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My Vintage Childhood: August 2013

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

2013 Week 34: My Wednesday Style Collective.....

Here we are continuing on with my style posts. I had an awesome style post lined up for last week, then low and behold Fraser decided last Tuesday he was making his entrance into the world. As a result of post baby haze I skipped last weeks style post altogether.

But here I am and for the now style posts are all post baby style and how I can stay on track with maintaining my style and staying true whilst also having to accommodate breastfeeding my little guy on a frequent basis throughout the day.

I have some funds stashed away at present for a little vintage/thrifty post baby spending spree as soon as I get a chance. I'm going to be on the look out for vintage maxi skirts I can mix with buttoned blouses and comical tees. Vintage dresses with buttoned busts to waists, will also be on the cards. But let's face it anything that will allow me to breastfeed without having to half disrobe a garment to feed will be up for consideration.

I've not ventured far from home in the last week, heck Fraser is only a week old as of yesterday and I've only been home from hospital half of that time. But it's still been nice to make the effort to get dressed  even if I'm only at home relaxing.

Maxi Skirt - gifted to me from the ever so sweet and dear Allison
Breastfeeding Singlet - hand me down
Knit Cardie - hand me down
Vintage Tortoiseshell Chain - gifted from Kittys Vintage Kitsch
Bare footing it because I can and have no where to go but snuggle with a gorgeous little man.

1970's Polka Dot Blouse - op shopped
Stripped Breastfeeding Singlet - retail
Leggings - retail 
Flower rossette earrings - (not visible)  gifted to me by my bet friend recently

So there we have it, it's wonderful that I have a pretty flexible and forgiving wardrobe that pieces are working for me straight off the bat in post baby mode. I'm looking forward to post baby shopping mode though.

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Baby Whoa What a Week & Introducing.....

Our sweet baby boy Fraser John arrived last Tuesday 20th August.

This sweet boy surprised us with making his imminent presence known two days earlier then the c-section date that was booked for him for last Thursday. So it's feeling rather serendipitous that he being our last babe that he still chose his own birthday; his own special star to fly in on. And yes Vix he sure is a Leo just like his mumma, I'm excited to see in the years to come how we will flourish. If he is anything like me, he'll be every bit of a Leo the Lion just as I am a Lioness.

To set the scene for you last Tuesday, the Ben headed off to work in the morning at around 5.30am. I ran the normal morning routines with Cohen and Sarah and sometime during the morning I'd been nursing some lower back pain, I then I noticed throughout the day that it had also persisted with coming and going. By mid morning I had called the Ben and informed him of the pain and that I highly suspected I was in early labour. To which he said, "okay well we'll see but you've been having all sorts of aches and pains for weeks". Besides he was still just over the boarder in New South Wales working and over and hour away at this point. 

So the remainder of the morning progressed into lunch and I grew more certain that I was in early labour. I had given the kids lunch and put them down for a nap and was thinking I'd have a nap too. Without going into specifics lets just say there was no nap for me as I had a "show" which confirmed my thoughts that I was indeed and now mostly likely in early labour. I called the Ben, then called the hospital, then the Ben again and told him to head home.

Between waiting for and the Ben to get home I got some last minute things together for the hospital bags, and had a shower whilst the kids napped. When the Ben arrived home he had a shower and quickly grabbed a few things and just as we were about to wake the kids to take them to their grandparents, they rose of their on accord. We quickly announced to them that they had to get organised as they were going go to their grandparents as it looks like "mummy's going to have the baby today and has to go to hospital".

We drove to Ben's parents and dropped off the kids and then proceeded to the hospital. Once there they monitored baby for awhile, and checked me over, and it was most definitely confirmed I was in labour. I was already halfway! From there things started to happen quickly with staff preparing things swiftly for me to be prepped for theater.

At 5.25pm our sweet little Fraser entered the world and my first words when the the curtains were lowered and he was lifted up for me to see him were:

"Oh my goodness he is huge, and he came out of me".
One very tired mumma with next no sleep in over 24 hours.

