My Vintage Childhood

My Vintage Childhood: April 2015

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Another Outfit Where the Child Stylist Gets Involved.....

If you saw me doing the school run morning and afternoon, you would see I certainly don't dress like other mums. It's something I have found that Cohen is quite aware of and I've asked how he feels about the way I dress.

Cohen says he loves the way I dress, citing it's cool and different and not like other mums. He will often pay me a compliment or take a look at what I'm trying to put together half way through and get excited and ask if he can help. 

Dress: gifted from the sweet sweet love Allison
Cardigan: hand me down from a friend
Felt Hat: Op shopped
Shoes: Op shopped
Maracasite 1960's Bow Brooch Holding Cardigan: hand me down from my mother in law

I've worn this outfit a couple of times recently and Cohen was quick to add the addition of my felt hat and shoe selection. My boy did well and I'm so pleased that he embraces and encourages my uniqueness as I do his.

This sweeping maxi is another beautifully gifted frock from Alison that is a wonderful fit for me. I was uncertain at the time if it was a frock I would wear due to the colour as I've often had these tones wash me out. But I've been persevering with my issues with some colours recently and I have surprised myself with workable stylings and combinations I think that right for me.

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

School Holiday Hauls.....

Today is the last day of school holidays here and tomorrow we're into term two of the school year. Whilst Cohen has been on holidays we've had some fun adventures, done some fun activities and have done some treasure hunting of course.

Our fossicking around has turned up some great finds for the kids and I, all keepers for us bar one or two things. It's always great to pop into an op shop and here it's fill a bag of clothes for $5 day. Such words to an avid treasure hunter are barely a challenge, so it was easily done. This is our $10 holiday haul we all got a little something out of this lot.

The Haul: Two vintage childrens knits, one homemade vintage girls maxi dress, two hand puppets to add to the kids collection, one electronic crane science project in box unopened for Cohen, one vintage plastic covered cane woven dolls basket, one Eloise Wilkin Golden Book Treasury, one taking care of budgies book and two cardigans for myself which are modern but will mix well with my vintage wardrobe.

These holidays I've also added to my bag collection more specifically my vintage tooled leather bag collection with the arrival of a bag I bought from fellow vintage lover Nelly (I'm sure many of us remember Nelly), this used to be her personal bag for twenty odd years or more. It's taken my collection to five now.

By extension I think it's possible I will start an offshoot of my tooled bag collection with a recent when at the local auction here, with the win of this late 1960's cow hide shoulder bag. The bag is in perfect condition and was an epic win at $2.25, and is an absolute keeper.

Shoes are also a recent find for $3 and are modern but will be a perfect fit in my vintage wardrobe.

It's been nice to add a few things to my personal collections in recent weeks, it's not often that happens as much these days as I find my tastes and more so my standards changing.


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

{Kids} Style: Batgirl She Can Style Her Own World.....

There are no surprises that I love children's thrifted and vintage fashion, is there? No surprise I love my kids too right? Then there's probably no further surprise that I like to encourage my kids to explore their own fashion and style. I've written before about encouraging children's individual style and how it's my firm belief that the leaders of tomorrow will come from today's children that dance to the beat of their own drum in all facets of life.

Sarah much like Cohen has her unique style choices emerging and it's interesting that some of her choices align with style choices I've made. Sarah recently came by this printed Batman comic long sleeve shirt, and commented that Cohen or Fraser may like it. But when I checked the size I told her it wouldn't fit either of the boys, but it would actually fit her. She smiled wide and giggled and asked if she could have it. Of course I let her have it and when I sent her to get dressed for the day yesterday this is the selection she surprised me with. 

Her entire outfit is thrifted and gifted.
Poses are all her own doing, she's quite a ham.

Sarah is a girly girl and loves pretty things, jewels, colour, fairies, orange and silver are her favourites, treasure, flowers, vintage and more. But she also likes animals and bugs, riding scooters, racing, playing practical jokes and superhero's. I love that at four years old she can mix these different sides of herself and express it in her own unique and quirky way through clothing choices.

What a wonderful reminder to give our children ample choice and chance to express themselves in whatever ways possible. Don't be afraid to let your little girl scope out the boys clothing when your clothes shopping, who knows what delightful expressive combination they will put together. We all know the world needs plenty of people who aren't afraid to rebel against stereotypes.

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