pregnancies and we've still got a several serious baby gaining weeks ahead. I feel it nearly necessary to send out a fashion S.O.S, as this is where style could start going out the window in an effort to keep warm and comfortable.

The thinking cap is seriously going to need to be tied on to get me through this quandary without a mass purchase op shop, retail or otherwise to get me through to August. Then there is the issue of my thoughts turning to preparing my wardrobe for the life of vintage loving mumma who will be breastfeeding around the clock. I'm on the very serious hunt for more vintage high waisted maxi skirts, blouses and dresses that accommodate the need to get a boob out regularly.

I do have a few new to me frocks lined up for style collective posts that I'm saving as long as I can still get into them. One of which is particularly lovely and I'm saving for the Bloggers Baby Shower this weekend.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

2013 Week 23: My Wednesday Style Collective....

Just one outfit this week. Rain once again has made photo opportunities difficult and to be perfectly honest with the long weekend we've just had there has been a lot of lounging around in pyjamas. I figure I'm allowed to, I'm pregnant and sometimes it's nice to shut off a little and have these pyjama days, drinking tea and enjoying each moment that comes. But since we did pop out over the long weekend into general society beyond our walls, some style was required of course.

Late 70's 'Osti' Dress - op shopped
Blue Leggings - retail
Cardie - op shopped

Bare footing it at home and in comfort, this combo was an easy wear to cover both bases at home and out for a quick trip.

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