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My Vintage Childhood: February 2016

Monday, February 29, 2016

Celebrating Dr Suess Day on March 2: Oh the Places You'll Go....

There is no denying the popularity of Dr Seuss who's stories, humourous riddles and rhyming have caught the attentions of young reads the world over for decades.

The huge success of his books on an American and International level came about in 1954 when he was approached by William Ellsworth Spaulding who was the director of Houghton Mifflin and asked Seuss to write a book using only 250 words of a pre-selected 348 words.  The words presented by Spaulding were words he felt were of importance for young first grade school children to learn. At time a report a had been written in Life Magazine about school reading levels which suggested that children were unable to learn to read, because they found the books they had been receiving as boring.

As a result Seuss took on the challenge which resulted in "The Cat in the Hat", which along with his illustrations, imagination and witty rhyming the book became a massive success worldwide, as did many of his other books.

Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr. Seuss) was born on 2nd March 1904 and every year he is celebrated on his birthday for his contribution to children's literature with many American schools holding various celebrations where they can fall in love and enjoy his books even more.

For any children's author to have had the success and popularity as Seuss has had in getting our children to fall in love with books, he is worth celebrating in my books.

We are big Dr. Seuss fans here, and I have to celebrate him for confidence and enthusiasm his humourous rhymes inspires in my children. So on March 2nd we will huddle together for evening Mummy Time and see the places we will go enjoying some of his stories my children haven't heard yet.

What a great excuse Dr. Seuss Day is to have a good old laugh with your children reading. My theory is, if you can get them laughing, you'll get them hooked.

If you're looking for other activities or celebrations to enjoy with your children on Dr. Seuss Day you might get inspired here and there. < see what I did there?

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Friday, February 26, 2016

Connect with your Children on Tell a Fairy Tale Day....

It's the last day of the school and working week, which means it's Friday Night Movie Night for us with the kids. I've recently shared how this is a significant weekly family tradition for us, as it's a time to slow down and reconnect after a busy week.

Friday nights we don't just stop at family movies as way of connecting; as an extension of a our family time each Friday sees kids have a camp out/sleep over in our bedroom. It's beautiful tradition we have which allows for us to enjoy an evening settling in for the together as a family.

As part of the tradition as the kids settle down we huddle together for a story, sometimes the kids take turns picking the book and other times I choose books from my childhood to share with the kids. Other times we take turns telling stories with someone taking the opening, middle and the end, the latter get a little crazy and funny at times.

In sharing this all of this with you it seems perfect that today being a Friday that it is also: Tell a Fairy Tale Day.

What a perfect excuse today is to take your children on an adventure (in their minds) sharing a lovely old Fairy Tale or having some fun with it and mixing it up with these fun suggestions.
  • Your children might be familiar with many popular fairy tale classics, so why not search out ones they haven't heard before. This Goodreads list of 80 Best Classic Fairy Tales is handy.
  • Share a favourite fairy tale from your childhood and talk to your children about why you liked it so much. Tell them what it is about the story that you wanted to share with them most.
  • Tell a Mash Up Fairy Tale, each choose a different character from a fairy tale and tell a story verbally taking turns with someone taking a section (beginning, middle or end) of the story to bring your chosen character into.  How crazy can get your story get?
Fairy Tales a traditionally steeped on folklore and tradition often with whimsy of fantasy characters such as fairies, dwarves, trolls, gnomes, mermaids and witches. They are stories that over the generations that have been read and told over and over with many changing character and plot elements over time. 

What a wonderful opportinity there is for you start something special with your little ones. 

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Embracing Childhood Innocence & Magic: Anything is possible....

Last night after I had my mummy time with each of the kids where I settle them into bed, I went to check on Sarah one more time before she drifted off to sleep.

Sensing I was there, she opened her eyes.

Sarah: "What is it mummy?".

Me: "I just wanted to come in and check on you one more time as my four year old girl, because tomorrow it's your birthday and you'll be five. I'm going to miss my four year old, but tomorrow it's okay you'll be a BIG five year old and I'm going to love that too."

