My Vintage Childhood

My Vintage Childhood: October 2013

Monday, October 28, 2013

Sometimes I thrift in disguise.....

I have been hunting around of late for new and exciting finds, for home but always for the business. I've even adopted a new technique of wearing disguises when out treasure hunting. But it hasn't helped one single bit, and I have no idea why.

I jest, I got snapped recently by my dear friend and op shop volunteer at my favourite op shop. I always love my visits and I'm always happy to seize and opportunity to give them a laugh, even if it's at my expense and ridiculousness. I never need a disguise when I visit there and if anything, if there's shop stock on the floor they think might take my fancy it is always pointed out to me, they've known me for a few years now so they know my tastes. It's always nice to be thought of and considered. I'm looking forward to my relationship growing with them as there will be some projects I will be working on with them in coming months.

Talking about disguises, it's a funny little world out there when your sourcing vintage especially if you have a business in that scope and field. When you get around the traps you frequently start to recognise a lot of other people out who are sourcing vintage for their little niche businesses too. Believe me I've seen others try all sorts of different disguises and approaches to being the one to nab a much sort after item first.

I've recently seen some of the "regulars" around the traps, whilst I have been sourcing too. This is snapshot of just some recent treasures that are making their way to my Etsy store soon.

I've said it many times over before, how I love what I do, bust especially more so that I have a vintage business that is orientated around children. I just love the feeling and memories when I'm source pieces and I have a moment of reminiscing back to having something as a child. I know that when it makes me feel that way, it'll make others feel that way too.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

2013 Week 42: My Wednesday Style Collective....

As I'm gradually fitting back into my pre-pregnancy wardrobe I'm also having fun trying out new combinations with recent purchases I've been waiting to fit into. A recent piece is this skirt which has quickly become an easy go to skirt, to slip on and get out the door for kindy run with the kids. I don't know if anyone else is like me, but when I get a new to me piece I like to give it a good run for a week to two playing with different styling combinations, to see if it'll earn it's keep in the wardrobe.

So here is the skirt two ways in the last week although I've worn it with several other combinations in recent weeks, but these are the two outfits I've scored time to get pictures taken. The first combination I'm loving, the second not so much, but that's part of my point, you've got to give things a go sometimes and let it sit with you and how it makes you feel. 
Homemade Midi Skirt - beautiful bird Leisa again
Animal Print Top - retail
Belt - op shopped
Ballet Flats - retail
Beads - gifted
Bangle - op shopped

I have two style beliefs the first is that green goes with every colour, look at nature the trees and the flowers, green is a match made in heaven with all colours. Ok, so maybe not in some people's opinion, but that's my lunacy and I'm sticking to it. My second held style belief is that animal print also goes with just about everything too. Call me crazy but I think the above combination works, it's in the accessorising that brings it together.

Anyway I have digressed so here is the other combination this week. Looking back at the pictures I don't think this will be a combination I'll repeat. I'm ok with showing off pictures of my perceived fashion fails, I know others aren't, but I am. I think style is such a fluid thing and it's forever changing that it's ok to just give things a try, if they don't workout there;s no harm done, at least you were brave enough to give it a go.
Vintage Cotton Top with Crochet Sleeve Detail - gifted
Homemade Midi Skirt - as above
Barefoot and accessory free because it's not every day I can get out of the house with three kids.

Finally I have a question, do you only blog your best outfit combinations? Is there a fear in blogging the ones that missed the mark in your eyes? We often have a critical eye on ourselves, it's surprising sometimes the outfits people respond most to are ones where you didn't think anyone would make much of a deal about.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

2012 Week 41: My Wednesday Style Collective......

If you caught Monday's post you probably caught a glimpse of one my outfits this past week. Actually come to think of it if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you probably caught a tease of my other outfit this week too.

This past Saturday was market day for us, our first market back since Fraser was born. We had a few extra logistical matters to consider with doing a market this time with a nearly eight week old in tow. Even my outfit was a matter of major consideration given I'd be wearing Fraser in a carrier whilst talking with market goers and I'd have to consider the heat and our combined body heats and keeping him comfortable. Not to mention needing to breastfeed him throughout the day. So this is what I opted for below a combination that is getting a regular workout at the moment.

