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My Vintage Childhood: January 2014

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2014 Week 4: My Wednesday Style Collective......

Long hot days are still reining supreme around these parts, so some outfits a pulling double duty through the week to keep me cool and stylish. For the last week it's been less about dresses and more about light or easy separates.

This gifted floral skirt which has that vintage a-line feel has seen some action out and about this past week. So here it is two ways, the first way I'm feeling all rather prim and teacher like.
Vintage Blouse: eBay
Modern a-line Floral Skirt: gifted Just Underneath
Wedges: retail
Animal Print Tank: retail
Skirt: as above
Shoes: retail
Flower brooch: made by me

In news Cohen is starting school next week, he will be a Preppie, which also means that this mumma who has slackened in getting dressed early over the summer holidays is going to have to get herself organised pronto.  Where going to be on a pretty tight schedule in the mornings so I may have to start planning outfits the night before, so I'm ready to hit the ground running with my brood.

Do you have a child starting school for the first time next week or kids going back for another year? How are you feeling about it? I'm going to miss Cohen terribly!

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014 Week 3: My Wednesday Style Collective......

I'm a child of the late seventies and grew up through the eights, when it's comes to vintage fashion I'm absolutely and wholeheartedly a fan of the seventies, sixties and even fifties. But on occasion I like to throw in a little eights action for good measure and that's what I've done this week. Nothing says the 1980's in the middle of summer in Australia more than a lightweight crinkle fabric dress, throw in deep pockets and v-cut neckline and you're practically having flashbacks to 1980's summers and warm nights.
Dress - gifted by the sweet Zara
Tooled Leather Belt - op shopped
Wedges - retail

The every so sweet and thoughtful Zara sent me this number in a big parcel of delight a few months ago now, I love the colour of the dress, and it comes with a matching belt but I had to mix it up with a tooled leather belt. Overall it's just such an easy summertime wear that keeps me cool and looks pretty. This seventies loving heart doesn't mind a little eighties action and this lovely dress is a nice addition to my summer wardrobe.

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014 Week 2: My Wednesday Style Collective.....

With the new year kicking off last week on a Wednesday I'm already into my second week of style posts and I've got two outfits to share. If you live in Australia you'll probably know from news reports that Queensland has been caught in a heat wave and some areas and regions have broken the highest temperatures on record.

I kid you not that on Saturday morning we made the most of having early risers and went to the Broadwater for a splash in the saltwater and a snorkel, and we were there just before 7am to beat the heat. We were back home and settled well before 9am when the temperature was already hitting 30 degrees. Temperatures continued to soar and reached 45 degrees in areas in and around us on the coast. So with heat like that it's been weather to have air-conditioning blasting and to wear short dresses and shorts.

Dress - op shop
Belt - op shop
Sandals - retail
Erstwilder Elephant Brooch - Christmas gift from Ben

This thrifted modern floral dress has been a handy little life saver on days I've had a lot of running around to do out in the heat and when I've been in and out of the air conditioned car.

Early last week when I knew I was going to be out and about but in the even and cooler temperatures of air-conditioning for a long period I thought I'd risk a long sleeve blouse with the sleeves rolled. I'm glad I did because this outfit came together easy and I felt great and a little cute.

1970's Pointy Collared Polka Dot Long Sleeve Blouse - op shop
Shorts - retail
Wedges - retail
Erstwilder Bird Pendent - also a Christmas gift from Ben

This outfit definitely made me feel like I had some strut, hence I'm on the hunt for some more high waisted shorts and vintage blouses for the remainder of summer.

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Retro Starburst Clock Shining in the Dining Room.....

Who would of thought that after so much time longing, waiting and hoping for a perfect Starburst clock it would come my way, and that it would be just before we said goodbye to 2013. Well it's all patience and faith that it happened, I think. Just before Christmas the very dear and most fabulous Celia from Kittys Vintage Kitsch was in my end of the world. Celia stopped by our place for a little catch up and cheekily announced that she had two Starburst clocks in her van, and as we were on the top of her wait list for a Starburst Clock we could take a peek. Ben and I most promptly asked to see them, and considered the two available and settling on this wonderful clock.

Ben and I are absolutely thrilled with our clock, it is the most perfect addition to our dining room wall, and exactly what we needed for a big wall in a big space. I'm glad patience has paid off in delivering a standout piece and that we had the funds tucked away as to not miss out on such an opportunity, as well as being fortunate enough to inspect two clocks and make a choice.

If you're in Brisbane or travelling to or through Brisbane and want to check out more awesome pieces from Kittys Vintage Kitsch you can swing by the Woolloongabba Antique Centre and check out:
Kittys Vintage Kitsch
Shop 69 Woolloongabba Antique Centre 22 Wellington Rd, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 4102

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Ideas, goals, ponderings, things and thoughts for 2014.....

