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My Vintage Childhood: June 2015

Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Extraordinary People You Meet at Garage Sales......

I have meet some incredible people over the years through my thrifty adventures and I've heard even more incredible stories from how collections were accumulated and how far they traveled. It's somewhat of a beautiful privilege to be passed on such trinkets of information, wisdom and knowledge.

A few weekends ago now we had a long weekend here, on the Saturday and Sunday, I had seen a particular sign for a garage sale but the way the weekend was travelling I was left no time both days to drop by. But given it was a long weekend when I traveled by again on the Monday I saw a sign saying 50% off and they were still conducting the sale. Well as luck would have I had the kids in tow and I did have time on the Monday so we dropped in and I'm so glad we did for so many reasons, far beyond the treasures I came away with.

I'll pepper the post with some pictures of the finds throughout. Like this sweet tin picture of a praying toddler with it's dolly and teddy. Just incredibly sweet and innocent imagery, perfect for a little ones room.

So about the garage sale! It was being held by two beautiful ladies who were full of joy and smiles and were instantly accommodating and understanding with me having my three children in tow. They kept assuring me I didn't need to worry. Unbeknownst to me they had clearly been watching my interactions with Cohen and when I had to address his obsession over ever single animal and nature related thing there, they said:

He's autistic isn't he?

I found it funny that they were able to sense he was in such a short period of time. Cohen is high functioning ASD and most people wouldn't even know that there are a whole array of things we're constantly dealing with to help Cohen. But nonetheless they sensed it and they were right, they instantly said we know, we have three special needs children here.

A sweet 1985 My Child doll with long brown hair, such innocent sweet looking dolls, no wonder they fetch pretty prices these days with collectors, especially those who wish to take the time to restore them to their former glory.

Speaking of beautiful brown haired girls, these lovely ladies introduced me a lovely girl who they were carers for, they explained how she too was autistic and also had cerebral palsy and how autism was her strength.

We chatted for ages whilst I fossicked about in the garage sale offerings, they opened there hearts to my kids and entertained all their crazy carry ons and accomdated Cohen with his endless questions and queries.

These incredible women were such a privilege to meet, so far ahead of me on the learning curve of caring for child considered to be special or of higher needs. They were putting all their efforts into a garage sale to raise money for one of their older special needs child they used to care for who was going to be exchange student in Germany. They were throwing everything they could at raising funds for him so he wouldn't miss the opportunity.

Another woven cane dolls basket, always popular at fairs.

This stack of old vinyl kids kindy chairs send me back to my kindergarten days.

Selfless, open hearted, honest people like these women are just such a privilege to meet and garner wisdom from, it's a wonderful reminder of there being some truly remarkable people living right in our neighborhoods.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Taking a First Timer Op Shopping....

Stop the presses, there is no normal or standard post here today, there's a different game plan going on here today. Give me a second and I'll tell you what's happening. last night my plans today changed at 8 pm when a friend text messaged me and asked if I wanted to go op shopping with her in the morning to help her search for an outfit for an upcoming fancy dress party.

You don't need to ask me twice to go op shopping of course, but I couldn't do it on Thursday which she had initially suggested and was her preferred option, so I suggested we make it today but it would have to be with our younger kids in tow after we do school drop offs in the morning.

Now why am I telling you all this?  Well my friend has never ever been op shopping before. She quizzed me earlier yesterday about prices she could expect to pay and when I told her she was gobsmacked.

Anyway today's change in plans is sure to have some great laughs, while we are popping my friends op shop cherry and we are wrangling two four year olds and a twenty-two month old.

If you have any advice for a first timer who has never set foot in an op shop before, what would it be?

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Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Early Bird Catches the Worm and More in Winter....

Seasoned treasure hunters know that more often than not the early bird catches the worm. Meaning that early morning starts, particularly on the weekends are part of the hunt. Some may groan and moan at the fact, but it's just how it is if you want to bet others to it. I for one don't mind the early morning starts when the rest of the world is sleeping and I'm bagging treasures.

In winter you can be lucky and bag a few extra and unexpected treasures, when those sitting on the fence about an early morning treasure hunt are turned off by a drop in overnight temperatures. So if you're game and you rug up you might be lucky to score a few extra beauties and not just a cold.

Here's what I mean and I'm pretty pleased because I've been nursing a virus for the last week, but that hasn't stopped me. I just add extra layers and get on with it.

1971 Moppets Fran Mar bisque porcelain boy and girl figurine/ornament........too cute for words.

1982 Australian Netta Nursery Lamp.....thank you very much.

These sweet children's fine china duo sets made in Japan.....perfect Easter gifts for little ones.

And you can't beat a mumma and her babies......this bone china miniature set of a sow and her two piglets and her expression just makes me giggle. I always have interest in people wanting to purchase miniatures, so I'm sure to they will take someone else's fancy too.

All these sweet goodies will be heading either to our Etsy store or our next fair which is next month, and a three day event no less which I'll be sharing more details with you soon. Although I'm partial to the Fran Mar figure staying with me a wee while we will see.

Are you an early morning treasure hunter, do the drops in winter temperatures turn you off the idea of an early start to catch the treasured worm?