Huge he was weighing 9lb6oz (4355 grams), no wonder I struggled the last part of his pregnancy with walking and getting around.

He is most delightful in every way, and the whole family is utterly smitten with him. The kids can't keep their hands off him! We can't keep our hands off him! We're just utterly in awe and blessed that Fraser is ours.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Waiting for Baby, Relaxing and Enjoying......

I'll let you all in on a little secret. Although the week just passed has been another filled with waiting, there shan't be anymore waiting by next weekend. So without divulging all news and excitement now, come this time next week life will have changed all over again for my sweet family and it will have expanded.

The past week has been full of all sorts of goings on's and this is how things have looked.

Wednesday was my 35th birthday, the day came and passed pretty much like every other. I received some lovely cards and a visit from my mum, a Frankie magazine subscription, sentiments, love and thoughts. As well as a delivery of homemade food treats and goodies from a very sweet and dear mummy friend. I know you'll just be salivating at this load of goodies that has kept me perked up this week.

I received homemade Maple Muesli loaded with the most amazing assortment of crunchy nuts. Homemade cinnamon scrolls and with homemade Chai Syrup, as well as homemade Macadamia Milk.

Thursday saw me have the day in bed after kindy and family day care drop offs were done by 9am, watching movies, reading, filling out hospital paperwork. But somehow that didn't stop me having a stint in hospital on Thursday night for several hours, when I had a sever bout of blurred vision, headaches and dizzy spells when picking the kids up from care. It was rather scary and I thought I may end up having an accident ploughing my car into another on the side of the road. Verdict is all is well, but I was put on orders to slow down and rest, because it appears I'm fighting a viral infection taking hold of me, which of course comes from my lot all having been a revolving door of sickness lately.

Friday and Saturday saw us all resting and relaxing a lot, having snuggles and naps. But come Sunday the Ben was wanting to make sure I followed doctors orders, but was also wanting to have a family outing with the kids one last time before belly bubs arrival, so he plotted and planned. He strategically planned a lovely drive down to Burleigh right to the door of a shop he thought I'd like to look at called Six Things. With my birthday having been during the week, he wanted me to have a brief and very relaxed outing with a few treats for an hour or two.

We both fell in love the wonderful mix Six Things had on offer, from local handmade items to pop culture and cult classics home wares, decor and clothing right through to vintage pieces and vintage inspired pieces. There was something there for everyone in this wonderful little store. Here are just some of the things we loved (and there's so much more on their online store).

Would you also believe that just doors down from the shop was an op shop opened on a Sunday that's a rarity to here for a store to be opened Sunday, so the Big V insisted I'd want to look. I'm more than certain that it was my last op shop outing until after bubs arrival.

Master V is rather pleased with his new op shop bought glasses, and doesn't he half know how cool he is with them on. I of course managed to find a treasure which I'll show at another time. It was a lovely couple of very leisurely hours out with my family which as always has left me reminded of my blessings and full of smiles and gratitude.

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

What's in the hospital bag for Baby....

Following on from what's in the hospital bag for this vintage loving mumma's post, here's today's addition of what's in baby's hospital bag.

I like to keep things simple, as natural as possible, comfy and basic. Everything you see here and everything you don't see has either been used for my other children, gifted or thrifted. I don't care what anyone says about having a baby it doesn't have to or need to cost a fortune.

First Up ::

  • Hug a Bub wrap, I'm a baby wearer, I use different baby carriers and wraps to keep my babies close, comforted and to allow me to be hands on with my other darlings around home, and when out and about. When we're back selling again on the weekend market scene bubs will be with us being worn, so we start the baby wearing from days old.
  • Baby blankets and knitted baby cocoon, the baby blankets were gifted and were handed on to me when I had Cohen. The baby cocoon has been knitted and gifted to me by a dear friend, it's so super soft and lush, an adult sized one would be ridiculously delightful.
  • Knitted woolen pants and short sleeve cardigan. Both of these pieces have been knitted and gifted by my dear friend. The woolen pants can/will be lanolised so they can be used over cloth nappies and which will then make them waterproof. The short sleeve cardigan will go over various long sleeve tops and all in one suits I have packed which aren't pictured.