Sarah: "Awww. Yeah! And while I'm sleeping tonight mummy my body might stretch out and I will be so big in the morning."

Me: "Yep anything is possible."

Sarah: "It's going to happen mum, really it is!"

Me: "Time to go sleep now honey, I love you, see you in the morning when it's your birthdayyyyy"

It was such a sweet exchange to have with her, she has an incredible softness and belief in things she can not see or prove. It is a magical quality in her, and I use the word magic because often magic can't be seen or proven but we still continue to believe.

Why do we continue to believe? Because with the belief of magic, anything is possible and things are good. What an incredible time and space to live in, especially in ones childhood. Wouldn't you like to live in the space as a grown up too?

This morning I checked in on Sarah who was sitting on her bed (she has a midi sleeper, which has storage and a desk underneath). I went into her room and she sounded a little groggy and thought that the the boys may have woken her with the morning antics.

Me: "Are you okay babe?"

Sarah: "I'm fine, I'm just waking up from a wonderful sleep. I slept all night." (she has always had sleep issues).

Me: "Come here baby, stand here (on the top of the stairs of her midi sleeper). Oh my goodness it's your birthday and look at you, you're bigger! You're bigger than me, you stretched out over night. Wow!"

Sarah: "Mum, it's because I'm standing here (on the top of the stairs).

Me: "Geez hun look at you, you're so big I think your the biggest five year old in the world."

Sarah: "I have been waiting for this for a long time."

Me: (laughing)

Sarah: "No, really I have mum."

Me: "Happy Birthday baby I love you so much."

We head to the lounge room and wait for us all to be together to watch her open her presents. Cohen goes first and presents her with a handmade gift he has openly been speaking with her about making for over a month.

As promised he has made her a necklace with things from nature with the centrepiece of the necklace being echidna quills together with beads from collected dead branches near our home that we cut down to size and had holes drilled threw. Sarah gushes and takes her time admiring and handling it gently. She looks at Cohen and leaps on him.

Sarah: "Thank you Cohen that's so beautiful."

Cohen: "That's okay, happy birthday, mummy helped me."

I like call the help I gave him, making anything possible. Sarah proceeds to open her presents from us a craft pot plant of a cat's head that she can paint, complete with seeds and soil for planting. Then finally she unwraps her last gift, a fairy door, fairy furniture and other "magical" fairy bits and bobs with grass (fake grass) to create a welcoming for fairies into her room. There was beautiful sighs of amazement and delight.

Sarah: "Is this for real live fairies?"

Me: "Of course."

Sarah: "Wow, I can't believe it."

She continues to investigate every little piece in the collection of bits and bobs, which include a treasure chest with a tiny little bag and in that tiny little bag is fairy dust and she squeals in further delight.

Sarah: "Mum, I'm going to sprinkle this on me and fly this morning."

I don't say yes and I don't say no, I just give her a returned look of joy and excitement and then she turns back to investigating her gift.

There is a time and place when we may find it necessary for our children to know the truth of what is make believe or reality. But given we live in a time where our world and societies move at such a quick pace, that we see our children being thrusted into learning and experiencing things well beyond their years, I'm one for embracing childhood and the innocence and magic that goes with make believe.

In the make believe worlds and beliefs our children create they do so for their own safe keeping, they visiting other realms and places in their minds, they share stories, laughs and secrets. It's where dreams of who they want to be one day (although they grow and it changes) begin.

I adore having a childhood with my children as their parent. It's true when they say that your children will teach you so much more than you will ever teach them. What a privilege it is that we have these children at this time in their lives, where they really believe that anything is possible. Because really in us embracing their innocence and the magic of it all, we as parents are given a chance to believe again ourselves. Think about that!!!!

Sarah there is something so magic about you, that has me drowned in who you are with love.....I believe in you.

Happy Birthday Chookie.
Love Your PeeWee.

