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My Vintage Childhood: March 2014

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

2014 Week 13: My Wednesday Style Collective.....

Two weeks ago when my blog went missing in cyberspace I was amid a post pregnancy wardrobe clear out. Fraser just turned seven months last week and with a change of seasons it has been as good a time as any to be getting it done.

With each pregnancy my body has changed a little and although for the main part I fit back into a fair amount of my pre-pregnancy wardrobe, there are pieces in my collection that need to find new homes because they just aren't the right fit for me anymore for whatever reason or they just don't make me feel like the used to. I also have a collection of frocks I held on to so I could still honor my style through my pregnancies. Since Fraser is our last babe, it seems only logical that those frocks find new homes too. Despite all of the above I'm just a believer that sometimes you just need to let things go to make way for other great things. So that's what I have been doing, letting go in a hope that the vintage loving gods above will show me to glorious new beauties to fill my wardrobe and make this seven month post-pregnancy mum feel fabulous.

What has also been surprising through this process is the frocks I thought would be destined for new homes. I've been sure to pop all frocks on one more time and check for fit and upcycle or revamp potential and surprisingly some frocks are fitting better than they did before I fell pregnant with Fraser or whilst I was pregnant with him. Like this dress that had an outing on the blog showing off my pregnant belly not long after I announced my pregnancy with Fraser last year.

Dress - Hello Nelly (formerly Vintage Wishes)
Belt - op shopped
Shoes - retail

Between you and I, I'm quietly developing a renewed love with navy blue and I am loving orange hanging out with it. I've got a feeling I'd like to make it a cheeky little favourite combination these coming cooler months.

Oh and as a side to talking about colour Ben has been pressing on with more painting, it's a slow process around here between running a business with his dad, three kids and various other commitments and trying to do it all yourself and not hire help, but we're getting there. So behind me the above pic is a better look at the first feature wall you would see coming into our home. Since this picture was taken two weeks ago the trims have been done and they are a crisp, crisp white. It looks awesome and really makes a statement of the wall as it does for our other feature wall too.

Colours aside and back to fashion and style, I'm pleased that this dress will be staying as I am fond of it and it does have pockets, you know how I feel about pockets. If there's a lesson learned in having a wardrobe clear out it would be that it's a good idea to try a piece on one more time before you make a final decision about it's future.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

2014 Week 12: My Wednesday Style Collective.....

Last Wednesday I didn't post a style collective post, if you weren't aware my blog went missing from cyberspace. I had attempted to log on and post and my blog had quiet literally vanished, no trace of it, poof, gone!!!!! I have no shame in saying that tears and panic ensued, until later in the morning I started to hear reports that some bloggers with Blogger hosted blogs were experiencing the same thing. Thankfully after a tense morning my blog returned to cyber consciousness and a Google issue was sighted.

Despite the aforementioned I have being pressing on with my post pregnancy wardrobe clear out and update. The purge along with the change of season has had me on the hunt for new to me pretties to fit my post pregnancy body in to, and one recent pretty has my heart. 

My oh my am I smitten with my latest new to me frock from Hello Nelly, thanks to the sweetest bird of them all Leisa for tagging me on Facebook and bringing it to my attention.

The navy, the green, the collar, all the colours, the orange, the yellow, the blue the hints of brown ahhhh I'm just loving it. Not a floral in sight but it's colourfully ticking all my other boxes, it's a beauty and it has become an instant favourite. I can see it transitioning through Autumn and winter with long sleeves and tights if I feel so inclined.

Not bad for a post pregnancy, blog lost in cyberspace meltdown frock don't you think?

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Am I Breeding a Collector, Hoarder or a Squirrel.....

It would seem as though at the tender age of three, Sarah is well and truly becoming a little Vintage Miss. She already has a love for vintage dresses and accessories, and has developed an eye for vintage things. I have found her standing at her wardrobe on her little step-stool flicking through her dresses saying:

"That's vintage, that's vintage and that ones vintage."

Bless her heart it's so funny and she's mostly correct in her identification of what is vintage hanging in her wardrobe. Recently I left her in the lounge room to watch television whilst I got dressed for the day and when I returned from the bedroom and sat down beside her, she gave me a very cute look up and down and said with a pointed finger at my dress:

"That's vintage mum."

Cue loud laughter and cuddles because she was right, whilst she proceeded to tell me again and how it was a nice dress but that I should say:

"Thanks it's vintage darling."

The above is far from where things end with Sarah, I've also caught Sarah pulling her vintage "Avon Rabbit Family Necklace" out of her 1980's musical ballerina jewelry box and just stroking it, talking to it and twirling herself around like a ballerina.

But that is still not where my tales end my friends because she has also been involved in what I would call a major incidents around here (in a tongue in cheek fashion).

You see I have this cute 1971 retro Berries boy and girl ornament (pictured above) which sits on the windowsill of the main toilet in our house. Sarah has always eyed it off and identified with it as it being two children which are like her and Cohen.

I remember there being that one day when I used the main toilet in our home rather than our en-suite and discovered the above ornament had gone. I remember thinking to myself what the heck and calling Ben and asked if something happened to it and if it was being kept hush, hush to see if I'd notice. To which I receive in a dead-set serious tone that he had no idea what had happened to it and suggested I asked the kids.