So I don't like using the word "resolutions" when we are talking about the start of a new year. It's an ingrained thing within many, that with the dawn of a new year we look for a fresh start or a do over of things from the previous year. The words "New Years Resolutions" conjure up angst for many people about what happens if they fail or don't achieve the desired outcome they had declared to all. I personally prefer to work more organically with things in my life. For me life, it's patterns, routines and moods can change at any given time, and therefore a resolution seems so narrow focused for someone like me who always has things whirring in my head that I want to do.

Last year was an awesome year both personally and professionally for me in actualising some of my dreams. Some plans in 2013 had to be shifted around, reworked and shook up like nothing else to make them happen, but in all we got there in the end. Oh and let's face it there were also things that just didn't happen (even though I tried), but hey that's just life.

This year 2014, I'm doing what I do all the time (and not just because it's the start of a new year) and I'm throwing around all sorts of ideas, goals and thoughts. I'm squelching it all up in my little head and I'm just going to throw myself at things win or lose again and see what happens. I took that approach last year with the attitude of what's the worse that could happen, and look where it got me! So it can't hurt to do the same, don't you think?

What am I throwing around on the personal, blog and business front:

  • Getting back to doing yoga when timing permits around Fraser's needs.
  • Do something for myself every day.
  • Do more non-blog or business reading.
  • Drink more water, I used to be so good and I have fallen off the wagon so, so badly.
  •  Make my body a priority, it's been through a hell of a journey the last six years.
  • More time with friends and relatives, I'm tired of "everyone being busy" it's time to make time.
  • Meeting and catching up more with some of the best blogging babes.
  • To have one on one time with each of my kids.
  • Make the kids laugh about something silly every day.
  • Date my husband more even if it's dinner and movie at home when the kids are in bed.
  • Take the kids to the movies, they've never been.
  • More weekend day trips and adventures.....which is also code for treasure hunting.
  • More craft.
  • More home improvements and decorating.
  • Start a newsletter.
  • Attend ProBlogger Conference, this one will depend on location and Fraser and other logistics.
  • Streamline blog functions and features.
  • Try to maintain some semblance of an editorial calender with my blogging.
  • Authentically grow my readership.
  • Do more markets and try other markets.
  • Get crazy busy listing in my Etsy store and filling my shop to the rafters with goodies.
  • Seek out other "in store" displays like my florist display where I can sell my wares.
  • Developing a hire option for some of my wares for photo shoots, weddings and events.
  • AND simply just entertain any other crazy idea I have and see what happens.......what do I have to lose?

I know you'll laugh and think I'm crazy but all that listed above is just a little bit of what is whirring around in my head. My mind never stops and is constantly formulating plans and ideas (just ask Ben he thinks I'm grade A nuts), hence why the word "resolution" and I have issue with one another. I do my best when I'm attacking the things I feel most strongly about working on at any given time. It's not a method for everyone but it's certainly a method that works for me. Besides with young children who are constantly changing and growing, my personal plans have always got to be flexible to change around their changing needs.

At the end of the day I know I will make the things I want bad enough work, even if there are challenges. I proved it to myself last year and I'm determined to do it again this year.

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

What Sarah Wore for Christmas Dinner, it's Vintage Darling......

I hinted many weeks back that I was super excited to share with you Sarah's Christmas gifts that I had hunted down for her. I'm so thrilled she loved her vintage gifts and funnily enough it also appears as though she "may" have started to develop an eye for spotting vintage herself.

On Christmas Day she unwrapped her gift of the vintage dress and tooled leather bag and her first response was a giggle followed by her saying in tiny voice "it's vintage" and gasping a little. I had not said a thing to her or primed her about the gift being vintage. I have to say I was quietly proud and puffed my chest out.
1970's Vintage Girls Cotton Dress - Ebay
1970's Mini Tooled Leather Bag - Vintage Wishes
1980's Avon Rabbit Family Necklace - Etsy Shop - Tuscaloosa Road

My heart swelled with joy that she loved her gifts and that she adored her necklace in particular. As a little girl I owned a necklace exactly the same and as an adult I have often thought about it and wondered where it went, and where it came from and if I'd ever be able to find one again. A few weeks ago I did some asking around in some collector groups I'm a member of and after giving my description of it, I was able to confirm it was an old children's Avon jewelry piece from the 1980's. I then set about about hunting high and low online and came by an Etsy listing. But after contacting the seller in excitement and in a rush, I realised it had been sold. I emailed the seller back apologising for getting ahead myself and for not realising it was sold. But that's not where the story ends, the seller emailed back and explained she did in fact still have one. Several more emails back and forth and it arrived just a few days before Christmas and I was over the moon. Sarah adores it and it makes me so happy, however I am now on a mission to track one down again for myself.

The dress, bag and necklace were Christmas gifts to Sarah and she wore the whole ensemble above for Christmas dinner. She knew she looked the part and when the family gushed over her and said that they liked her dress she simply just said:

"Thanks it's vintage darling".

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