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Toowoomba Swap Meet 2016 Finds and Fun.....

Two weekends ago we were out and about on our first big weekend road trip of the year to one of Queensland's biggest annual swap meets.

Because it's been quite some time since I've shared a round up of vintage finds, I thought I would share some unearthed treasures that made there way back here, after getting many people checking in with me social media asking how the Toowoomba Swap Meet was.

I'm always excited to head out Toowoomba each year for the annual swap meet which is one of the biggest held in Queensland taking up the entire expanse, grounds and pavilions of the Toowoomba Show Grounds (see aerial pic below). With approximately 1800 vendors and stall holders trading at the swap, it's no surprise the swap attracts tens of thousands of people through the turnstiles each year.

A day or weekend at the swap meet or any road trip for that matter is certainly something you want to do with some pre-planning with so much ground to cover not to mention contending with traffic and wait times to get a park and then to get through the turnstiles. You need to be committed and patient, but regardless it's a fun day and an experience well worth the craziness of it all.

We go as a whole family unit generally, packing drinks and lunches, and taking a buggy and trolley to help lug our finds around (as there is a LOT of walking and ground to cover) which also allows for the kids to take turns having a rest from all the walking. At the swap meet there truly is something for everyone to take an interest in, so the advice is to have your eagle eye out every which way you turn.

Rather than go snap happy with every thing that made it's way back here, below are some of my most favourite finds of from the swap, all of these will be making their way to our Etsy Store or upcoming Fairs. 

Two rare 1960's Perfecta Walking Yes No Dolls are one of most favourite finds from the swap. If you're not familiar with these dolls they have a button on their front and back which when pressed can make their heads nod or shake side to side. They also have a walking action when you hold their hand and progress them forward. I will be taming their hair and cleaning them up a wee bit before they head to Etsy.

More collectible Gempo figures will be available soon, another fave find from the swap. I love Gempo pieces and the texture and glazes.......I'm becoming quite more and more fond of tempo pottery. 

Tin, tin, tin......I always have a lot of interest and requests for anything tin on Etsy and at Fairs whether it be tin toys, collectible tins, old water paint tin palettes and more.

These are just some of my most favourite finds from the swap, but I have more other sweet finds and little curious to share, show and list so keep an eye out if you want to have peek.

Finally I should mention that the kids also got firmly into the action of scoping out treasures and I have to say that Cohen is becoming quite astute at negotiating a bargain and playing hardball. The cheeky thing scored this lovely vintage magnifying glass from a vendor who's father once owned it.

What did he pay for it?

Pocket change that's what, 50 cents.....and here he is giving it a test run and giving our finds a going over as I started unpacking our finds from the swap meet. 

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Day 14 of #newyearnewstyle with Vinnies Victoria.....

Today is the final day of the #newyearnewstyle challenge with Vinnies Victoria.

With today being Valentines Day it's quite fitting to say that I have LOVED taking part in this challenge with Erica from Recycled Fashion.

I love pulling together my outfits each and every day regardless of being on a style challenge. But the #newyearnewstyle challenge has certainly made me think about making the most of what you've got, when you're taken down to ten clothing items for fourteen days. It really takes the distractions away and focuses your attentions on the possibilities there are with only what you have on hand.

Here I am Day 14 of 14.

Wearing: Yellow Cotton Tank Maxi Dress & Blue Pleat Singlet Top both previously thrifted.
Accessories: French Silk Scarf worn as a head scarf & Necklace (thrifted)

We never religiously celebrate Valentines Day, because we have so many other days of the year that we show each other love and appreciation for one another in caring ways. So today is a family day for us but if by chance the offer for the kids to be looked after for a few hours was to come by our way later, we would certainly make the most of the opportunity.

The afternoon is still young enough that anything could happen and in that case I'm dressed for anything.

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Day 13 of #newyearnewstyle with Vinnies Victoria....