Vintage 70's Midi Floral Skirt - the sweetest bird Leisa
Heart Print Singlet - retail
Sandals - retail
Retro Elephant Brooch - Vintage Wishes
Silver Cuff - market stall buy years ago

Outtake Pic: His certainly my son, not shy by any measure, desperately wanted in on the action . He was utterly joyous as I've only been able to pick up again after a year, what with pregnancy woes and recover from a c-section.

I love a fun tee with a maxi skirt to mix things up with and I've been at it again. This time I had a few of these boys print tees hanging around and since they were in larger sizes I thought I'd try and make the most of restyling some of them. As a result I totally love how this combination worked out.
Printed Kaa Boom Boys Tee - hand me down, which I chopped the sleeves off on
Yellow Plaid Print Maxi - has been seen a lot recently was a $2 Lifeline Mega Sale buy
Belt - op shopped
Beads - op shopped
Ballet flats - retail

I really love how the mix of feminine, fun and a little bit of punk have come together in this outfit, so much so I was loving myself sick in this outfit last week.

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Taking on Weekend Market Selling with a Baby.....

This past week and weekend has been full on, what with life with three kids, Sarah being sick, doctors appointments and preparations for our first market since Fraser's arrival. My poor girl has spent most of the week, battling seriously high temperatures with no known cause for the best part of last week. It's a mystery to us and to the doctor as to what has been wrong with her. Come Friday she was in better spirits and Saturday morning she seemed to be much more her normal self. So we chanced it and decided that Cohen would have special time with grandparents rather than both of them and we'd also take Sarah to the market with us too. 

Yeah I know it's crazy to do our first market in months, with a not quite eight week old baby and a two and half year old. Some people would say that is sheer madness and a fast track ride to the funny farm. But it all went wonderfully and I'm so lucky to have this man be my biggest support and help.

He did all the heavy set up for the stall and I did all the display work, all whilst Fraser snoozed away in the carrier. Fraser spent the whole day feeding, snoozing or having snuggles with daddy and others who dropped by. Sarah was kept happy and entertained by the market organisers 14 year old daughter, which was totally unexpected to us but ended up being a delightful bonus for everyone.

It was a lovely day as it always is to be among like minded people and to meet people face to face. The reaction to my little niche business in this vintage world of selling continues to be a wonderful one. It's wonderful to hear people say "I used to have one of those as a kid, it brings back memories". That is one of the single biggest things I want to continue to grow my business on and giving people those feelings when they see my goodies.

We will continue to trial all different dynamics and avenues with the business. Just like everything else in life, we need to find the mix and balance that's right for us with online sales, physical in store sales and displays and market sales. It's a juggle to work out where and what are the best options for optimum results, but that's the nature of business. But along the way the biggest thing is I have to consider my family and keep the balance fair to us all, but still allow me time to grow my dream.

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Vintage Baby Bibs Gift Idea.....

It's often rare to find genuine vintage and retro baby bibs and smocks in good condition. Just through the nature of design for their intended use, many have not stood the test of time suffering food and grime stains and considerable wear. Those that have stood the test of time are often sweet, splendid, detailed, cute, kitsch, and handmade. They therefore make for a simple but thoughtful gift ideas, for a vintage loving mums with a new baby. 

Some people may concern themselves with a vintage bib being spoiled by food stains and feel hesitant in using them, but if you're wanting to use them rather then display or collect them, they are a perfectly sweet option to use as a dribble bib, rather then for use at meal and snack time.

Here is a sweet idea for displaying a delicately embroidered heirloom bib - source here

Tiny and delicate handmade and embroidered bibs such as the 1950's one pictured above were often used as dribble and spit up bibs for newborns to protect other painstakingly and lovingly handmade garments baby may be wearing. All efforts were taken to protect garments as often was the case that clothing pieces would need to be used on subsequent children in the family.

So it's always a treat to come by bibs and smocks in wonderful vintage condition. They make a sweet addition to a vintage, retro or kitsch inspired hamper for a baby shower or a sweet token gift with a lovely card full of well wishes and congratulations.

Check out some of the lovely vintage bibs on my Pinterest boards that I've pinned.