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My Vintage Childhood: March 2015

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Surprise the 80's Weren't All That Bad.....

So often when eighties fashion is mentioned people cringe and suggest it's a whole era in fashion that should be erased from our memories and wardrobes. Granted there were some questionable trends, but the whole era certainly doesn't require being written off.

As most of you know I'm a lover of 1970's fashion and that has grown into loving the 1960's and these days I'm seeking out more 1950's fashion. But the 1980's has stand out pieces that are complimentary to modern day fashions and vintage lovers wardrobe as well.

This 1980's cotton frock with a graphic print has been seeing a lot of action recently with a surge of hot weather even though it's officially meant to be Autumn here. I love the button detail at the shoulder and is reminiscent of details you would see in 1950's clothing.

Dress: op shopped
Belt: op shopped
Brooch: Erstwilder gift from Ben
Wedges: retail

I'm sure many a non-vintage addict or lover one would be surprised that this 1980's frock and to that I would say:


The eighties had some surprises up it's sleeve and some of those surprises make there way into my wardrobe from time to time.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Expanding on the Children's Home Library on the Cheap......

Building and expanding on your children's at home library is without a doubt, something worthwhile investing in doing on a periodical basis and it shouldn't have to come at the cost of brand new books.

Young readers learn through repetition, and the reading of  well loved favourite stories over and over again as it gives them confidence. Therefore much loved and favoured stories and characters are always good to add to your child's/children's book collection.

But how and where can you find books cheaply or in other cases for nothing at all?

Hopefully the following list and suggestion will give you some new ideas or means to tracking down much loved titles for your at home collections and library.

  • Op shops are an incredible inexpensive source for books, not only can you pick up books that are often next to new, but there are a wealth of old classics out there as well. Which are great to build lovely memories with your children sharing stories from your childhood as well.

  • Investigate your local area and check on line for second hand book shops or antique book shops in your area, we have an incredible one here on the Gold Coast. These such shops have absolute treasure troves of books not to mention they often have bargain bins and also frequently buy good quality used books which could assist in funding the expansion of your children's at home library.

  • Keeping with the op shops, if you live in Australia and are a Queensland resident the Lifeline Bookfest may come to town or region close to you. Check it out for thousands, upon thousands of used books all in the one place at an event.

  • Many councils and libraries around the country have Friends of the Library groups, and generally these groups have book stores where they sell old library books to make way for updated or new material in the local library branches. Check your local directories.

  • Try contacting a few friends and putting together a book swap morning tea. Where you bring along books you no longer want to swap for new titles to add to your at home collection. It could even be a swap for mums and bubs.

  • Brotherhood Books are online and based in Australia and deal with all sorts of books as well as collectible and rare books. They also take donations of unwanted books.

  • Finally it goes without saying that car boot sales, garage sales, school fetes are more often opportunities to add to the home library on a fraction of retail costs as well.

Do you have any other secret or hidden tips for adding books to your children's home library on a budget? I often make the purchase of a book from the op shop as the children's treat when we've been out on a thrifting adventure, which is wonderful as it's an extension of the days fun to sit down later that night and read their new to them stories.

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Vintage Vinyl and Rocking it With My Trio.....

Many Saturday and Sunday mornings around these parts are treasure hunting mornings with my three crazy kids in tow, we hit garage sales, markets, auctions depending on what's happening. They're getting eagle eyes my kids......secretly I'm rather chuffed.

Even though most weekends I have all the kids with me it rarely impedes my chances of getting out there to find treasures. The kids like a little fossick around and yesterday morning both Cohen and Sarah announced they were looking for something special for each other. I had told them I was going to give them $2 each but they ended pulling coins from their own money boxes, so I wasn't going to argue.

There's a little suburb near where I live that I like to take a drive through on weekends as it often has a lot of garage sales on, that turn up some worthwhile goodies. Sadly though yesterday they were thin on the ground and barely a decent garage sale of note. But I did get excited stopped at one sale and saw a box of records.

I then grew more excited when I saw the titles they had and I rapidly started creating a pile for consideration, knowing I had a huge handful of coins in my bag which I thought would cover any purchases. Turns out I only had enough pennies for around half of the records I had set aside.

These are what I came away with.
 1. Australian Crawl - The Boys Light Up 1. Michael Jackson - Thriller 3. INXS - Swing 4. ZZTop - Afterburner

1. Alice Cooper - Welcome to My Nightmare 2. Stevie Nicks - Rock a Little
3, Melissa Etheridge

Ben is thrilled with THRILLER, but is disappointed to hear I left Cold Chisel and The Village People behind among a few other awesome titles. Ben and I both have wide and diverse tastes in music, but at the core of my soul I'm a rock chic. In my eyes there was no way Stevie Nicks and Melissa Etheridge being left behind with killer female rock voices. I'm stoked to add all of these titles to my now growing vinyl collection since receiving my Grosley record player for Christmas.

But you know what has me perplexed at the moment? Why is it such a surprise to people that I'm a rock loving chick?

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

When a Found Vintage Treasure Give Your Children One of Your Childhood Experiences.....

When I was little I loved visiting my Nan and Pops home they lived in a four bedroom Queenslander home in Brisbane and by virtue of Nan and Pop having had eight children of their own there were all sorts of interesting old things around their house to do.

If you weren't helping Nan in the kitchen or cracking macadamia nuts under the house with a hammer and brick, you might of been upstairs pretending you could play the harmonica or piano accordion or even the piano like the best. 

Although there was never any everyday need for it at my Nan's home, there was always a typewriter around for us grandchildren. She's a smart woman my Nan, she knew that that the tappity, tappity, tap, tap of the keys and the ding of a typewriter was such an attraction for us young kids. We'd pretend we were important office type working people, or a famous writer and we would type away tap, tap, tap writing was fun and kept us busy for ages.  It's probably of no surprise that the the tap, tap, tap of a typewriter is a sound that makes me smile with fond comforting memories of my childhood. 

Recently I scored this vintage students Olivetti Lettera 22 Typewriter that is made in Great Britain with a large bulk lot of other vintage items and I had left it out on the kids secondary homework table after styling a photo for project I'm working on.  

It was very funny to have Cohen inquire to what that funny computer was doing on their table and then for us to explain to him it wasn't a computer but a typewriter and when and why it was used. He of course was chomping at the bit wanting to have a go at the typewriter. So when I finally let him loose on it he was obsessed with it and both he and Sarah took turns all day concocting different imaginative play scenarios where they were using the typewriter. 

The typewriter is in need of some slight repairs and is lightly worn but whilst the kids are enjoying it, I'm enjoying the sound of the tappity, tappity, tap, tap and being taken back to my childhood memories at my Nan and Pops whilst my children make memories of their own hopefully.

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