Next up ::

  • Quite simply several of these are packed along with various tops and bottoms, I don't think there is an Australian my age who wasn't dressed in a Bonds Terry Wondersuit as a baby. Bonds Wondersuits continue to be a feature in pretty much every babies wardrobe to this day.

Finally and simply ::

  • Modern cloth nappies (this is just a few pictured for cuteness) and Gaia baby wipes. We full time cloth nappy our babies and belly bubs first nappy will be cloth, no disposables for us. Our cloth nappy stash has been worn by all our babies and has literally saved us thousands and thousands of dollars. The Gaia Bamboo Biodegradable Baby Wipes were gifted to me as part of a gift pack from the Bloggers Baby Shower. Traditionally we use cloth wipes as well but we will occasionally use pack wipes only if they are natural bamboo and biodegradable, otherwise it's cloth wipes.
  • Lastly there are some more basics, a bunch of baby singlets are packed for layering, a couple of bonnets and caps and several pairs of baby socks. I've always found that baby socks used as mittens worked so much better and stay on.

So there you have it, there's an insight to belly bubs bag, this isn't a comprehensive take on everything. But it's more than a fair reflection of how simple I keep things. Not a single thing packed has been bought new and has either been used with our other babies, gifted or is a hand me down from friends. I don't believe in complicating things baby doesn't need anything more than love, cuddles and milk all of which I can do whether I had this all packed or not.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

2013 Week 32: My Wednesday Style Collective....

This is a short, sweet but special style collective post frock that I have been saving to show off, and considering today's my birthday why not share it off today of all days. This dress was gifted to me by a very, very dear friend of mine, who has traveled down somewhat similar difficult journeys as I have regarding pregnancy she is a very dear and special friend.

This dress used to belong to her mother and my sweet friend passed the dress on to me to enjoy and appreciate. She did have one particular request though in giving it to me and that was too see me wear it whilst I was pregnant. She wanted the joy of seeing a pregnant belly in the dress. Thankfully the dress is accommodating and I was able to fulfill her wish and I surprised her by wearing it when she paid us a visit this weekend just passed.

Dress - gifted
Vintage Short Sleeve Cardie - gifted
Bag - op shopped
Leopard Print Ballet Flats - retail

As you can see it a vibrantly red 1970's dress which has been hand printed front and back. It's such and easy wear and a very special frock. I always take such honor in being handed treasures from others families.

I'm incredibly blessed with amazing people in my life.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What's in a Vintage Mummas Hospital Bag to Have Baby.....

In the blogsphere I'm sure there a thousands of hospital bag posts of mummas in waiting and what they're taking to the hospital for the arrival of their bundle of joy. But this mumma doesn't have one of those posts out there, well not until now that is. I've spared everyone pictures and details of the obvious and have fast forwarded to some of my favourite and fun things I've packed.

What's in Mummas Bag?

Apart from the obvious underwear, bras, maternity pads, toiletries and toothbrush here's some of the fun things I have packed to make me comfortable. Whatever I'm missing or limited on isn't a big deal to me as there is always the Big V to run me in what I need or want.

Clothing wise it's a simple mix of vintage, modern and thrifted to get me through a few days in comfort. There's a few more pieces to add but the above will be the basis of bringing any outfit together for a few days in hospital.

  • Handmade vintage mustard cardigan
  • Two pairs of wide leg yoga pants
  • White Long Sleeve Tee
  • 1970's Kenwall Blouse seen here and here
  • Vintage scarves and tortoiseshell chain and various other accessories

A look into the toiletries bag, the fun stuff, that will spoil me a little!

