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My Vintage Childhood: February 2014

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2014 Week 8: My Wednesday Style Collective....

I was having a poor me moment the other day about my wardrobe. It's the weather, it's the humidity and heat that's getting to me. I'm desperately missing my dresses and maxis. Feeling like I had nothing to wear to keep me cool and something that I haven't rehashed at lot, I headed for my stock room to see what I had in the the way of cotton frocks that would keep me happy.
Dress - Mega Church Garage Sale 2013
Purple Ballet Flats - retail

This 1980's seer sucker striped purple and white dress has me feeling a little bit 1950's diner waitress only thing that I'm missing is a name badge and a couple of ice cold sodas in hand.
I remember putting this dress in my stock room thinking it wasn't me at the time and that I would never wear it and I'd eventually sell it. It's funny how time sometimes changes your opinion towards a frock and it's style. I actually really quiet like this dress now.  The dress could be easily be styled either way and really take on that 1950s or 1980's vibe either way. Perhaps I should make myself a diner name badge, or is that too much? At the end of the day this lovely cool dress is now staying in my wardrobe.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

2014 Week 7: My Wednesday Style Collective.....

As the warm weather and humidity drag on here, shorts and tops are still featuring heavily in my stylings at present. I'm missing my maxis, skirts and dresses, but it's just too damn hot most days. I will be happy for the change in season even just a wee bit to get back into some of my beloved pieces.

I'm uncertain if this vintage Asian embroidered top has had an outing on the blog, I love the contrast of the navy with the coloured embroidery it lends the top to being styled with many different coloured skirts, shorts and pants.
Vintage Asian Top - op shop
Shorts - retail
Large Vintage Woven Cane Reed Clutch - op shopped
Shoes - Retail

It's rather ironic that I'm featuring an Asian embroidered top this week, after Sarah's feature last week with her very own vintage Asian top. Some forethought and we could have had a mummy and me post.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Meet Kat from Team Kitten & How She Juggles a Home Business and Kids...

It's my goal and hope to support and inspire other mums and women out there who are regularly fantasizing with the idea of developing a business that they can manage around their children, home and lifestyle. I want to continue to inspire others that despite what odds or challenges you think might be stacked against you, there is a way.

With the above being said, I am utterly thrilled to be bringing you Kat from Team Kitten. Kat is an old high school friend of mine and she is a mum of two gorgeous kids and oozes artistic and creative talent like no ones business. I love her work, and I know you will too, she is infectious and adorable.

Kat is a freelance illustrator and designer and has a love for quirky Japanese culture, Hello Kitty, Toys, Russian Dolls, Scandinavian Folk art, sunshine and rainbows, the occult, happy magic, bold colours, repeat patterns, geometrics, cute animals, retro home-wares and vintage children's illustrations. It's a long list of loves but they have always intrigued her and are more than evident in her amazing works. Below are some of my current favorites.

Kat never thought that her love of doodling would be something that she could do as a job, until some point in the early 2000's when she caught the attentions of Total Girl magazine who then asked her to illustrate one of their regular columns at the time.

I've asked Kat a few questions about her journey with having her own creative business and being a mum:

What were you doing before being your own boss?

I was working in fashion doing textile design for Colorado. It was an amazing job and I learnt so much and worked with great creatives, I was also doing freelance work then too. I had some great clients like Coke, Cadbury, Emirates Airlines

How did Team Kitten come about?

The name came about probably over 10 years ago. I was experimenting with web design and artwork and wanted a name to put everything under, at the time it wasn't cool to just use your own name, it had to be something different - and I think Josh, my boyfriend, thought Team Kitten would be a great fit because I love cats and my site back then would combine my love of cats and cute stuff. 

How do you balance your drawing and design time with being a mum?

Well I have a 5 year old boy who was in his first year of Prep last year and a 3 year old girl who only goes to Kindy two days a week. So on those two days I try and bust a move and work on any projects, freelance work, or prepare for a coming market or exhibition. I also try and make use of time at night when they are sleeping, but I really don't like working every night. Usually Sunday and Monday nights are movie or latest TV show nights. I find being a mum is pretty exhausting so even though work is different to hanging out with kids, I still find I need my own down time.

What words of encouragement can you give to other mums with a yearning to do something with a small business whilst juggling a family?

Only do something you are passionate about or even something you are just good at and enjoy. You don't have to be an expert straight away, but if you chip away slow and steady (because I know mums don't have much time to devote to their own creative pursuits) YOU will get there, and if it's something you enjoy, you will be having fun! Another thing I found handy was just doing little short creative courses like local sewing classes - something that's just for a few hours on the weekend, to build up your confidence and gain some new skills and meet other creatives.

I think the take away lessons in Kat's journey is that we can surprise ourselves sometimes and where our talents can take us. Look where Kat's love of doodling has taken her and she hasn't even professionally trained. But I know you must be thinking, but still how does she have the time.  I know for fact that this sweet mumma also makes use of the time sitting in the car for school pick up in the afternoon waiting and she doodles some days until schools out for the day. It really is about finding those pockets of time in our busy mummy days to steal some fulfilling creative time for our passions.

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pipsqueak Paparazzi Sarah Style.....

Sarah has been blowing my mind lately with her general awareness and consciousness of all things vintage. It's not like I skip around the house saying that's vintage, that's vintage in a la-de-da melody. But I guess through her being my daughter, me being who I am, the business and passion I have, that over time she's developing a knowing of her own.

It seems to be most present with her interest in clothing. Everyday modern kids clothes don't garner much reaction from her even though she has plenty of those, but if it's different, handmade and whether she knows it or not vintage, she gushes over it.

Recently I was sorting through some clothes that I had tucked away, that until now have been too big for her. When she noticed what I was doing she came over to me to ask if the piece I had in my hand was vintage. I chuckled of course because she was right.

So here's Sarah featuring in this weeks style collective showing off her sweet vintage embroidered again style top.

Top - a vintage pop up shop in Byron Bay a few years ago
Tights - Hand me downs from a friend
Shoes - op shopped
Peppa Pig Hair Clips - Christmas Gift from Nanna

I've been wondering what your children think about your vintage loving a habits? Do they think it's cool or a little strange and embarrassing? Have they or do they follow in your foot steps? Are they alternative with their style?

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Road trips and Swap Meet with Baby.....

We've just had a huge weekend with a big chunk of it away on a road trip gallivanting around sourcing some fresh goodies for my business. Cohen and Sarah had time with their grandparents and Fraser, myself and Ben hit the road. Fraser continues to be an absolute dream to treasure hunt with, he traveled well in the car over the weekend and when we were on foot he spent the entire time being worn in a carrier by me. Many a comment was made over the weekend that I was starting his treasure hunting habits early. Well I guess I am because he was utterly content the whole time, taking in everything we were doing and then having sleepy times in-between whilst in the carrier.

We were on the go all weekend that I just simply didn't have time to stop and think about capturing our road trip with photos. Well that and the fact that I had been awake since 1.30am Saturday morning, so photos of me would not have been glamorous. But what I have here is some snaps of just some of the AMAZING finds that will be available soon through our Etsy store, markets and shop display.
It was a massive weekend but thoroughly enjoyed by Fraser, myself and Ben. Through sleepy and weary discussions yesterday we've started to plot and plan some treasure hunting trips together for the whole family which is exciting. When I think about the name of my business My Vintage Childhood it only seems to make sense that we would have trips together hunting for treasures and creating family memories as we go along.

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