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My Vintage Childhood: January 2015

Friday, January 30, 2015

Grown Up Colouring In Books for Adults: It's a Thing Now.....

For many years before Ben and I started trying for a family I used to attend art classes, initially I took adult beginners classes, which  over time graduated to me trying several different mediums as well as taking classes under one of Australia's best pastels artists. In the last seven years though, through multiple pregnancies, kids and more I've not devoted much time to maintaining my artistic skills even though the desire has been there.

I've tried my hardest to pick up small craft projects over the years that call on some of my artistic skills I've previously learned, when I've had pockets of time around the kids. Recently though, there has been some changes around home and I've had somewhat of a calling to art again. You might laugh but the calling has come from an adult desire to fulfill a childhood goal of mine.

That goal I have is to beautifully colour and complete an entire colouring book by myself. Key words here are "by myself", meaning a colouring book that I don't have to share with one of the kids and to be directed by their thoughts of the colours I should be using. Have you ever noticed when colouring with kids how they want to control what you're doing and the colour you use, oh and suddenly they need the coloured pencil you're using even though they had it five seconds beforehand? You're nodding head aren't ya? All kids do it!

Anyone who knows me well will know I've had this goal and have been talking about it for years. Of course I've been talking about it so long that now it's become a popular thing with all sorts of colouring books available for adults through bookstores. I recently picked up this Art Deco Patterns to Colour colouring book from Usborne from a local family owned indie book store here on the Gold Coast.

It's been wonderful to sit with Cohen and his colouring books and me with mine over the recent holidays, when Sarah and Fraser have been napping and have some quite connecting time over colouring in. Art Deco patterns and colours are something I need to study more so that is why I opted to buy this colouring book as indirect way of doing homework. Usborne has many other colouring books for adults but there are many other publishers selling adult colouring books too, there are florals, patterns, tattoos, fashion and so much more. I'm eager to purchase a floral and tattoo book very soon.

I've been finding the time spent colouring, quite meditative as it let's my constant busy mind have time to calm and focus on one thing peacefully. It's also fired up my artistic interests and desires again and I can see an itch to sketch and doodle developing once again. It feels great to have artistic desires being stirred up again. It's been a very long time for the itch to return which is an impact of lossing our twins back in the 2008. I have also felt the desire being pushed in me by watching my lovely Queensland blogging friend Deb from Inner Compass Designs go through her own creative exploration over the last twelve months. Her journey really has reminded me so much of myself and finding my adult artistic soul so many years ago now.

It's been great to have this artistic awakening again, and it's been so wonderful to hear how many others have been thrilled by the concept of adult colouring-in with many readers on the blogs Facebook page and Instagram express a similar yearning or love to colour. I've been researching some great resources which I'm looking to prepare in a blog post soon.

Let's colour-in together!

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Transitioning to Working at Home During School Hours.....

The start of a new school year happened today, Cohen is no longer a prep student but officially a big grade one kid. Tomorrow there are more changes taking place with Sarah starting a pre-prep program at kindy that is next door to Cohen's school.

Changes have happen in recent weeks for Fraser with him starting family day care three weeks ago. What it also means is that changes are happening for me too. Not only do I have new morning and weekly routines to implement for my brood, but these changes will allow for me to have two working days a week completely child free.

I will be using these two days a week to work on My Vintage Childhood as a whole both with my vintage children's business and blog as well as other projects. I'm so excited about these positive changes and the chance to develop my business further, and I feel fortunate to do so whilst also being able to be at home.

So now that the school holidays are over the true start to "my year" and "my plans" start this week. I've heard from many other mums that such a transition to have child free time again can be hard and one has to be disciplined to make working at home successful. So my current plan of attack is this:

  • Saying no to coffee catch ups with my school mum friends on my work days. Coffees on work days will be reserved for meetings for business or blog if necessary.

  • Doing as much housework as I can in the early morning before we leave for drop offs so that when I get back home, I can get straight to work in my office and not feel called to put on a load of washing or get distracted with domestic stuff.

  • I plan to inform family and friend to kindly respect that my work days are to be just that my work days and I won't be answer the home phone for chit-chats. I will have three other days a week in which to do those things.

I have other plans to implement but the three points above are what I feel are the most important to get going and give myself the best opportunity to forming healthy habits working at home for the first time in a long time without any children at home.

I'm excited about the year ahead and hoping to make the most of the changes to my working at home life as it's always been juggled around one or all the children at home. This is the year to take my dreams further.

