My Vintage Childhood

My Vintage Childhood: November 2013

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

2013 Week 47: My Wednesday Style Collective....

Sometimes in this vintage loving life, a dress comes along, a dress that makes you say OH MY GOODNESS, you gasp at it's glory and ask yourself how is this possible. It's only possible that such an amazing maxi, such as this one has found it's way to me, and it's due to one of my amazing Facebook friends over on the My Vintage Childhood page. Linda doesn't have a business page or blog, but she is working on some amazing cool projects that I hope I am able to share with you at a later date. But sweet, sweet Linda sent me this amazing maxi several months ago along with some other wonderful goodies.

Maxi - Linda.....hooray to like minded online friends near and far, such beautiful friendships.
Vintage Gold Metal Scale Belt - op shopped
Shoes - retail

The dress really talks for itself and I just have to point out the fact it has pockets. Seriously do things get better for a girl like me a lover of colour, maxi dresses, pockets and groovy-ness. It's so groovy I'm going to need a Bex and good lie down* to recoup from the groovy-ness of it all.

* if you're not an Aussie you might not be familiar with the saying: "a Bex and good lie down". But pop over here and all shall be explained.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

2013 Week 46: My Wednesday Style Collective......

Fashion and style is so often about illusion isn't it? This week I've been playing around with that thought with items in my wardrobe and really pushing limits to see what options there are if you look at things in a different way and also adopt the laws of layering unexpectedly.

Just the other day I was in a mad rush trying to get myself and the three kids ready to go out and with recent rain some of my go to maxi skirts were caught out in the rain and still wet. I was in one of those moods where I wasn't feeling the desire to wear a dress, but I wanted the effect of a maxi skirt and tee. So I got to thinking and got to layering and just like that what do you know this outfit was born.
Dress - sweet darling Allison
Tee - op shopped
Vest - op shopped
Shoes - retail

You might recognise the pattern on my skirt, well dress actually from this post. When it comes to the tee you all know I have a love affair with maxi skirts and tees together. Well, when they are quite tight like this one it's easy to fold the lower half up and under and disguise what you've done that with a wide belt like I have, to bring the eye of the waist line up. Then to finish it off and create a further distraction to the illusion I created, I popped on the denim vest.

What do you know I tricked friends who have actually seen me wear the dress by itself and complemented me by saying they liked my skirt and overall look. Ha ha ha I ticked them.

What little tricks do you adopt to create unlikely illusions with your style efforts. Share your secrets in the comments.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

2013 Week 45: My Wednesday Style Collective.....

I'm rather excited about this weeks style collective because both outfits featured were five dollar garage sale buys recently, that I'm really chuffed with.

Last weekend I didn't need to look far for inspiration for the perfect dress for a new profile pic, when I picked up this dress at a garage sale for five dollars. As soon as I saw it I knew it would be perfect, it could nearly be my blogs uniform the colours and floral compliment my whole blog design, I think that's pretty damn cool. Oh and I'm totally digging that it's a button through dress and has in my books.

Dress - 1970's Kenwall - Garage Sale
Shoes - retail

There's not much I need to say about this second outfit, I'm sure you'll know why and if you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm talking about GREEN. I picked up this pair of old school Sportscraft pants at a garage sale off a women who used to own a vintage clothing store and was off-loading everything for five dollars a piece. Funny story about the pants, is that the vibrant colour (pic isn't showing their true vibrancy damn it) has been a proven distraction to door to door sales people. Let's just say they've been a point of conversation so much so their sales pitches have gone out the window.
Sportscraft GREEN Pants - garage sale
Sheer Floral Blouse - op shopped
Belt - op shopped
Shoes - retail

So tell me what's the craziest thing a door to door sales person has caught you wearing? Not that my pants are that crazy, at least not by my standards, perhaps by others, but that just goes to show it takes very little shock some people.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

2013 Week 44: My Wednesday Style Collective.....

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to pull the frock I'm wearing out of the wardrobe to find it's fitting me perfectly again. Since having bought it I have only ever worn it on two other occasions with one of those occasions featuring on the blog. For the life of me I can't find the other post, it must be a tagging issue gone awry. But I'm really feeling the love for this dress all over again. It's cotton and with the red, blue and white and floral is just a winner there's nothing to fault about it. Oh and it buttons through to the waist, which means it's now going to be on high rotation since I can breastfeed in this dress!

Dress - Nelly's Vintage Wishes
Belt - op shopped (yes I know this belt features a lot....but it's super versatile)
Flower brooch - made be me
Head scarf - op shopped
Wedges - retail
Sunglasses - op shopped

Yesterday here in Australia was Melbourne Cup Day and even though I had no Melbourne Cup plans nor was I even putting any bets on the horses, it was still nice to put on a nice frock (which is the norm anyway really) and do the family day care run for Sarah, run errands and what not. Of course the statement arose "oh you look nice, are you having lunch for the cup".....ummm no this is just me on a normal day.

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Heirloom Sideboard is Part of the Family......

As most of you know now my in laws have moved in the last few weeks and it has been super crazy around here. We've been selling off pieces for them and of our own to make way for old family pieces we have taken on. They're pieces that hold sentimental value for Ben, having grown up with them and of which have been around longer then he has.

Our pre-1930's piano is off to a new home, which has allowed for us to make way for this family piece. The piano is going to a gentlemen who is retiring next year and his partner wanted to surprise him with arranging it, we've given it away for free as it's not something she would have been able to do otherwise for him. It's nice to know that we've helped make a dream come true, after 45 years away from the piano.

A huge debate is raging with this sideboard we've taken on as it comes in two parts, the top section comes off. We are debating about doing away with the top section as the lower section by itself compliments our decor better. But in saying that it seems sacrilege to do that don't you think?

So many questions do we still consider painting the wall behind it slate grey, or will it be too imposing with the sideboard there? Oh well I don't know at the moment, all I know is we have to sit with making a decision for a little while.

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