Woohoo it's the weekend, we made it and hopefully you're relaxing and enjoying some down time. I certainly am, after celebrating my father in-laws 70th birthday last night, champagne and wine flowed and whilst there are no sore heads here there are weary tired ones.  So there's a lot of quiet and stillness going on with the kids playing with Lego and play-dough whilst periodically watching our new fish in their tank.

Today's combination is pretty relaxed and although you saw me don the denim skirt and polka dot tee earlier this week, I changed it up a little today and popped on the waistcoat.  What you can't see in the photos is that this waistcoat has a very fine red thread that runs through it, hence my accessorising and picking up that colour in my beads and Erstwilder pendant.

So here I am Day 13 of 14.

Wearing: Denim skirt, polka dot tee & vest all previously thrifted.
Accessories: Beads (thrifted) & Erstwilder Bird Pendent (gifted from Ben).

Tomorrow is the final day of the challenge and the day of love, I don't have any red clothing items in my ten garments from this challenge so I'll be coming up with something from the my ten pieces I've been wearing over the last two weeks which I hope well be lovely enough for such a day.

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Day 12 of #newyearnewstyle with Vinnies Victoria....

We're on the home stretch of the #newyearnewstyle challenge with Vinnies Victoria. It's been a lot of fun joining in with Erica from Recycled Fashion.

Let me tell you about today's outfit combination. I have had a very intense morning and when I say intense it's not been in an enjoyable way. To save you the details (of which are epic) let's just say when it came to getting dressed this morning, I literally grabbed two items from my ten pieces from this challenge and threw them on.

Thank goodness the combination works and is light and floaty whilst I try to calm and distract myself from a very full on morning.

So here I am Day 12 of 14.

Wearing: Ditsy Print Maxi Wrap Skirt and Pleat Singlet Top previously thrifted.
Accessories: none today, it was simply get dressed and get on with things this morning.

Thank goodness it's Friday and we have plans tonight celebrating my father in laws birthday, so there will be some serious unwinding this evening happening over a few glasses of wine on my brother and sister in-laws deck. I'll pop on some accessories for tonight to perk things up too.

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Day 11 of #newyearnewstyle with Vinnies Victoria....

There are three days left in the #newyearnewstyle challenge with Vinnies Victoria.

I'm surprised by how easy I have actually found the challenge with only ten clothing pieces to choose from and style over fourteen days. Some would think that the limited choice and options would be cause for the repeat of outfit combinations. But I daresay I could go for a few days more beyond the challenges end date with some interesting and stylish combinations.

Here I am Day 11 of 14.

Wearing: Ditsy Print Summer Maxi Dress with Slogan Tee previously thrifted.
Accessories: Head Scarf thrifted and all jewelery has been previously thrifted of gifted by loved ones.

With the challenge ending on Valentines Day, I've got my thinking cap on to come up with a styling combination that could go from a day with the kids to dinner with Ben.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Day 10 of #newyearnewstyle with Vinnies Victoria......

I said it yesterday that this #newyearnewstyle challenge with Vinnies Victoria and Recycled Fashion was making me focus on finding creative styling combinations to keep me interested.

Well today I've pulled an old trick of mine out of the bag to really mix things up. Today I have taken my ditsy print maxi wrap skirt and styled it into an unconventional strapless wrap dress and cinched it all in at the waist with yet another trusty thrifted belt from my collection.

In my earlier twenties I used to wear skirts as strapless dresses and tunics all the time back in party girl days. I'd always have girls commenting on my lovely tops and dresses and asking where I got them from, and they'd be amazed when I said it was a skirt and I had thought to do that. This was long before the popularity of fashion bloggers and copying street styles and trends. It was something I did to give myself more options and have my wardrobe pull double duty to avoid shopping for new fun pieces.....for another night out on the town.

Let's face it most of us back in our party days, liked to wear something new or different if we were heading out regularly.

So here I am Day 10 of 14.