How does the year ahead look for you? Are you working at home, juggling kids and home life as well as your hopes and dreams? Share your hopes for the year below, I'd love to hear them.

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Antique and Collectible Book Store on the Gold Coast, a must visit....

Before Ben and I started our family we could waste away hours in a day browsing in book shops and being drawn in by all different topics and texts. Some days we'd walk out with nothing after hours of browsing and sometimes we'd walk out bags heavy with several books each.  Our interests have always been very different from one another and for the main part worlds apart. Although Ben has grown more accustomed to my thrifty, op shopping, vintage loving ways, there's one place on the Gold Coast we could both waste hours away in when it comes to books and bringing the vintage and antique world to it.

If you're new here you may not know that I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia, it is one of Australia's premier tourist destinations. For those who know the Gold Coast you may be surprised to know (if they weren't already aware) that a ten minute drive from the Surfers Paradise glitter strip we have have an incredible antique and collectible bookstore.

Known simply as Antique and Collectors Books based in Southport the family business has been established there for over 25 years and they stock over one hundred thousand books and specialise in out of print and antiquarian books as well as stocking modern day literature. It is an incredible store to visit all two stories of it which was once in my childhood a fishing gear and tackle store.

If you want to be lost in a wonderland of books, stories and possibilities this is a must visit. The store is quite literally stacked from floor to ceiling with every possible genre of literature. There are steps placed throughout the store for those who need extra height to grab a book from above and there are chairs peppered throughout the store for you to take a break and take in a few pages before of book before you decide on a purchase.

Going up to the stairs to the second story of the store the stairs along the way are lined with more books, in fact everywhere you look in this store there are books upon books upon books. On the second level there is a small area in the back of the room where you can sit at a table if you're wanting another quiet place to read.

Finally adding to the store they offer a variety of services from a book finding service and a valuation service for books for five dollars (more if you require it in writing). They also offer cash for good books which I find an incredible rarity these days as there are very few full fledged used book stores around.

If you're interested in loosing a few hours they are located 162 Scarborough Street, Southport QLD they can be contacted on 07 5591 2066 or via email

*This is not a sponsored post, but quite simply an amazing place I know and love and thought it was due to time I shared it with you all. Enjoy!

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Gold Coast 2015: Rotary Antiques, Collectibles and Book Fair at Jupiters Casino......

January always marks one of my most favorite times on the Gold Coast antiques and collectibles scene with the Rotary Antiques, Collectibles and Book Fair held at Jupiters Casino in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast. If you're a serious collector of antiques and quality collectibles it really is the one and only must attend event on the Gold Coast "vintage" calender.

You will see everything from fine jewelry to current day collectible Erstwilder pieces. There are the likes of rare books, war memorabilia, collectible toys, pedigree dolls, loads of incredible fine collectible china, ceramics and glass. You'll see beautiful art deco pieces, one of kind pieces, high end antique furniture and more. There are exquisite and simply amazing rare pieces that unless you attend fairs and events like these you're unlikely to see elsewhere.

The above is one of my hands down favorite pieces from the fair a Wadeheath Pottery Jug of The Three Little Pigs - Manufactured under license from Walt Disney c. 1935, it captures my vintage childhood loving heart.


The fair is always a wonderful excuse to dress up and feel fabulous (at least in my books it is) since I'm child free, I simply take hours just leisurely browsing all the glorious pieces for sale. Attending the fair always has me talking myself in and out purchases. It's a day where I get to catch up and see many friends in the business and see my best vintage gal pal Celia from Kittys Vintage Kitsch and make new connections with others.

It's nice when a lovely gentleman asks if you're wearing 1950's and says you look lovely......why yes I am wearing 1950's and thank you kind sir.

If you are a super sleuth hunter at the fair and keep your eyes peeled you'll find some dealers with reduced stock, especially those who have ended up with pieces here and there that don't quite fit their niche that they've not been able to off load. Hence I was able to pick up two fabulous vintage unisex children's short overalls and some Disney Record Picture Books, which is fantastic because I always have demand and inquiries for Disney items.

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Monday, January 5, 2015

3 Reasons Why it's Good to Take a Blogging Break....

When the end of the school year hit last year (2014) I made a conscious decision to have a proper concentrated break away from the blog and the creative energy I put into content creation for a few weeks. During this time these thoughts came to mind and I wanted to share them here and I hope they are helpful to someone else who is concerned about or wanting to take a blogging break and wondering what it'll mean for them and their audiences!


