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My Vintage Childhood: September 2015

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

They Say I Look French....

Our very dear friend Caroline is from New Caledonia and we have known her and her family for a long time. Caroline and her husband are actually Sarah's godparents so they're like family in many ways.

As we are a close group of friends we are often invited to family celebrations for birthdays and as a result are very familiar with Caroline's parents, grandparents and relatives all of which are French from New Caledonia.

We were all recently together for birthday celebrations for Caroline's sons birthday, and once again as I am so often told and reminded by Caroline's family apparently I look French and act French. I always laugh because I wouldn't know what it is precisely that I'm actually doing to make them think that, but apparently I also look like a relative in the family from the way I dress, look and act. So perhaps I do act French!!!!!

1980's Red and White Polka Dot Skirt :: Hand me down from Caroline (also seen here in my pregnancy style)
Blue and White Striped Tank Top :: Retail sale buy
Belt :: Op Shopped
1970's Red, White & Blue Head Scarf :: op shopped
Erstwilder Bird Necklace :: gift from Ben
Gold Sandals :: Retail sale buy

I wore the above outfit for birthday celebrations for Caroline's son and was told that I was looking very French once again. The skirt is actually a part of a two piece set that was once Caroline's that she had thrifted on an op shop outing and then passed it on to me after she had her time with it.  The skirt is now a staple in my wardrobe in summer.


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

4 Thrifty Outfits with Unique and Vintage Flavour....

I have had many people say to me over the years that they wish they could find cool stuff to wear when they go op shopping or by being thrifty. So many people say they just don't have any luck and that's why they end up in shopping malls and chain stores because the season trends and thinking is done for them with the ease of accessing and duplicating them by following store merchandising and trend suggestions.

So this week, I wanted to show others how individual pieces that have been bought op shopping or handed on from friends have come together for unique looks that are my style. Everyone can do the same it's about experimenting with looks and styles that you feel resonate with you and your moods.

All items in the following four looks, except two pairs of shoes have been thrifted or gifted and or are vintage. Many of these individual pieces could be styled many times over to create other looks with shown pieces this week. Perhaps that's a post in itself.

I have left outfit details towards the end, so you can perhaps play a little game to see which pieces you think are vintage.

You might of seen some of these pieces pop up in other style posts before. Which pieces are vintage?

This is a very easy outfit, on one of those morning where I'm left with only a few minutes to get dressed. But where I have still been able to walk out the door feeling like I'm sill channeling my vintage loving vibe. I have a weakness for tooled leather bags so it shouldn't be too hard to know what's vintage and what's not in this combination.

I have some pretty fabulous friends who have an eye on my style and even though they don't wear vintage themselves are keen op shoppers and pick me up pieces they think I will like.

Sometimes it's about layer upon layer to bring together an outfit that's me, but even with the most simplest and basic of base garments it's achievable and makes me feel like me.

As mentioned above the four outfit combinations are all thrifty, no major elements to these outfits (except for two pairs of shoes featured) have been bought retail. My personal style hasn't been compromised due to being thrifty, rather it's allowed me to see the possibilities I have with what I've got.

Combo 1

Orange Dress: non-vintage and op shopped $2
Green Cardigan: vintage 1970's - gifted to me by a friend
Belt: non-vintage op shopped
Brooches: vintage enamel flower brooch gifted & rainbow tin pin was op shopped
Shoes: non-vintage but op shopped
Fishnet Stockings: whoops they were bought retail from a quality dance supply shop, worth it though.

Combo 2

Denim Skirt: Jeans West and was op shopped for $2
Polyester Blue and White Vest Top: is vintage and was gifted by a fellow vintage loving friend
Head Scarf: vintage 1970's and op shopped
Tooled Leather Bag: 1970's and op shopped
Ballet Flats: retail on sale
Small Heart Enamel Brooch "For U Mum: 1980's and op shopped

Combo 3

Blue Print Dress: Modern and gifted by fellow op shopping loving friend
Hobnail Knit Short Sleeve Cardigan: 1960's hand me down from late Aunt
Tape Measure Brooch: made by me
Shoes: non-vintage but op shopped

Combo 4

Yellow T-Shirt Maxi Dress: non-vintage but op shopped $2
Crochet White Vest: Vintage 1970's gifted
Denim Vest: non-vintage but op shopped
Scarf: non-vintage hand me down from friend having a wardrobe clear out
Gold Sandals: retail
Silver Chain/Pendant and Other Silver accessories: vintage and op shopped or market buys

It's totally achievable whether you are a vintage lover or not to be very thrifty in developing a unique wardrobe and style. My biggest advice when you're op shopping is to throw out the idea that you need to buy pieces or complete looks as if you were retail shopping. Instead look for individual pieces that speak to you whether it be the colour, cut or pattern. You will find that by slowly doing this you will start off having pieces that can be added to your old wardrobe to make instant impact and wow as you develop things further.

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Wide Eye Vintage Pretties...

This beauty is a new addition and keeper for my office walls.  I had thought I would sell her but when Sarah saw her recently and gushed so sweetly over her, she asked:

Is that me mummy?

Obviously those few words sealed the deal, because why not, it could be her, couldn't it? Blond hair, blue eyes and a little treasure hunting soul and sweet vintage lover at heart.

So she's a keeper (the print and Sarah if I had you confused there)!

