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My Vintage Childhood: October 2015

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sometimes You've Got to Go with the Flow with Your Daily Style.....

Today's style post comes to you later than you would normally expect, on account of having had a busy week and getting to the end of each day having not managed to get any outfit pictures snapped. Some would say bad blogger, I say it's life!

Mix the above with sick and teething kids and rainy weather making for bad light to get any decent photos done, I've spent the last week just going with the flow.

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow because, pushing to make things happen can just be counterproductive to getting through the storm, calm and in one piece.

When times like these hit around here, my style is easy and fuss free as I can make it, but is still something that lifts me up, makes me feel good and unique to me.

Polka Dot Head Scarft: Op Shopped
Green Beads: Op Shopped
Sandals: Retail ($6)

The mini dress I am wearing was in a bag of recent items that a mummy school friend past on to me. It has become a handy little number to have and each time I've worn it I have styled it a little differently with shoes, bags and accessories. Each time it's had an outing I have got a lot of comment and compliment on it's a winner and keeper.

This outfit is a straight out case of what I wore today, running around all morning straight after school drop off with Sarah and Fraser taking care of various errands with my mum and then needing to pop into a local auction house.

Oh and if you think I'm looking a bit weird in one eye, some random weird thing is going on and it's irritated and feels like it's huge.

When I'm caught amidst these crazy spells of life, I often just make sure my style is easy but still me and that's why a simple dress that can be styled up or down is a life saver. Throw on a head scarf and it makes those crazy no time do anything with my hair, haven't washed it days appearance melt away.

What's your style like during those crazy times when there just doesn't seem to be a break?


Sunday, October 25, 2015

It's Love, It's Vintage Bobble Head Love.....

I come by some beautiful and amazing things in my travels. Not all things make it home with me and not all are for our or my personal use or collections when they do make it home. It would probably surprise many how little I keep for personal enjoyment, preferring to hold out for pieces that really move me.

Sometimes I come by treasures and purchase them with the full intention that they are to be My Vintage Childhood stock, but then I find myself slowly falling in love with pieces and then deciding they need to stay a little while longer with us, or forever.

 Last weekend I came by this pair of kissing (magnetized) bobble head dolls. It's actually the first time I've ever encountered these in real life, having seen them on the interwebs many times before. I had purchased them as stock knowing that someone would adore them and snap them up quick if I listed them or took them to our next fair outing. But the more I've handled them and photographed them I've fallen in love with them. When I showed Ben and he said he actually really liked them and thought they were cool (we have very different tastes so I was floored he liked them) the deal was done. These sweeties are mine, mine, mine and I think I'd like to add more of these to my collection of one pair at the moment.

And there we have the start of my next innocent collection. If you see these sweet old bobble heads around be sure to let me know, I'm your girl!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hell Yes to Hand Me Downs.....

I've never had a hang up about second hand clothing and wares. I've been dressed in hand me downs from family friends and op shops buys ever since I was baby. Our home growing up was furnished with all second hand and handed down items except for the rare new major purchase. I come from a family where we've always been humble and grateful when given or offered something.

As an adult I dress  in second hand, op shopped, vintage finds but it's not done out financial circumstance but out of personal reference. I have no shame in accepting a bag full of clothes because a friend has gone through their wardrobe and done a cull and thought I might be interested in a few bag load of things.

Handmade Cotton Print Dress: Hand me down from mummy school friend
Waistcoat: op shopped
Beads and Bangle: op shopped
Brooches and Pin: gifted and op shopped
Army Green Satchel: op shopped
Gold Sandals: retail
Sunglasses: prescription glasses from SpecSavers

Just like I had no shame a few weeks ago when one of my fellow mummy school friends, who loves op shopping handed me a garbage bag full of clothes at school pick up after doing a cull of her and her friends wardrobe.

Of course some people might of thought it strange to be carrying a loaded garbage bag around school, but heck some of them already think I'm crazy so what do have to loose. The dress I'm wearing is one of the keepers (among many other pieces) from my friend. It's a hand made cotton dress that is a great fit for me and handy little number to get a little trendy with.

What say you?  Yes to hand me downs? Any shame when some hands you a garbage bag in a public setting full of their wardrobe castoffs?

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Young Hearts Run Wild...

I get called a hippie a lot by family and friends. They say it's because of the way I dress, my values, my parenting and the how I like old things and what I do with them.

I certainly don't dress as a hippie everyday but I do have a love 1960's and 1970's fashion that is broad. So I know they use "hippie" as a broad term that means that what I do, how I dress, how I raise my children and more, is more to do with the fact that I am against the grain, out of the box, not mainstream to them!