  • Gaia Belly Butter
  • Sukin Facial Moisturiser
  • Youngblood Mineral Bronzer and Blush compact
  • Youngblood Mineral Liquid Foundation
  • Oi Lash Fibre kit and mascara
  • Napoleon Perdis makeup brush
  • Comb
  • Lansinoh Nipple Cream, which my friends doubles as an awesome lip treatment

What are the extras I'm packing?

  • Something to read of course, might as well make it vintage related, a reference and fabulous right?
  • Note books/journals and a novelty pen, because from previous experience my mind doesn't give me a break from exploding ideas and brainstorming. So it's best to have them handy to get it all out of my head. The novelty pen, because why not have something fun that wobbles when you write.
  • Baby's comfort toy made by a dear friend (being given to bub from Cohen and Sarah), and then there's gifts all wrapped up from baby for his big brother and sister.
  • iPhone and iPad, to take some of those firsts pictures and to keep in touch.

Oh and I'll be needing these!

  • My vintage sheet eye mask, thanks to Lisa at Simply Dollicious Kidswear......I should be a bit better set for some better rest and snoozy time with this beauty.
  • Breast pads, reusable cloth breast ones, because cloth ones are so much nicer than disposable ones, they feel luxurious and it's a greener choice and I need lots of them......this is just some of them.

But what about baby? what are you taking for baby you're probably asking? Tomorrow as well as my usual style post I'll post what's in baby's bag and the fun and cuteness in store there.

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Vintage Sewing Notions Delivered to the Door and I'm a Ric-Rac'ing My Brain......

If you follow on Facebook or Instagram you have likely had a sneak peek at this weeks finds because I couldn't contain myself. With my mobility being an issue this I've been very lucky to have a few friends drop in on me through the week, lend a hand and keep me company.

My very dear and sweet friend Angela, who is a volunteer at my favourite op shop, came bearing all sorts of crafty wonders from the shops boss Sue's personal collection as well as some other odds and ends. So not only did I get company and some help around home and with the kids, but I got spoilt.

Firstly what does one place all sorts of bits and pieces in to be gifted to me. Ummm this gorgeous vintage waste paper basket. Finally I've joined those ranks with all of you who have one. I'm so pleased, because I haven't come across a nice one in my travels but just like that I'm gifted one which then contained all of this.

Vintage koala biscuit tin, with the most awesome collection of ric-rac in a rainbow of colours. The mind races and boggles at all the possibilities with this much ric-rac.

Loads of more loveliness in a rainbow vintage of bias binding, always handy.

Finally what about just some of those odds and ends, and fastenings. I just love the old labels, packaging and fonts.

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Florist Shop Display Update and Lessons.....

It's been ages since I've given an update on my little display of garments from my business at the florist shop. Since meeting Leanne late last year and forming this mutually beneficial relationship, we have also become firm friends. Every few weeks I pop into the shop to check on my display and have a few hours chatting with Leanne whilst having morning tea, and catching up while floral arrangements are made and customers come into the shop.

I've been asked several times recently by local creative and market friends how things have been going with the shop display and sales. The answer is, it's been going well, surprisingly well in fact. It's taken a bit of trial and error to work out the right type of garments to stock in such a location.

The shop has had a recent change around and my display is now in a "baby section" up the back there in the pic collage near all the balloons and stuffed toys  for "New Baby" arrangements, it;s right near the counter (out of shot). It's a great little position.

The answer to the appropriate garments to stock for such a display have ended up coming quite simply really. People popping into a florist shop might often be purchasing flowers of congratulations for a new baby being born. So stocking a varied selection of baby pieces from newborns through to toddlers has been easy, with a few special garments thrown in like vintage Christening Gowns and sweet bonnets and booties, that has bought together a perfect combination. Word is starting to get around that I have a little display and Leanne is having people pop in to see what is new and wanting to see more and make connections with me.

I'm so thrilled with how things have been received since having this arrangement and the sales I've made. It's all been a lesson for this mum in business though to take the chances and offers for opportunities from new friends and acquaintances and run with them and see what happens.