Just a few weeks ago I clocked five years of blogging and during those five years I've been through many waves of motivation and inspiration with my writing and have blogged elsewhere than this here blog. Once I really got the bug for blogging in 2010 after starting at the end of 2009, I found that I really liked posting several times a week; sharing various things and hopefully being useful to others.

I know many other bloggers who post every day of the week and are engaged in their audiences and communities. But many bloggers worry (I once did) about taking a break from their blogs out of concern of losing some of their readers or loosing any momentum they have gained. But as bloggers in a fast past online world I think we have to be realistic about the pace at which we run, with our writing and content creation schedules and the creative energy it takes to do that consistently.

The truth is if you're employed and also try to maintain a blog frequently, I'm sure you find that work can often get monotonous if you haven't had annual leave for some time. The same is for if you work part time or casual or you're at home running a business or looking after children, it can get tough! For many it's the same with blogging and writing and we can get stagnant and uninspired in our ideas and content. In my opinion there's no point forcing the issue and hitting the publish button when you've hit this point even if you're concerned about losing readers, here's why:

  • Forcing yourself to write when your inner voice has been screaming at you to take a break or slow down is a disservice to yourself and your readers. You're likely to turn out substandard pieces of your usual caliber that contain your normal spark and spirit. The reality is your readers will sense this and likely not engage when this keeps happening or they may even click away, if you keep pushing through for too long. Keeping on keeping on when you're not feeling leaves open to there always being the chance you may loose some of your readers for good.

  • Taking a break and enjoying the every day of your offline world without the niggling need or want to write or create content, helps give a fresh perspective. Often when we've been pushing through and writing when a break is needed we get tunnel vision with content creation and start to feel as though we don't have enough to write about. A break of even a week or two can do wonders for the mind with all sorts of ideas flooding to you by changing your focus and going into holiday mood for a wee bit.

  • Whilst taking a break you can take time to play around with ideas that you haven't had time for in your normal day to day content generation and posting schedule. Perhaps life has been so busy that new ideas that you've not been able to give energy to, need for you to go into holiday mode to get them off the ground. Sometimes it's hard to give new ideas a good chance at flying high when you're caught with your focus on the day to day and "getting by". So use the time when having a break to brainstorm and let your ideas fully out to play to see what becomes of them.

Writing and blogging is something I like to work on everyday regardless of the amount of times I actually publish a post each week, I've always treated what I do like a form of employment and something to take annual leave from. If you're working towards developing your blog and actively trying to generate an income from it or developing a businesses associated with or as an offshoot to your blog, I encourage you take a break, consider looking at your schedule and commitments on and offline and factoring in some annual leave from your blog throughout the year.

Don't be afraid to take a break, consider a little bit of annual leave for yourself through the year here and there. By taking a week here and there you're likely to find you will be less inclined to have those moments where you're well is completely running dry. So rather than leaving a blogging break as a last resort, consider it as annual leave as a necessity to factor in to maintain your focus and enthusiasm.


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Four Vintage Children's Characters Set to Be Popular in 2015 at the Movies.....

Those who are collectors and vintage lovers know that when things become of mainstream interest it often spikes an interest and value in genuine vintage items associated with a "trend". Well as I have a love for vintage children's items I try to keep up to date with all manner of things like toys, books, movies, decor and more, but I must say I'm pretty excited about this year.

This year the the box office is set to have some classic stories and characters visit the big screen. If you haven't heard already this coming March, Cinderella is set to be retold again with a live-action release from Disney. I've seen the trailer and I know I'm going to have a little girl who is going to find it breath-taking, and I'm sure it will dazzle a whole new generation of girls and little princes.

Mid year another classic of ages will have movie goers visiting Neverland once again in July with the release of Pan. The movie stars Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard who is the movies main antagonist and tells the story of Peter and how he becomes "Peter Pan" with Hook as a close ally before Hook goes bad.

Also due for release late this year (September/October) is The Jungle Book and once again Disney will be bringing the wonderful story of Mowgli to another generation to fall in love with all over again.

Finally the one movie I'm most excited for (although I'm excited to see all of the above with my kids) is another late release this year will be the animated release of Peanuts. The movies release will coincide with the fifth anniversary of A Charlie Brown's Christmas and will follow Snoopy's efforts to get even with his nemesis whilst Charlie Brown characteristically has his own journey.

All four movies through this year and into next year, will undoubtedly see all manner of merchandise hit shops, but it's also set to see thirty and forty year old something mums and dads seeking out genuine pieces to revive their childhood memories. Oh and I'm sure it goes without saying that there will be four strong contenders for birthday party themes for the next twelve to eighteen months with these movie releases, don't you think?