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My Vintage Childhood: December 2014

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A 2014 retrospective......

What a crazy ole year this year has been! I probably say that about ever year, but in my defense time just zips on by these days and then you find yourself sitting on the other end of another year asking yourself where the heck the year went.

I'm thankful that I have my blog and various on line spaces, as they help document moments and remind me what has happened within the year. It's easy to forgot some of the great moments throughout the year when the every day with kids gets chaotic and busy.

At the end of last year I was looking forward to the start of 2014 hoping that I could start to reclaim more time for myself and my passions. But as life goes with three children five years old and under things chop and change so quickly, that the images I had painted in my head for 2014 started to get smudged and had to be reworked.

I'm okay with the smudging and the reworking because at the end of the day family really is first. But despite numerous reworkings this year, I've reflected back on the year it has been and I'm pleased with my efforts, my experiences, successes and joys! The end of 2014 might not look how I thought it would but I'm humble enough to know that I'm perfectly where I need be in life right now in this very moment!

I'm thrilled that this year I was ready to take the leap by taking my business and wares and sold at a vintage fair for the first time. It was a fantastic experience with many insights and lessons and 2015 has already got us penciled in for more fairs.

I was blown away to be approached through my business and Etsy store this year by Mother and Baby Magazine and had several of our vintage children's clothing items and accessories appear in their magazine in July of this year. This was one of my absolute professional highlights this year.

On a personal development level, this year allowed me the opportunity to attend my first ever ProBlogger Conference and meet some of my great blogging buddies from around the country for the first time ever.

I also shared on the blog this year what I wore and what it meant to me to be invited to speak at the Gold Coast Griffith University Hospital to a workshop of midwives about our story with losing our identical twin girls Elle and Meg. The workshop was to assist medical staff in helping mothers through grief and loss and subsequent pregnancies. I really hope that in the future that I can do more advocacy work regarding Miscarriage and Stillbirth and help others through what we have been through.  This experience this year made me see that this is certainly one of my other callings in life.

Finally in a year on the blog that has been filled with fun thrifty and vintage finds, business, what I wore and ponderings some of the posts you all liked the most as did I, are ones where you got to see some more private things in our world, like Fraser's christening and him looking ever so dashing as a vintage sailor boy and introducing you all to his godparents who are life long friends of mine.

Starting this retrospective post I had no idea of the moments from this year I was going to share, but when I looked back over my archived posts from this year, these were the moments that made me most proud and happy. If these are just some of the moments and blessings I have had this year, 2015 is set look mighty fine with some awesome changes happening that will allow me to step closer to my dreams.

Happy New Year my loves, I hope the year ahead is magical one for you all.

Big Love.


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