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My Vintage Childhood: July 2013

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

2013 Week 30: My Wednesday Style Collective.....

The end of this pregnancy must be dragging on for all of you popping in each week? I'm still very much in the thick of juggling outfits and trying to keep my style. My choice of wearable vintage items has been dramatically reduced now that I am so huge. So several garments are getting a couple of wears during the week and I'm just trying to play with combinations for fun.

I've also, very ridiculously been struck with the need to exercise my own fashion revolt. I was reading a blog post recently where the general consensus was tights/leggings (whatever you want to call them) are not pants. Then there were rules about colours and patterns and talk about body sizes etc. Good thing I can't be told because what makes me happy and most of all comfortable at the moment given my heavily pregnant state, goes at present. 

So here I am revolting against opinion about tights/leggings whilst pregnant and huge, wearing tights as pants and black and white stripes with a vintage floral blouse. Oh my what will the nay sayers and opinion givers of fashion trends say, oh I can't bare to think about it.

Yep I'm be unusually antagonistic, but goodness me am I sick of people being dictated to. Sure if you like a look try emulate it and make it your own. If you have disdain for it, how about you give a nod to that fact that others a prepared to take risks you are not.
Blouse - 1970's Kenwall Blouse - op shopped
Tights/Leggings - cheap retail buy
Stripped Singlet - is actually a Breastfeeding singlet handed on to me.
Shoes - retail
Silver Pendant and Necklace - op shopped

Oh whoops and here I am again this past week in the same blouse. I paired it with a pair of very lightweight crepe style pants that were in a case of clothing my friend was parting with. Considering I have very few pants or even skirts that are fitting me, I thought I'd nab them despite them being non-vintage because I was certain I could make them work. At a distance they have the look of animal or leopard print, which I was excited about because I think animal/leopard print can go with so much. But as the picture shows it's actually a small floral design. So what the hell I thought floral can go with floral, I've done it hey presto and here I am.
Blouse - same as above
Pants - taken from a friends pile of pieces to part with
Shoes - retail

So here we are I've had my ranty pants on, hope you didn't mind the outburst. But you know sometimes you just really need to say it?

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

2013 Week 29: My Wednesday Style Collective.....

Never fear my lovelies, I know last weeks style may have been a little less than Trudie's normal style efforts shall we say. But I believe I have redeemed myself this week, with a wee bit of dressing up for my pre-birthday celebrations on Saturday night just passed.

I've had this frock tucked away for right at the end of my pregnancy because it is a plus size dress and still a big in the bust area for me. But with some styling and accessories I think I mainly disguised those issues for a new to me combination.

Oh and here are few extra shots of my lover love being cheeky, amazing chicken tikka and me.

Dress - op shopped
Long Sleeve White Tee - retail
Belt - op shopped
Denim Vest - retail
Boots - retail
Tooled Leather Bag - op shopped
Silver Cuff - market buy
Knitting Needle Bangles - all made by me

I had a lovely night and was thankful that we still went ahead with Saturday night, because the pelvic and ligament pain I have been banging on about, really worsened over the weekend and even more so again in the last few days. It's shockingly bad, but I had resolved come hell or high water we would still go out to dinner with a few dear friends. There was not a chance I was wasting what would have been the only child free night we are likely to have for some time yet (maybe we can squeeze another one in, any takers to babysit a crazy 4 and 2 year old?). So please excuse the liberty taken with a picture sitting down and one in the car park after dinner, I quite literally needed help walking come the end of Saturday night and there wasn't even booze involved. I felt like I had a hangover the next day too, seriously my systems going to be in for a shock when I do have a drink again. What I would do enjoy a glass or two of red with these cold winter evenings at present.  Good things come to those who wait, right?  Patience Trudie, patience!

Anyways onwards and upwards, pain or not I'm trying to make the most of it all with a smile on my face an happiness in my heart.

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

{Etsy} MyVintageChildhoodxo store finally opened....

I think you all know by now I keep myself busy, and I've spent the majority of this pregnancy working on all my business and blog plans so they'd be bubbling along nicely with another baby joining our brood within weeks.

I am proud and happy to announce that my Etsy store is now opened, it's been open for a week or so now. Please note the store name MyVintageChildhoodxo the "xo" was the crucial element to solving our store name issues that you might remember me referring to a while back. 

The fabulous banner design which compliments the blog's aesthetic was done by my most uber fabulous and wonderful blogging love Gillian at Tessiegirl. I seriously love that women not only is she the best fun and makes me laugh out loud, but when it comes to working on my design stuff she just gets me.

I'm slowly stocking the Etsy store as much as I can with the few weeks I have ahead of me left before bubs arrives, which is timely as I should be resting a bit more so it's an easy ask and fun to sit down and add more listings when the kids are napping. I currently have a few more than the recommend amount of items listed that Etsy suggest to get started with to get noticed, but I have an incredible amount more to list. If you could see my stock room you'd know what I'm talking about.