I don't mind that's how I'm viewed. In fact I think there is a little bit of hippie in all of us who have a preference for pre-loved clothing. Most of us who have a preference for thrifted and vintage fashion, don't want to see our money line the pockets of major corporations that control the power and have such influence over the masses.

Many of us who shop and style ourselves in thrifted and vintage fashion (whether it be like a hippie or not), mix styles and eras, fabrics, moods, patterns and colours together to create our own unique messages in our style.

T-Shirt - op shopped and customised by me
1970's Ditsy Print High Waisted Maxi Skirt - hand me down from an old work colleague 

I picked up the shirt I'm wearing a while ago at an op shop on a fill a bag for $5 day. I shoved it in my $5 fill a bag because I liked the words and message in the print, but knew that I would probably customise the shirt rather than it be another plain looking slogan t-shirt.

I took to the shirt with little pre-planning other knowing I would like a fringed hippie shirt bottom. I opted to keep the shirt hem to help give the fringe weight which I'm glad I did because I like how it moves and sways. Then I proceeded to attack the neck and shelves. What resulted was three further cuts and a singlet style top tied at the shoulders was born, which I think is perfect match to my all time favourite maxi skirt that many of you would have seen on the blog before.

If like me, you're called "something" because you're "different" just smile and know you are unique with your own personal message to share. Just breath deep and know:

and you can let yourself run wild and free too.


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

At Home Style and Working With My Girl.....

Yesterday was the start of term four with school going back after having two weeks with Cohen on holidays, so we were right back into our normal morning routines. I've also had Sarah on holidays and she's back off kindy tomorrow. With school, kindy and family day care all back into the full swing of things this week, my working weeks will regain some normalcy again until the end of the school year.

It's always a juggle with trying to run and build a business when it comes around to school holiday time, as I need to find different ways and times for getting things done.....because bottom line is if they're home they are the priority! They are only little for so long! So with Cohen back to school today and Fraser taking a random early nap, Sarah was my helper in getting some stuff sorted out in my office. I'm still working through a lot of stuff from a recent auction haul which happened during the school holidays, so it was good to get through more of it.

1970s Embroidered Top: Vintage Wishes
1970s Seer Sucker A-line Maxi Skirt (previously seen here): Kittys Vintage Kitsch
Belt: Op Shopped
Silver Bangles: Op Shopped
Barefoot and Pottering!

Sarah is wearing gifted denim shorts from family and a hand me down cotton floral blouse from a friend, to which she included a pink flower bead necklace to.

Sarah wanted stick  close to my side yesterday and was interested to flick through a mountain of books we have had just sorted through from the auction haul. She always asks to be in photos with me if she happens to be home when I'm doing them. She was being a little mellow yesterday but wanted, to be in a photo but she wasn't going to budge from where you see her. So I just worked with it. Bloggers life huh? This is real life right here, just working with the situation and getting what I need to get done and including my girl in what I'm doing because that's what she wanted.

It's always sweet having her little chatter around me when I'm having to get things done. I also wanted to share this picture, because Sarah always likes to talk to all my stock toys, dolls and teddies and show them a little love and kindness when in my office. I don't let stock toys, dolls and teddies leave my office. So it's a special little place in here and it's kind of sweet that whilst they wait for new homes they are not being forgotten and being loved up with little visit from my girl!

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Monday, October 5, 2015

4 Step NO SEW Hippy Fringe Top....

This is a great no sew style project that you can do either for yourself or with or for your daughter, niece, friend, sister or whoever you like which is a lot of fun and will help add a bit of a boho, hippy seventies feel to everyone's wardrobes.

If you have any tops or simple tunics/dresses made of t-shirt material that are little worn out at the hem this is a perfect project to up-cycle these items in your current wardrobe. Otherwise whatever appropriate item you have for this project made of t-shirt material, grab and you can get started and be done within ten minutes.

For this project I decided to turn one of Sarah's old dresses into a shirt, because it had become to short for as a dress and the sheer section at the hem was stained and hadn't improved with washing and soaking.What you need to do in 4 steps!

1. Cut your dress or top to the desired length you would like your top to sit at.                                                                                                                      

2. If you have your "model" handy like I did with Sarah ask them to put on the top and ask then to hold the dress like pictured to make it taut and a little easier to cut the vertical strips around the bottom circumference of the top. As for the length of the cuts for the strips, it's really up to you ours were about five inches.

3. Once you have finishing making your cuts all the around the bottom of the top, it's handy to pull on these strips to make the fabric curl a little bit for a better affect. They should look like this.

4. Final step and then you're done is to tie a simple single knot at the top of each strip, as shown and then you or your little one are free as birds to enjoy.

And Sarah has the finally words for the project! So enjoy and have fun getting your boho, fringe, hippy, seventies fix in less then ten minutes!

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