Although I initially had thoughts that I would sell the print, it's now not happening and I've even moved on with this crazy idea that I would love to find two other similar wide eye child prints that would serve as sweet representations of Cohen and Fraser.

I couldn't leave things just at that one print that has recently come my way, so I wanted to show another recent find.

I have wondered from time to time when I would come by this much coveted Mojer print of sweet ballerina girls.  I'm yet to decided if this beauties fate is a keeper with me here or if it will be My Vintage Childhood stock, but for now I will just sit and enjoy it until the answer comes to me.

What do you think? Keeper?


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Perfect Vintage Seersucker Maxi Skirt for a Picnic......

Early spring, autumn and a good part of winter are a stunning time of year here on the Gold Coast, with perfect temperatures and clear blue skies in the middle of the days. It's my favourite times of the year to be out and about doing stuff like day trips and picnics.

Now that we are into Spring here the mornings start off a little cool, but by mid morning you can certainly feel quite comfortable with short sleeves or singlets. I'm utterly in love with my new to me cotton seersucker maxi skirt (which I like to think looks like a picnic tablecloth) that was gifted to me by one of my best vintage gal pals Celia of Kittys Vintage Kitsch.

1970's Seersucker Maxi Skirt:: Gifted
Striped Singlet:: retail on sale
Belt:: Op Shopped
Erstwilder Bird Pendant and Necklace:: a gift from Ben
Gold Flat Sandals (not really visible):: retail

I'm thankful that this maxi skirt had a generous hem on it of over several inches which I let down so that it just sweeps the floor. I teamed the red and white check with navy and white stripes and a match made in heaven was made.

This is what I call an easy, simple, go to wear for me on a busy morning of getting ready with the kids and getting out the door to do all things that need to be done. It's a combination in various forms that will get plenty of action of spring and summer that's for sure.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

High School Reunion Style.....

A few weeks ago I mentioned over on my Facebook page that I was heading to my twenty year high school reunion and I posed the question about whether or not others have attended their reunion or intended on attending theirs in the future.

The mix of responses when speaking to people online and offline were interesting, with just as many saying that they would love to go to theirs, as those who weren't interested in attending theirs at all. High school is a tricky awkward time for all of us, I think this realisation only really comes full circle by attending a reunion when you realise we all had the same or similar issues. We were all awkward just trying to find our way in the world.

All things aside I was keen to attend my twenty year reunion, because quite simple why not. I am happy with myself, my journey, where I am in life, where I have been and where I am going. Back in high school I wasn't popular but more just one of those people who had friends in all the different groups and didn't belong to any of them. So in many ways I guess I've always danced to the beat of my own drum much as I do now.

So in getting ready to attend my reunion the "what to wear" questions played out in my head, and I opted to dance to the beat of my own drum rather than play it safe. Let's face if you're heading to a reunion everyone is going to be checking each other out and looking at one another and taking each other in and what twenty odd years have done. So as the great vintage lovelies say:

It's better to be looked at than overlooked!
1970s High Waisted Pants :: Vintage Wishes
Beads, Suspender, Bag :: op shopped
Plain white Tee and Heels :: Retail

Although you can't quite tell in this photo the white tee is rather light and to be a little cheeky with the whole look I also wore a leopard print bra under the white tee. Clearly I don't follow the white     t-shirt law and how one should wear flesh coloured bras when wearing white. 

The reunion was a wonderful night with the realisation that there is at least 16 Things That Are Sure to Happen at Your 20 year High School Reunion  and there are sure to be laughs.

I'm glad I went along as old friendships were reignited and new ones possibly started, and I must say I also walked away proud because I was able to say a big YES to achieving something I made a big statement about all the way back in high school (that some may have thought back then laughable).....but more about that in another post soon.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Make it a Statement with Black and White.....

You might of seen me mention before how I have had issues with black before and describing it has a heavy colour for my colour loving heart.

I've also carried a feeling of black and white being rather work uniform colours from my days working in finance. As a result I often steer clear of teaming the two colours together, because it doesn't feel like something special to me.

But over time I have come to my confidence again with wearing black and white together. The answer I have found that brings black and white into being a combination that speaks to me is by adding an injection of bright colour. Furthermore I've also found that making sure the major black and white pieces I add to my wardrobe are "statement" or "dramatic" pieces are what has worked for me.

Like this new to me skirt I recently thrifted, which has become a definite favorite of mine in a short time. The white background makes a great  statement of those awesome big black polka dots.

Skirt:: op shopped
Black Tee: Retail
Beads, Belt, Bag: op shopped
Gold Sandals: Retail

I love everything about the skirt from its volume and how it floats and sways about, I love the go big or go home large black polka dots. The skirt is a perfect fit for me not only on the waist but in length; I'm tall and to have skirts to nearly skim the floor can make all the difference.

The skirt has certainly grabbed attention when I've worn it recently with others wanting to know where I purchased it and where can they get one. Of course most people who know me realise that it's a silly question to ask me, because the answer is generally going to lead to disappointment, with others not being able to track down the same.

Finally the other cheat I mentioned above for becoming more confident with black and white again, has been to inject a burst of bright colour, hence the red and orange beads and picking up on those colours in the enamel belt buckle and the orange brown tones in the tooled bag.

I'm set to run this skirt out again, as tonight I'm heading to Napoleon Perdis makeup event at my local chemist, there will be champagne, yummy food, kid free hours, time with a good friend, make up and fun. I figure this is just the type of skirt for a bit wow and fun.

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