So there it is my friends, the beginnings we're there, we're live and it's all coming together. Expect more vintage baby and children's clothing, toys, books, collectibles, nursery items, fabrics, wall hangings and so much more. Oh and of course I'm not forgetting the vintage loving mummas like me who want stylish vintage options for when they're pregnant and breastfeeding. So if you're looking for anything that fits those descriptions, pop on over, there is now a link to my store on the sidebar, up near my profile pic. Likewise my Facebook page has a Etsy Store tab link now too.

As always I am so grateful for all your support and encouragement with all my endeavours, this little community just rocks my world and appreciate each and everyone of you.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

2013 Week 28: My Wednesday Style Collective......

This week I'm just going to try and distract you from my apparent lack of style with my tummy and how big it is now. My defence is that my recent woes with pain in my butt cheek, is now actually quite full on pelvic pain and ligament pain and issues. Some days to walk, lift a leg or do anything too physical is a challenge. The cure for this issue as my doctor has informed me is, to have this baby.

How hilarious is that information, we've got a few more weeks of this pain ahead to manage, so excuse the lack of style as the wide leg pants were all I could manage to put on in the least amount of pain. Sadly though the wide leg yoga pants are the down fall to this outfit. It was all going okay on top with the cotton tunic and long sleeve tee and then it all went to pits with the wide leg yoga pants.

I'm right though aren't I, it's not come together well at all has it? Feel free to tell me and let me know I let the team down.

Oh well we all have a moment, so lets call this weeks style collective my "keeping it real late pregnancy addition". I've got a style challenge this Saturday as we are off on a night out, kid free to celebrate my 35th a few weeks early. The likelihood that I will be having baby on my birthday next month is extremely high, so celebrations are being bought forward. Pain or no pain, waddle or no waddle I will be pulling out whatever stops I can to manage a suitable and comfortable outfit from my array of vintage frocks. Hmmm now just to find which one I can get into with this tummy of mine. Wish me luck I'm going in there head first.

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Monday, July 15, 2013

A Weekend of Baby Preparations.....

Our weekend just gone has been one of pottering and preparations, with about five weeks to go before belly bubs makes his appearance I figured it was time to start getting some things organised. That along with an overload of people with a few having a sixth sense talent telling me I'm going to go early, I thought it might be worth listening to the messages being sent my way. Oh and as well as that I probably should mention to overall significant challenge I am having in moving around at the moment, best I do what I can otherwise the Ben is going end up with some hell of a to-do list. But we all know he's a good egg, and would surely comply with my requests, maybe with an added cheeky grumble, to test the waters.

The cot has been erected and placed side-car to the bed, an essential for a breastfeeding mummy (at least this one) to have safe laying down sleepy feeds with baby and to get sleep. The white crochet blanket with the touch of yellow and purple is my very own baby blanket, all 35 years old of it. It's one of my most treasured possessions and I have used it with all my babies in some form or the other.

The modern cloth nappy stash has been washed as well as my hippy baby tie dye good old terry square flats. How can a baby not look cool in them huh?

Clothes have been washed and my mum has even been out op shopping for some newborn extras.

I'm smitten with this little find, my mum picked up.
The lovely bassinet gifted to me by Dorel at the Bloggers Baby Shower is ready and made up for our little mister.

So there you have it, a few things are taking shape and are ready on the home front. There's still hospital bags to pack and what not's to happen, but at least I've started. It's starting to get real, its seriously and finally dawned on me that things are about to change here all over again.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

2013 Week 27: My Wednesday Style Collective.....

 As I continue to stretch my wardrobe around my growing tummy, I'm really starting to be limited to the genuine vintage pieces I can squeeze into from my wardrobe. But because I do like to mix things up, I feel like I'm still doing okay with staying true to my style and being myself, unique and different. This combination except for the handbag I took out this day (not pictured) are all non-vintage but it is all op-shopped or gifted, except the shoes.

I rather fancy the skirt and think it's a good example of something not being vintage but in the right context could be passed off in the right ensemble as a great component to a fab vintage inspired outfit.
Maxi Skirt - Lifeline Monster $2 sale
Long Sleeve Top - hand me down
Denim Vest - Lifeline Monster $2 sale
Shoes - retail
Flower Brooch - made by me

Now for my second outfit, it's a combination I wore on our recent family fun day out with the kids. It features one of my favourite winter pieces in my wardrobe that rarely gets seen. In fact I don't think it's ever had a blog outing. It's a most fabulous 1980's Kimono sleeve sweater weight top, I bought it at least six years ago on eBay. It's one of those pieces that has had many compliments over the years and requests for it to be handed on if I was ever to tire of it. Ummm I think not, she's staying.