Wearing: Ditsy Print Wrap Maxi Skirt & Vest from my 10 selected items for 14 days.
Accessories: Hat (car boot sale), Belt, Shoes and Beads (thrifted)

I'll say it again, that I have been having so much fun with this styling challenge that I'm even finding hard to pick a favourite combination so far.  There's style four days to go, so who knows what combinations I will come up with.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Day 9 of #newyearnewstyle with Vinnies Victoria....

Sequin sparkly dots on polka dots, why not?

As we move further into the second week of the #newyearnewstyle challenge with Vinnies Victoria and Recycled Fashion, I'm having to get more creative with my outfit combinations as I like to have something different to keep my interest going.

In other words the challenge is forcing me to look at my ten selected items and put combinations together that I haven't previously seen potential for, possibly due to having so many options to choose from in my everyday wardrobe when not on this style challenge.

So here we are Day 9 of 14.

Wearing: Denim Skirt, Polka Dot Tee, Sparkly Midi Top & Vest all previously thrifted.
Accessories: Red Beads and 4U Mum Heart Pin previously thrifted.

On day one of the challenge I expressed how in pulling together my ten selected items it was important for me to have patterns, colour and a bit of sparkle for fun. I thought the sequin midi top may have been a risky move as one of my ten pieces. But this awesome midi top has proven to be just as versatile as what some may call a "basic safe" piece to's taking outfits to the next level of fun and interest for me.

A basic polka dot tee worn with the denim skirt would have been too plain for me, layering up with the sequins and the vest and accessories I have to say, I'd happily wear this outfit all day with flats and spice it up to head out tonight with heels if I had plans and somewhere to go I'll just dazzle it after school pick up a little more.

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Day 8 of #newyearnewstyle with Vinnies Victoria.....

Have you been following the #newyearnewstyle style challenge with Vinnies Victoria and Recycled Fashion. I've been playing along since day one when I pulled together my ten clothing items for fourteen days on the fly on the very first day.

We are into the second week of the challenge and it will finish on the February 14th, so I'm starting to get into creative styling combinations with my ten chosen garments. So to kick the week off with some cheer I went with my yellow cotton tank dress from day 4 (which was a rather popular combination on Instagram and Facebook).

Here I am Day 8 of 14.

Wearing: Yellow Cotton Tank Dress & Vest previously thrifted.
Accessories: Belt, French Silk scarf & Shoes all previously thrifted, bangle painted by me.

I love this vintage French Silk Scarf, it goes with so many things.

For something different I pulled the dress up a little to create a little slouch around the waist line and made use of my thrifted belt to bring the hem line up to a midi length.

I am having loads of fun playing along with this challenge, more than I expected I would. The challenge really pushes you look at how you can maximise your style options in every way without look to same, same with a limited amount of clothing pieces.

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Day 7 of #newyearnewstyle with Vinnies Victoria......

We are seven days into the #newyearnewstyle challenge with Recycled Fashion and Vinnies Victoria. If you've been checking in, you'll know that yesterday's installment to the style challenge was shared on Instagram and Facebook as we were road tripping and fossicking for treasures at the Toowoomba Swap Meet.

The Toowoomba Swap Meet is one of the biggest swap meets in Australia held every year and attended my tens of thousands of buyers and thousands of vendors, there quite literally is something for everyone to hunt down. 

Taking up the entire Toowoomba Showgrounds there is a lot of dirt and dust flying around and if there is any spot of rain you can add in the odd muddy puddle. So flowing maxi dresses and skirts are out and totally impractical for such a day. But given today post swap meet is a day of recovery after a 16 hour day,  a comfy dress is in order as we popped out for an hour this morning to a local car boot sale then to grab a few groceries. So this lovely cotton maxi is on repeat from Day 2 of the challenge.

So here we are Day 7 of 14.

Wearing: Ditsy Print Summer Maxi Dress and Vest from my 10 selected item for 14 days all thrifted.
Accessories: Cap, Bag, Silver Cuff & peace pendent and pins all previous thrifted.

Every year we attend the Toowoomba Swap Meet it's a hit the ground running day and a long, long one at that too. Having the three kids with us we are on the go the whole time keeping on eye on them and scoping out treasures whilst making it a fun day for all of us.