But there is a lesson here that I want to share with other mummas out there in small business; and that's not to let your internal voice of doubt or logic talk yourself out of why opportunities won't work. When you busy yourself with that sort of talk internally you're closing yourself off to all the other possible ways, an opportunity could work for you with some experimenting and trial and error. So remember to seize opportunities, if someone has commented in passing on your business or product and how it would work well or compliment their business, be bold pop those shoulders back and ask how you can make it happen. There is nearly always a way you can negotiate mutually beneficial business relationships by being brave and bold. Give it a go surprise yourself and give yourself and your dreams every chance to soar.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

2013 Week 31: My Wednesday Style Collective: Pregnancy Round Up Edition.....

I've been looking forward to doing a style collective round up post about my pregnancy style. Overall I think I've done well to keep with my vintage and thrifted loving style since announcing to you all my pregnancy back in February, when I donned and squeezed myself into my sweet 1950's frock (top middle pic below) I'd been desperately waiting to share with you all.

Before any of you even knew I was pregnant I adopted front on pictures only in my style pics and dressed around my bump in secret. I wondered all through that period if some of you might of picked up on changes in my appearance and had secretly wondered if I was pregnant and were burning to ask me. Either way when I announced this pregnancy you were all so wonderfully thrilled and supportive. Thank you.

Throughout this pregnancy I've pushed the boundaries on my vintage wardrobe and other pieces like no ones business. I have surprised myself by not succumbing to the need to purchase anything retail bar two pairs of extra leggings for winter. Because let's face with a wardrobe mainly filled with frocks, skirts and tops and a growing belly that has raised my hem line, leggings have been a go-between to help.

I think I've tried more pattern clashing, and unintended ways as well as inventive ways of wearing garments, than I probably would have ever considered if I wasn't pregnant. If this pregnancy has taught me anything more about my style. It's taught me pregnant or not, different body shapes or not, small, tall or not, when it comes to style you can get away with just about anything if you're willing to try it and carry it with confidence and say this is me.......somewhat.

This isn't even half the outfit combinations I've come up with, I do wish now I had been able to capture every single one. There are some rockin' ones I've missed.

I've had so much fun styling myself around this pregnancy and so pleased I pretty much made do with what I already had, a feat in itself.

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Things went sshhhhh, but I'm ok.....

Cohen has came down sick again, it's been pretty rough going here, we've had several nights of screaming, whining and whinging in pain and him flopping around in our bed. A call out from a home visiting doctor and the poor mite has had viral ear infections and croaking cough.

Then throw in the mix Sarah who has alternated the other nights flopping around in our bed cutting her two year old molars. I kid you not it's been all fun and games here......sense the sarcasm? As one can imagine for an about to pop heavily pregnant mum such as myself it's all eaten away at my physical, emotional and mental reserves to cope. Hence yesterday saw me have the big cry I think every heavily pregnant mumma in waiting has where she just releases it all into the universe and just lets the tears flow. Yeah that was my day yesterday and resulted in me taking sanctuary in our bedroom for peace and comfort and my own company for the vast majority of the afternoon and evening.

My hospital bag has been given some consideration this past week. I've chosen a mix of comfort and vintage items so I can still mix together some semblance of outfits in hospital that make me feel myself and lift my spirits in hospital. I'll share with you exactly what I've packed, just as soon as I'm back on track this week.

Exciting things have been happening behind the scenes on the business and blog front this past week, which make me smile and reassure me about all my time, effort and vision I've been putting in throughout this pregnancy.

We are getting close to baby entering into the world. I am booked for a c-section (reasons are complex and PTSD related), but my body is giving me signals that this little man of mine might not make it to the date that is booked. Time will tell, these little beings choose their own stars to fly in on. If I've gone quiet here on the blog and/or other social media, I won't be far away. Either I've needed to focus and recenter myself again or I guess it's possible I could be off finally having a baby. But either way we will hold tight because I might just need to wait it all out and be patient a little longer yet.

Wishing you all happy and magical weeks. Hoping I'll be on deck sharing and getting back to popping around to your blogs and saying hi. Big love to you all.

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