1980's Kimono Sleeve Top - eBay
Flare Legged Yoga Pants - clearance outlet
Shoes - beaten up sorry things were retail years ago

If you read my blog post on Monday you may be wondering why I have suddenly got pics from our Family Fun Day. Well the Big V came home from work the other day and decided to try a free photo recovery program. Guess what he saved the day! I cried again, happy hormonal pregnant cry that we recovered the pics from the day that Cohen had declared the best day ever. Phew! You're a good egg hubby!

Hmm it looks like photo quality may not be the greatest on the last two pics because of the recovery, but hey at least I have them and all the others.

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Pre-Baby Family Fun Day.....

Well goodness me with a few days at the end of last week with a little momentum behind us, and the kids pretty much on the mend, I was excited for Friday to arrive. Ben took the day off and we headed out for a family fun day with the kids. We're wanting to give them as many fun and memorable moments at present before bubs arrives. I had my digital SLR in hand and I was snapping away at the kids enjoying themselves.

We had fish and chips for lunch and just enjoyed being with each other. When we got home we put the kids down for a late nap, I sat down with my camera in hand, and a cup of tea ready to edit photos, and take it easy while the Ben tackled some more painting. I was even going to try and pump out a few blog posts for the week ahead, you know pre-plan and get ahead and on track again. But what did I do? I accidentally deleted all the pictures from my camera. So I sat and cried like a pregnant hormonal woman, with Cohen's words ringing in my ears that it had been the best day ever.

Thankfully the Ben snapped a few pics on his iPhone and some video as well. But nothing in comparison to the moments we had delighted in that I had caught with my camera. So you can just imagine from the pic how much fun the kids were having and what a lovely time it was for us.

Saturday morning we were setting out with a list of errands to run and things to do and Sunday I was hoping to sneak by a local PCYC, where an antiques and collectibles fair was on. But just before we were heading out Saturday morning and I was getting ready, plans changed. What resulted was Saturday morning in hospital for bubs and I to be checked out. For the record all is well, no alarm for concern, he is still all happy and safe in his womb home for now. It was all precautionary because of
my history so they asked me to go in and be safe rather then sorry.

In other news from the last week, I've only been able to get a little bit of traction with all the sick bugs with everyone here finally settling down. So I've only just been able to get back to the job of nesting and getting ready for bubs and other matters on my to do list. One thing I did manage at the end of last week, was an album on Facebook of sale items. Through my nesting process I'm trying to sell off excess from personal collections and pieces that don't quite fit into the view of what I desire to have in my Etsy store for the business. I'm being very focused and ruthless about my visions for the overall image of my shop, store, and market locations.

I hope everyone is well, and that your weekends were enjoyable ones and that your day today is met with smiles and sunshine.

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

2013 Week 26: My Wednesday Style Collective.....

In approximately six weeks belly bubs will make an appearance and the end of my pregnancy style will come to end, but thankfully not an end to my style collective posts. I'll move into post-pregnancy style with all my vintage. I think through this pregnancy I have done a pretty good job at staying true to myself and my style and making my wardrobe and vintage pieces work for me as best as I can around a growing bump.

I'm a little sad to say that this past week I have really let style fall to the wayside. With two sick kids and it being school holidays, it raining constantly and being confined to the indoors, we've gone with several days of slothing about in our pyjamas.

But still with sick kiddies this morning I had no choice but to step out because we can't live on fresh air and I needed to get some fresh fruit and vegetables. This is what I threw together for a quick run out to stock up, and it was a good excuse to trial run the new to me vintage short sleeve polyester jacket top. It's one of my recent buys which will pull duty in my wardrobe to allow me easy breastfeeding whilst keeping with my style.
70's Short Sleeve Jacket - op shopped
Long Sleeve White Top - cheap retail buy
White Maternity Singlet Layered under Long Sleeve Top - hand me down
Leggings - retail
Shoes - retail
Crochet Cap - op shopped
"T" Puzzle piece Brooch - made by me

Now a funny story from this mornings venture out to the fruit and vegetable shop, is that I have some how pulled a muscle in my left butt cheek (sorry if that is too much info for some).  What resulted in our venture out this morning is me trying to push a trolley, hobbling with incredible pain, wrangling a two and four year old and me yelping involuntarily when I walked and moved the wrong way. I must of been a sight for some on lookers with my big belly and my crazy kids, yelling they wanted some celery. Yes my kids are weird they don't yell for chocolate, they yell for fresh vegetables.  Now I'm held up at home with pain in my butt cheek, my lower back and down my leg from my efforts, I'm a right mess. Hence my pathetic face in the pic above. Ben has had the call up to butt cheek massaging duties tonight as well as having to finish off the groceries. I'm sure he is ever so pleased being sick himself. Seriously things just couldn't get anymore comical around here at the moment if I tried.

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