Hopefully that forgives me for not capturing a full length style pic for the the sixth day of the challenge and only remembering on the way home at a truck stop that I hadn't checked in with a style snap so hence snapping a silly bathroom selfie with my big boy. But as you will see I stayed true to the challenge from my ten selected pieces.

I'm off now to lounge around for the afternoon and rest these weary muscles from such a long day. A round up of some of the finds from the swap meet will be coming up during the week.

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Day 5 of #newyearnewstyle with Vinnies Victoria.....

Five days into the #newyearnewstyle challenge with Recycled Fashion and Vinnies Victoria and I'm thinking so far so good with my efforts.

I have lots of preperations to take care of today as we are off road tripping this weekend on one of my biggest buying trips of the year, so my maxi dresses and skirts are out and the denim skirt is in for the next two days.

So here we are Day 5 or 14.

Wearing: 1970's Embroidered Blouse, Denim Skirt, Belt, Shoes all thrifted.
Accessories: All previously thrifted or gifted.

Close up of details.

My outfit for tomorrow is pretty much planned as I will literally need to slip into at ungodly hour when you are all still asleep and hit the road. So hooray to denim skirts and slogan tees, tomorrow's style challenge installment will be will be shared on Instagram and Facebook until I return later in the there won't be anytime for me ti be publishing a blog post.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Day 4 of #newyearnewstyle with Vinnies Victoria

If you've just popped in today for the first time or It's your first time in a  little while, I'm currently riding along a 14 day style challenge with Erica from Recycled Fashion that is being hosted by Vinnies Victoria.

I'm wearing and restyling ten clothing pieces that have been thrifted over 14 days. Thankfully I do have free rein on any accessories I already owned.

I'm loving today's outfit. Our hot Queensland temperatures are having a bit of a break today and we have got overcast gray skies with drizzling rain on and off.

So here we are Day 4 or 14.

Wearing: Tank Style Maxi Dress, Sparkle Midi Top & Vest  all thrifted & from my 10 garments.
Accessories: Yellow and Light Green Beads were previously thrifted and from my current stash.

A close up of more of the deatails.

This outfit seems to not only compliment the colours in my garden and skies today, but the yellow and sparkle bring a bit of fun and joy to the scene......or at least I think so.

I'm never one to think a rainy day is depressing I like to celebrate it - so why not with sprakle today with a dirty chai in hand.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Day 3 of #newyearnewstyle with Vinnies Victoria.....

I'm into the third day of the Vinnies Victoria style challenge #newyearnewstyle along with Erica from Recycled Fashion, and I'm really enjoying it.

Going from having free rein and choice to wear whatever I like from my wardrobe on any given day down to the a choice of ten, so far is proving to be quite a fun challenge.

Pulling together my ten items on day one I knew I didn't want to forgo some of the style elements I like the most, like maxi dresses and maxi skirts which are quite a staple in my wardrobe.

So here we are Day 3 of 14.

Wearing: 1980's Ditsy Print Wrap Maxi Skirt & Polka Dot Tee from my selected 10 items.
All accessories I already owned: Silver chain, beads and head scarf were all previously op shopped pieces.

Thank goodness to the free rein on my accessories because it's a bad hair day today and head scarves are a saviour on days like today. Here is a close up of the details amd prints.

I love floral patterns of all different descriptions and I don't ever consider them to be something that is in or out, I think they are always in and mix with so many other patterns well, including florals on floral. Today just happens to a floral and polka dot day.

Check out my challenge outfits so far.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Day 2 of #newyearnewstyle with Vinnies Victoria......

I'm committed to a style challenge, and if you caught a post from me yesterday on the blog or social media you will of seen that I'm joining Erica at Recycled Fashion in Vinnies Victoria's #newyearnewstyle challenge.

Keeping it brief I have ten thrifted clothing items I can wear and style for 14 days. To check out the the full ten items I have selected you can check out yesterdays post as well as seeing my first outfit.