So of course I asked the kids and was told by Cohen that he had seen Sarah playing with it days prior its disapperence. I recall the occasion and asking Sarah where it was, letting her know she wasn't in trouble and I just needed it returned.

Well would it surprise you that I was told in a very calm tone that it was very precious to her and she didn't know where it was? Ummm ok sure alright it's precious, but she didn't know where it was!?!?! So as any parent would, I suggested at the time we looked together for it, but she just lead me from room to room and corner to corner of our home.

Peering into cupboards and corners she would say:

"Is it here, ohhhh! Is it here hmmmm!"

As if I believed the cheek and smile on her face, I knew, she knew something and was relishing the the humor and attention that was coming from her antics. So since it was a day she was in family day care I had decided to drop her off, and do the school run for Cohen, then come home, all set to find it.

I searched high and low for it only to eventually find it in her bedroom, behind the floor length curtains in the corner. I called Ben to fill him in on my search mission and that's when we concocted an innocent plan for her to admit she had been leading me astray that morning.

When she was finally presented with the fact it had be found and where and returned to its rightful spot, she stood there smiling and said:

"Ohhhh is it here!"

She giggled and then we had a little conversation about mummy's things. My boy and girl ornament is precious to me because my Nan had it after the passing of her daughter (my Aunt), then my parents took it on and it was then passed on to me. My Aunt was much like me, a collector and appreciator of old things and she was only a few years older than me.

We explained to Sarah it's okay for her to have precious things and to even like some of mummy things, but she should not hide things......what we have and what I have is for us to all enjoy.

Have you got children who are hoarders, collectors or squirrels?

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

2014 Week 10: My Wednesday Style Collective....

The other day I decided I'd have a bit a post pregnancy wardrobe clearout, but whilst I was doing so I got know as you do. I got to thinking about the change of season how it will start to cool down and I kind of accidentally on purpose started playing dress ups with some new additions to my wardrobe.

I know you're laughing reading this because I know I can't be the only one who gets distracted doing a similar job when clearing out their wardrobe and instead ends up playing dress ups. Fortunately we've had rainy weather on and off here for a few days so the temperatures have been cooler. So I thought it appropriate to finally try this new to me Osti number. Which then turned into me ripping open a pack of new tights I had tucked away for the cooler know because I just had to see how it would look. Then I remembered some ankle boots a friend had handed down to me. Then suddenly I'm loving the combination and dreaming of other tight colour combinations with this dress and different boots.

I say hell yes bring on Autumn and Winter.......Autumn start your magic I'm ready for ya.

Dress - Thrifted
Tights - Retail
Ankle Boots - hand me downs

Of course I was taken with the dress it's green and I predict it'll be seeing quiet a bit action over the cooler months. The days may still be a little hot, but the afternoon and evenings are cooling down. But all I have to say is thank goodness to it at least being officially Autumn now, just give it a few weeks and it'll be cooling down some more........I can't wait.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How to Clean Vintage Squeak Toys.....

If you're a lover of vintage squeak toys you'll know that many collectible ones have textured bodies with lots a bumps and grooves where dirt and grime might of collected in over the years. I always follow a general rule with cleaning or laundering any vintage item whether it be a toy, clothing or furniture and that's to try the gentlest methods first and get more aggressive with my approach depending on how dirty or soiled an item is. 

With vintage rubber squeak toys I like to do the following:

* First thing use a damp cloth to wipe over the entire surface of the toy, this alone should remove a significant amount of surface dirt and dust.

* Next using baby wipes I like to work on cleaning the toys surface taking care to work in the creases and grooves of the toy. WARNING always take care not to rub over painted eyes or accented coloured areas (head and feet) as you can see in the above picture. If you're able to test in a hidden spot on a toy in a coloured area, you should be able to determine if the colour or paint is unstable and will come off through the friction of cleaning, otherwise steer clear.

* If your vintage squeak toy is still requiring more attention now is the time to try warm soapy water I just use a gentle dish washing liquid and an assortment of brushes for all the creases, grooves and textured spots on the toy. Collect together and old toothbrush, small paintbrush and cotton tips.

* For stubborn marks from pen ink or permanent marker you can attempt to see if you'll have success with clear liquid hand sanitiser. Rub into the affected spot and wipe over with a white cloth. NOTE: white cloths are best when cleaning, I'll explain why at the end.

* Finally if you're still struggling to clean up your vintage squeak toy you can try a mild abrasive cream cleaner. WARNING an abrasive cream cleaner will work wonders on non-painted areas but steer clear of coloured featured areas as mentioned above, but you must use a cleaner with care and unsure you wipe your toy over with a damp cloth at the end.

Try all of the above and you should be well on your way to a fresher vintage squeak toy. But one last tip always ensure you use clean white cloths in the cleaning process. A white cloth is always a good guide to how much grime is coming away and a white cloth will also ensure fabric dye won't taint or tint your toy if you're using cleaners.

If you have further questions please leave a comment and I'll respond. Likewise if you have further tips to add please do so in the comments as well.

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