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My Vintage Childhood: February 2015

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Happy Days Brighten the World with Kindness.....

Life is every changing and ever moving in every which way, soaring to the highest highs and sometimes going completely south. I daresay most people have felt both extremes at some point in their life, whilst others face many on going challenges on a day to day basis.

I've been in quiet thought lately about life's extremes and ones ability to navigate through them. Sometimes we get thrown blessings or heartbreaks for a reason, a season or a lifetime, but it's often the latter (the heartbreaks) that have us lost and grappling at life.

There are several people in my community that are dealing with monumental challenges at present and I'm also conscious that we are all dealing with "something" that is big to us personally. But sometimes we allow our "something or something's" to overshadow one thing that can do ourselves and others facing challenges some good.

I'm talking about showing some kindness, lending a hand, offering a shoulder and some support, running an errand, lending an ear or more to give someone a happy day and some hope. I've been very mindful of this recently and how it feels to be a giver of good amidst my own "something's".

It only seems appropriate to wear this simple joyous frock that is of course known as my Happy Days frock around here. It's a homemade frock from vintage printed cotton that I bought from eBay, a fellow vintage lover alerted me to it on eBay and thought it was exactly something I would like. That's pretty kind and thoughtful huh?

I know this is not what I would normally write about within a style post, but it is very close to my heart, especially at the moment as things happen around me to a few close friends. I know life can bog us all down sometimes with the "something's" we are walking through. But by rolling up our sleeves and helping someone else with or through their "something" for a while will give both you and that other person an injection of hope and positive energy.

By lending your support or help you will be rewarded with calm clarity and a clearer perspective about your own challenges. You will see your blessings more richly and inspire your own hope as well as someone elses. Make it your style to create happy days for others with a little kindness.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

When a Girl Gets a Load of Vintage Dresses....

I know, I know it's been a while between a style or outfit post. I've been juggling the first few weeks of back to school stuff and other matters here. So although I'm wearing my vintage every day (like I would any other day) and doing my hair and make up and making myself feel wonderful, I haven't been leaving myself much time most days to get a few outfit photos taken. But I'm slowly finding a new groove to the changes to routine here, so things will continue to settle down and return to normal here on the blog.

So there has been a lot of buying, road trips and adventures of late, and between buying stock for our Etsy shop and so forth, I've been feeling the pull to expand my vintage wardrobe and push myself beyond my love for the 1970's. So shamelessly I have purchases coming from left right and centre at the moment and a few (ok a lot of pieces) on layby too. When you're a vintage addict sometimes you have to strike when the iron is hot if you see something, because you can blink and miss it and it's never to be seen again.

As well as buying lately, I have also been very blessed to be gifted some wonderful, wonderful vintage frocks and pieces from the ever so precious Allison, who I finally got to meet in person a few weekends ago. Yes, she is quite simply the most wonderful person in person as you sense from her blog and on line communications with her.  I can not thank her enough for heartfelt generosity to me recently and I send great big hugs and positives wishes to her.

This is a lovely late 1970's cotton summer frock Allison gifted me from the label Shame, it's already on frequent rotation as it's understated and a wee bit different.

Dress: gifted
Belt: thrifted
Sandals: retail
Thankfully Ben nabbed this photo as we were about to head out the door for a school assembly where Cohen was getting his first ever Smarts Award. It was wonderful as he has really needed the validation of his efforts recently.

As I get back to doing style posts and as the weather slowly starts to cool down, expect to see more awesome frocks and glorious long sleeved maxis that Allison beautifully gifted me, among some other awesome pieces I have arriving soon (ok once I pay off my layby).

Isn't it always a thrill for us vintage addicts to get a whole load of new frocks in one go, it's like Christmas has come or we've gone mad in some fantasyland vintage department store.  Either way the new to me frock injection in my wardrobe is most delightful and pleasing, and I'm looking forward to styling them and sharing more with you.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

To My Little Vintage Princess on Your Fourth Birthday....

Today my darling girl you turn four, your daddy and I hang on to every last moment and trace of the babyness in you. It swells our heart with pride and love that we created such a glorious, free spirited human being in you.

You're daddy's little girl and mumma's little vintage princess. You have special little finger waves for just your daddy and you gush over pretty old things with your mumma, you love treasures and you say thanks it's vintage darling when I tell you I like your dress.

You ask me when some of my treasures will be yours, and I tell you they'll be yours one day when you're big. Then I stop a minute and watch you, and every day you're getting bigger, stronger, fiercer and more independent before our very eyes.

You don't wish for the latest toys on television for your birthday, oh no not at all. The things you wish for don't live on the shelves of everyday toy shops. Instead we hear:

"I'd like a pogo stick to boing-aronia everywhere into trees."

"I'd like fairy dust to make everyone fly as well as houses."

"I'd like some real life keys so I can open treasure boxes."

You appreciate the smallest of smallest gestures and big ones too, with the sweetest of pleases and thank yous. You skip, dance and twirl about your days in a wonderland of imagination and places in your head.

You're simply breathtaking and soul healing.
Happy birthday my sweet vintage princess.

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Handmade Vintage Girls Vanity Dresser.....

I've done quite a bit this week; you might of heard that I now have two child free days a week with school being back and I'm using those days as work days to solely focus on my business and blog. Up until now I have done everything around having the kids at home, so I made the most of my two days this week and I refocused, did some planning, cleaned and sorted stock, took photos, listed items and more. I also spent some time looking at other ways to get myself and my stock out there to the people, on top of the other things I've been doing for a while. 

If there's one thing I have learnt over the last few years trying to run my business is that sometimes you need to try all sorts of methods and avenues to find what works best for you and your business. So we will see how we go over coming weeks and months, but as always I'll just take a deep breath and give things a shot.

Anyway I wanted to show you this sweetie (which is now for sale) it's a lovely old handmade dresser drawer with mirror that I can only imagine some father or grandfather lovingly made for some little lady in their life. The dresser drawers are a recent find which I initially missed because at first glance (I didn't take in the fact it had a mirror) because I just thought it was a plain set of drawers.

I've married the vintage dusty pink wooden children's fold out chair with the dresser, as it seems like a sweet combination and a perfect height for a little one to sit at. The Holly Hobbie decorative wall tile and egg shape Holly Hobbie Paperweight are new additions to the growing supply of vintage Holly Hobbie items I have available now or soon to be.

My little Sarah is very much the girly girl and it's very tempting to keep the dresser for her, she's got quite a collection of treasures and bits and bobs she could place in those little drawers. But if I kept everything I have a longing vintage pang over, I'd be caught under stuff here.

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