So here we are for Day 2 of 14.

It's a hot day here today so cotton and cool are in order.

Wearing: Cotton Ditsy Print Summer Maxi from my selected 10 pieces for the next 14 days.
All accessories I already owned: the Pastel Toned Chest Plate and Tooled Leather Belt were previously thrifted, Bangle was painted by with Annie Sloan chalk paint at an event I attended and hat was bought retail last year......sunglasses are prescription. 

A close up of the details.

With a compliment from one of the Preppie school mums this morning that I look absolutely stunning, I was already happy with how I was dressed, but lovely words do put an extra spring in the step.

Temperatures for the week are expected to be hot, hot, hot here, so I'm definitely going to need to keep things breezy over coming days.

Check out my outfit from day one of my #newyearnewstyle challenge here, as well as the 10 items of selected from my wardrobe to restyle over 14 days.

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Riding Along on a Style Challenge with Recycled Fashion & Vinnies Victoria......

Last week I was popping in on Erica over at Recycled Fashion who posted about a style challenge she would be taking part in to commence on the 1st of February in conjunction with Vinnies (St Vincent de Paul Society) Victoria called #newyearnewstyle.

The brief is to style yourself for 14 days with only 10 items of clothing that have been thrifted (the addition of accessories are free rein from your own collections). I made commented on Erica's post and said that it sounded like fun and I'd like to join, and I would take a look at my wardrobe and see what I came up with.

I must admit I did forget about the challenge, what with all of the the back to school stuff here last week and getting back into routines and supporting Sarah in her transition to Prep. So it was only this morning that I was reminded of the style challenge when Erica popped up in my Facebook feed.

Bugger I thought, I didn't get around to sorting myself out with ten clothing pieces to rework over 14 days (because I was going to go out and thrift ten new to me pieces me), and since I was already dressed from the school run this morning I thought I had wasted a day in the challenge and my clothing choices today. Anyway I quickly stopped that silly talk, and thought I can do this, so what Trudie you're already wearing three entirely thrifted clothing pieces, just go into that wardrobe of yours and choose another seven pieces that have been thrifted.

So here I am today, this is me today. 

Had I remembered to sort out my ten pieces before today I may not have chosen all of these pieces, but it's okay.....I guess I've thrown myself an extra challenge.

Here are the remaining seven pieces I have selected on the fly before I put Fraser down for a nap. So between what I'm wearing today and these other seven pieces pictured, I will be reworking combinations with accessories I already own.

The break down of what I have selected and why is this:
  1. Denim skirt: because I live on the Gold Coast and it's hot with temperatures later this week, predicted to hit the high 30's, so I'm going to need this.
  2. 1980's Wrap Maxi Skirt with Ditsy Print: florals I love florals and believe them to be a staple that can mix with so many other things, the skirt also catches the breeze and is airy
  3. 1970's Embroidered Dark Blue Blouse: it's cotton and the colours in the embroidery can be picked up so easily for other styling combinations
  4. Polka Dot Tee: because I love patterns
  5. Green Slogan Tee: because I like green and needed to add more colour to my selection before I got depressed.
  6. Cobalt blue pleated singlet top: it's nice, can be dressed up or down and it's floaty and catches a bit of breeze.
  7. Ditsy Print Maxi Summer Dress: because it's cotton and makes me feel nice.
  8. Yellow T-Shirt Tank Dress: a cotton blend again that I think I can rework with some of the other pieces and accessories I have.
  9. Waistcoat / Vest: because I wear vests a lot and they're great for layering and adding interest to outfits especially if you're repeating similar looks.
  10. Sequin Midi Top: probably seems like a crazy choice, but I think adding a bit of bling to combinations over the next 14 days will be fun.
So there we go, I have a rough idea in my head of some of the combinations I will be wearing and documenting to share here and on social media. I'm excited to be playing along, wish me luck I hope I can it off with just these ten pieces without any questionable style days.

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